Missouri Trip Continues…

 This is what happened when we FINALLY got to T-Nonnie’s house.  Bowen crashed!
 On Monday we went to visit both sets of my grandparents (the kiddos’ great-grandparents).  We stopped in Oran for a yummy dinner and a golf cart ride around town.
 B might have gotten a LITTLE attention.
 Can you tell?
 Then we went to the Campbell’s to see the other side of my family.  My kiddos were SO excited Kody was there.  Nix thinks he is too cool.  

 Ebby Lee and Grandpa
 Again, B might have gotten a little attention.  🙂
 Tuesday…we spent the day at T-Nonnie and Boo’s house.  Uncle Jared & Aunt Kelly came over to swim.  
 My little fish was ALL about the cold water.  I was not.

 Wednesday we went to Cape Girardeau to play at the Discovery Playhouse.  Nix was in heaven with the dog house.  ha!
 They had so much fun playing!
 They participated in music time.  It was “animal” day, so they were singing a song about animals.  They had to pretend to be that particular animal.  They did monkey, dog, and got to lion.  All the kiddos started growling and Bowen began hysterically crying.  He’s not a fan of lions apparently!

 Playing in the water area.

 There was a hopsital area where they took care of babies.  They also had a bank, grocery store, garden, and dentist.  
 Danger!  Danger!  Nix is behind the wheel.
 Then we met Brynn, Whitney, Ryan, Grandpa, and Grandma at Burger King for lunch.  This was Brynn’s first time to have a kids-only lunch.  They thought they were big stuff!
This handsome guy got to hang with the grown-ups!!
We had a great time in Missouri!!  I was so glad to get us all unpacked.  But…now we’re packing everything up again to get ready for the move!  It’s gonna be crazy around here, but we’re looking forward to it!

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