Music City Bowl Trip Recap

Hey!  Hey!

It’s TRIP RECAP time!  

If you’ve read here for a while, then you know my husband, Tab, is a college football official on the side {of his regular job}.  The way the bowl game scene for officials works is after bowl games are all assigned then different conferences are given bowl games to officiate.  And there are lots of stipulations.  For example, Tab works for the Big 12 during the regular season so he’s not allowed to work a bowl game for a Big 12 school.  There’s no way to know prior to all the schools being assigned games where he’ll possibly be.  All that to say, I’m a PLANNER when it comes to our trips and vacations but there is no way for us to plan anything until after we know if he has a bowl assignment.  And that news typically hits us a few days after the regular season has wrapped up.

We’ve started a tradition of taking our kiddos to the bowl game with us.  Not only do I sacrifice in the fall, solo parenting it but our kiddos sacrifice too.  Tab has to miss things throughout football season and a family trip to a bowl game has become a fun way to celebrate the end of the season.

This year we kind of threw all our previous plans out the window because Tab received the…
Music City Bowl in Nashville, Tennessee, as his game.

I’ve gotta tell you I LOVE Nashville!  But he had this game just three years ago and we made it a family affair then so the entire crew just did this trip.

We went back and forth about different scenarios, taking kids/not taking kids and finally decided on a plan.  We drove to Nashville on December 26th, met my parents in Memphis so the kiddos could have fun at “Grandparent Camp” in Missouri, and then Tab and I did the Nashville portion SOLO!

This was my comfy, cozy travel outfit for the day {CHRISTMAS PRESENT!}…sweatshirt {ON SALE} and leggings {ON SALE}.

We stayed at the Renaissance Hotel-downtown and it was just a block or two from Broadway.  This is exactly where we stayed three years ago.

We had a corner room with a beautiful view.

Do we look tired after the nine hour drive?

Not too tired for a night out though.  😉  I threw on a faux fur coat and was READY!

I have a HAIR QUESTION-I recently got a T3 curling iron, which I’ve heard such great things about.  I agree!  It works great!  But my hair is starting to look really damaged.  HELP!   I’m thinking it’s from the crazy high heat?  If you have a T3, have you experienced this?  And do you have any recommendations for helping with this?  If so, please send them my way!

This is the only picture I took that night.  

Here in Texas we have table side guacamole, but in Nashville the waiter prepared table side caesar salad.  It was DELICIOUS!  We met up with another couple and had dinner at Merchants. Three years ago someone recommended it and we ate downstairs in the more casual portion.  This time we opted for the steakhouse on the second floor.  My food was SO GOOD!

I don’t know that I’ve ever done this before on a vacation, but I suited up and joined Tab in the gym for a little workout the next morning.  Leggings {ON SALE!}, long sleeve top {I sized up to a medium. I’m really not a fan of anything being super tight but especially work out clothes.}, and vest{old}.

I was prepared to watch Netflix on my phone, but this fancy treadmill allowed me to sign in to my account and watch the big screen.

We grabbed a quick breakfast and walked to the Country Music Hall of Fame. 

I grabbed a couple pictures for Ebby Lee.  🙂

We walked around taking it all in for an hour and a half and then decided it was lunch time!  

At this point, it was raining off and on-super blah outside.  We got in line to eat at the Nashville famous, Hattie B’s Hot Chicken.  And it started raining on us.  We decided to pass and headed for Tavern Midtown {we could see it from the line}.  We got lucky!  It was so good.  I had one of the best burgers I’ve ever had.  A great lunch stop!

Tab had meetings the rest of the afternoon so I showered, got ready, and relaxed for a couple hours.  This book was part of my alone time…IT WAS SO GOOD!

Crew Dinner…all the officials and family were invited to 5th and Taylor for dinner.

Sheaffer told me to wear this top.  😉

A few of my favorites from the evening…the sausage cheddar biscuits were definitely a hit!  I also thought every single side was amazing…mashed potatoes?  YES!  Macaroni and cheese?  YES!  Brussel sprouts?  YES!  Corn bread?  Absolutely!

I went to bed that night with a big ole smile on my face.  

And woke up GAME DAY ready!

A few other wives and I Ubered to the game and popped down on the field to take a few pictures.

I feel like the weather spanned the seasons as I was standing on the sidelines…the day began rainy and super yucky, it was windy, and then the sun came out and I was sweating.  And I was only down there for about 45 minutes!  Oh, check out another Christmas gift-those booties.  They came with the red shoelaces, which I love!  But since it was after Christmas, I thought I should change them out.  

This group was a fun group of guys and wives!

Official selfie…get it??

A few of the lovely ladies I got to know during our trip.  We had fun!

A view from my seat…I’ve gotta be honest, the game wasn’t super exciting.  We did have club level seats, which gave us access to indoor areas where we could sit at tables and watch the game on the big screen.  So at half-time we did just that!  We got cozy INSIDE and watched from there.  

When the game was over, we took the pedestrian bridge {along with the rest of the stadium} back to our hotel.  See those ladies made it fun?!

