In and Out in 2024

Happy, Happy Wednesday!

One of my favorite things in life is a new year. A chance to add a couple new rhythms to my daily life, a clean slate, a fresh calendar…I really love everything about it. Throughout the years, I’ve made goals for my year and even chosen a word to focus on. This year I’ve loved seeing the In and Out trend hitting social media. I thought I’d share my Ins and Outs for 2024…


*Reading-I’ve been winding down with a book so far in 2024 and it might be the exhaustion from a puppy or the lack of a blue screen before bed but either way, I’m sleeping so well! The ladies in my family started a book club and I’m determined to keep up! And then I also decided to read Shay’s book club pick this month as well. So, basically I should get in bed every night around 7:30! ha!

*Slowing Down-I truly feel like these are the days I’ll look back on with a huge smile. I want to soak as much of the fun up as I possibly can. These four kids are fun, they’ve got jokes, and great senses of humor. I want to enjoy it ALL!

*Working smarter, not harder-YES! I have goals for my work life but instead of me getting up earlier to work longer hours or working late at night, I’m going to be evaluating how to utilize my work hours better.

*Moving My Body-I’ve found over the last month that I REALLY enjoy a walk with a podcast and walking with friends. I want to do more of that in 2024.

*Podcasts-I’ve seen MANY a list that say podcasts are out, but not in my 2024! I welcome any recommendations…christian podcasts, funny, mom, etc. I’m here for them! I’m not the best at working all day in silence, but a podcast on in the background is the perfect solution!

*Bed Made-I’m waiting on one “official” piece of our new bedding and it’s on backorder BUT I’m gonna get everything else put on the bed and make it. We’ve kind of lived with non- matching bedding since we moved back in over a year ago! And it’s time!


*Rushing-I despise a rushed morning, rushed day, and just rushing in general. This is the year I SLOW DOWN.

*Staying Up Late-I’ve never really been one to do this but it’s really out for me this year. If I’m awake at 10:30, there’s a problem. My forty-year-old self cannot hang the next day! Again, might be the puppy causing this to be super important to me!

*Travis and Taylor-hahahahahaha! I LOVED this little relationship and all the coverage when it first began, but I think it’s time the media gives them some space. I’m super hopeful they’ll stay together, get married, have tons of little Kelce/Swift babies, and live happily ever after BUT I’m out on the media filming their every move. Anyone else?

*People pleasing-I’m a recovering people pleaser since 1983. hahahaha! Eh, maybe I had a few years in high school where I wasn’t worried about pleasing people in the least! But for the most part, I have a tendency to worry about people pleasing over what’s best for me and my family. That’s gotta go in 2024!

*Saying, “yes”, to things that really deserve a “no, thank you”. This kind of goes hand in hand with people pleasing but I want to really focus my “yeses” on things that really matter.

*Slouching-I’ve tried MANY a posture corrector in order to break this habit, but here we go again. Slouching is a goal I plan to GET RID of in 2024. And by the way, if YOU’ve tried a posture corrector you love, please share!

Now it’s YOUR TURN!! Please please share something that’s IN for you and something that’s OUT in 2024!

See you back here on Friday, Friends!


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  1. 1.10.24
    Elspeth said:

    Love this! In: being more flexible and open to new ideas and activities
    Out: stressing out over things not in my control!

    • 1.10.24
      Erika Slaughter said:

      Elspeth-YES to the not stressing!!

  2. 1.10.24
    Sheaffer said:

    I love your ins and outs and agree with so many of them! Happy New Year!

    • 1.10.24
      Erika Slaughter said:

      Happy New YEAR!!

  3. 1.10.24
    Kirsten said:

    I’m a swiftie and a life-long Chiefs fan so I love the Travis/Taylor relationship – but I agree with you. Leave them alone and let their fairytale play out!

    • 1.10.24
      Erika Slaughter said:

      Yes!! I’d LOVE for their fairytale to stand the test of Hollywood time BUT let’s give them some space!

  4. 1.10.24
    Sara said:

    These are great Ins and Outs. I could use a posture corrector, too!

    • 1.10.24
      Erika Slaughter said:

      We need a good recommendation!!

  5. 1.10.24

    I applaud all of the things on your list! I see each one of them as a great way to add value to your days. Love, love, love them!

    • 1.10.24
      Erika Slaughter said:

      Thank you!!

  6. 1.10.24
    Laci L Murray said:

    Happy New Year!! I still LOVE podcast, long walks, and all for the media letting Kelce/Swift live their life!

    • 1.12.24
      Erika Slaughter said:

      ME TOO, Laci!!

  7. 1.18.24
    Lauren said:

    Please share posture corrector!

    • 1.18.24
      Erika Slaughter said:

      No one recommended anything! hahaha! I have ordered several over the years and they start out great but they get stretched out and then stop working.