Let’s Look At…Your Pantry

WAHOO!  Happy Wednesday, Everyone!  It’s that time each month where Shay and I host, Let’s Look!  If you’re a blogger, we’d love for you to link-up and join us!

First up, I’m feeling like WHERE HAS THE WEEK GONE?  I flew back from Missouri on Monday after a cancelled flight and several delays.  Yesterday, was Ebby Lee’s birthday which meant I was running around like a wild woman trying to wrap presents and make sure the day was special for her.  Moms, you know what I’m talking about.  Right?  Anyway, I’m shocked it’s already Wednesday and time for Let’s Look!

Today, we’re talking PANTRIES!  I have no doubts that when I thought we should take a look at everyone’s pantry that I’d be MRS. ORGANIZATION by April 10th.  hahaha!  WRONG!  WRONG!  WRONG!  I didn’t take into consideration all the spring sports starting so early.  So today-you’re gonna see my REAL-LIFE pantry.  Now I did do a major pantry haul earlier this year {there were SIX BAGS of trash-just imagine how that looked!} and grabbed some pantry goodies to help me stay more organized, but I wouldn’t say it’s one hundred percent finished.  {Check out the top shelf!}

Okay, friends…welcome to my pantry!

*The builder put some little gadget on our pantry door and master closet door so that when the door is open, the light comes on.  When the door is closed, it’s off.  Just a little sidenote for anyone building a home.  We didn’t build this home but I think it’s a great idea!*

When I opened my pantry door yesterday afternoon, this is was what I saw.  Real-Erika-sized-mess in the pantry.  🙂
I don’t know about you but so often when I’m needing to clean out a closet or drawer I think I need to have a chunk of time blocked off to do it.  If I have anything less than an hour or two, there’s not enough time, in my opinion.

Well, WRONG again!

Now, granted I didn’t touch the top shelf-it’s still a mess, but I did a quick pick up session that lasted less than seven minutes.  SEVEN MINUTES!  And got the rest of the pantry in tip top shape.

Doesn’t it look SO MUCH BETTER?

Those canisters on the top row are from The Container Store.  I’ve heard you can often score a great deal on similar items at HomeGoods, but I’ve never been that lucky.  The bottom shelf has these containers and I put snacks in for the kiddos…bags of chips for lunches, apple sauce pouches, raisins, bars, etc.

My favorite closet organization item….this canned good organizer.  Saves a LOT of space and allows me to see everything so much better!

Okay, friends!  There you have it-the pantry of a really messy closet hoarder straightened up in less than SEVEN MINUTES.  🙂

Next month, we’re sharing a spring or summer #OOTD {Outfit of the Day}.  I hope you join us!

Have a great day!
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  1. 4.10.19
    Mix and Match Mama said:

    I love your before and after!! I also love that canned goods holder thingy! So clever!

  2. 4.10.19
    Sheaffer {Pinterest Told Me To} said:

    I'm IMPRESSED. I have mail in my pantry right now and lots of random papers. WHY.

  3. 4.10.19
    Anonymous said:

    That before and after is impressive!! I absolutely adore all of your containers! So pretty!

  4. 4.10.19
    Simple Purposeful Living said:

    Yes! I love to set timers and tackle something quick. It's amazing how much you can get done in no time at all 🙂

  5. 4.10.19
    JILL said:

    I use those same containers, and it's the first thing I look for anytime I enter Homegoods. Thankfully I've always managed to get a few! Your pantry looks great!

  6. 4.10.19
    Amanda @ That Inspired Chick said:

    I didn't link up today because I can't seem to get my act together today but I'm realizing I have an old pantry makeover post that I could link! Pantry makeovers make me so happy!! Love that you whipped it into shape in 7 minutes! It looks great!
    That Inspired Chick

  7. 4.10.19
    Joanne said:

    I did a quick clean up before I photographed our pantry too and while I thought it would take me all day it only took a quick couple of minutes too.

  8. 4.11.19
    Unknown said:

    You have got to be the MOST RELATABLE blogger ever!!
    I love how real you are always! Thank you for sharing and not
    making a lot of us feel Inferior! You are awesome!!

  9. 4.12.19
    Cheriese said:

    Your pantry "before" was not bad at all, but now that it's cleaner don't you want to open the door and admire it every time you walk by? Or is that just something I do? We also have those light sensors on our pantry – and our master closet. They're awesome. Unless it's your "safe" place in a storm. And your dogs and kids are afraid of a dark closet. But you have to keep the door closed – hence the light is off – when you're there in a storm so your dogs don't run out. Kids are okay but not great with flashlights – dogs whine THE. WHOLE. TIME.