One of the wives set up this get together at our hotel for everyone by reserving part of the restaurant for the group.  We had appetizers and just visited with everyone.  We ended up having so much fun we stayed to have dinner, the two above began singing, and then this happened…

a couple got engaged.  SO sweet to witness!

And that wrapped up our bowl game for 2018!  We headed to Missouri the next day with dirty hair but big smiles.

Meanwhile, the kiddos had had a blast living it up with the grandparents.  We played lots of this…

And managed to squeeze in another Christmas celebration with some cousin time before we set off again…Part 2-coming soon!

This little getaway was just what Tab and I needed!

Don’t forget tomorrow Shay and I have our new link-up!

Tomorrow we’re sharing…

The coziest spot in our house!  I hope you’ll join us!


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  1. 1.8.19
    ReachingBeyondMediocrity said:

    I kind have feel the same thing about my T3 wand. I’m only using it on the third setting, but sometimes I get this smell like it’s frying my hair. Not really sure what to do either!

  2. 1.8.19
    Erika Slaughter said:

    YES!!! I feel the same way! I think I can smell it too!

  3. 1.8.19
    Anonymous said:

    What a fun trip for you guys! And how sweet was that proposal? Love it!

  4. 1.8.19
    Mix and Match Mama said:

    What a fun trip!!! I want #allthefood in this post!! And those new booties are SO CUTE!!

  5. 1.8.19
    Shelly @ The Queen in Between said:

    I don't have a T3 but have experienced some of the same with my curling iron. Whatever you do make sure you are treating your hair with some kind of heat protectant. I use something by Kenra right now that I'm loving. I've also been using one by bumble and bumble to spray on dry hair lightly before curling. Such a great trip…I always love Nashville! Hattie B's was a fave on my list this last trip but I scouted out the least visited one and there was no line.

  6. 1.8.19
    Sheaffer {Pinterest Told Me To} said:

    You looked so cute in your lace top and leather jacket!!!!! So glad I told you to! 🙂 (I lol'd by the way.) Looks like y'all had a great time! xoxo

  7. 1.8.19
    Aja said:

    I feel the exact same way about my T3! I feel like if my hair was unprocessed it would be fine, but with highlights it’s really damaging. My Hot Tools iron gets hot too but doesn’t damage so I’m going back to that for awhile.

  8. 1.8.19
    Melissa @ Finding My Mojo said:

    Looks like such a fun trip and I think you made the right decision sending the kids off to Grandparent camp. They look like they had fun too!! Happy New Year!

  9. 1.8.19
    Kelly Henderson said:

    Definitely need to use a heat protection product with your new T3. I use bumble and bumble, they have all kinds, just find the right one for your hair. I love the hairdresser's invisible oil line.

    I live in Memphis, we now have a Hattie B's here so keep that in mind next time you're in the area even if you're just here to drop off kiddos. You gotta eat! Although, I would highly recommend many Memphis BBQ joints when in the 901! 🙂

  10. 1.8.19
    Caitlin Davies said:

    Would you mind sharing where your sleeveless red velvet looking top is from? Super cute!

  11. 1.8.19
    Megan Albano said:

    Do you follow Kate Bryan at The Small Things blog? She is THE hair guru and has such good hair tips and advice. I believe when she uses her T3 she only uses it on the 2nd heat setting?? Not positive about that but I know she has a hair tutorial on her site where she talks about it!

  12. 1.8.19
    Amanda @ That Inspired Chick said:

    I love my kids but couples getaways are so much fun! You looked so cute in every single picture!
    That Inspired Chick

  13. 1.8.19
    Jess said:

    Hello. Your family is so cute. I love that you travel with all of your kids!!
    I don't normally don't leave comments but when you asked about that T3. I have the whole collection and love it. My hair is blonde and a very long. That was the first thing i noticed, how dry my hair became. I visited a local salon and they styled my hair OI DAVINES. This stuff is magic. You can order this on amazon. OI DAVINES ALL IN ONE MILK and OI DAVINES OIL!!!
    This is such a game changer!
    I hope this helps.

  14. 1.8.19
    csuhpat1 said:

    Very cool. Looks like a great time even if the game wasn't great. I got to the College Football Playoff is Santa Clara last night. What an exciting night.

  15. 1.8.19
    Susieutk84 said:

    Next time you’re in Nashville, go to the Hattie B’s on either Charlotte or 8th Ave! Less tourists which means smaller lines! Or just order it to go like we do. 😊 Tavern is always a good soilid choice, though! I remember you asking for breakfast recs on instagram- where did you end up going? Glad you had fun in this amazing city!

  16. 1.9.19
    Marybeth said:

    Nashville is my hometown, so I'm so glad you enjoyed it! I don't live there now, but I miss it terribly and go back every chance if get. Luckily, I have family there so I do get back there quite often. The Renaissance is so nice- I stayed there during my last high school reunion. You ate at some great restaurants too : )

  17. 1.9.19
    Laura said:

    Looks like a great time!
    My husband is dying to go to Nashville! Would you say bring the kids, if they have never been? We keep going back and forth!

  18. 1.12.19
    Amy said:

    Hi! I was hoping to order the white athleta top you have on but the link takes me to a different top.