Mother’s Day Weekend…

This is us all hanging out in Vicki’s backyard. We’d just gotten back from eating catfish…yum! This is Bobby and Garrett(our nephew)…with Tab & Katie(Tab’s sister) in the background.
This is Lance…our nephew. He’s growing up so fast! I remember when he was so tiny! When Tab and I were in college, he lived about 45 minutes away so we were lucky enough to get to see Lance all the time. Now..we don’t see him as much, but he’s becoming such a handsome little man!

This is PaPa (Tab’s grandpa) and Tab relaxing outside. Tab and I traveled to Hughes Springs Mother’s Day weekend to hang out with Tab’s mom, Vicki. Now that I’m blogging this…I realize that Vicki is in NO pictures. We’ll have to get lots of pictures of her next time. Get ready, Vic! We had a great time just relaxing, hanging out with family, and stuffing ourselves-the food there is really good.

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