Just The Boys…

Kody sent me this picture from our visit.  Aren’t those boys cute?? 
(I’m sure Kody is DYING as he reads this…if he reads this!  ha!)
We’ve had a CRAZY week!!  Lots of packing, moving, and messes going on around here.  We closed on our new house yesterday.  They’re starting lots of renovations tomorrow on the new house.  We have another week before we close on our current house.  So..we’re slowly moving things over to the new house.  Then we head out on a much needed vacation right after that…so chaos is happening over here.  Add in that Tab has been super busy with work!!  Luckily, my parents were here to help several days this week.  THANK YOU PARENTS!!  Hopefully, I’ll have some pics of the new house soon. But…I kind of want to have pictures of how it looks finished so that you leave with a good taste in your mouth.  ha!  Pictures to come soon!! 

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