I-Phone Pics (SUPER random)

My I-Phone takes HORRIBLE pictures!!  I’m actually going to the store today because I think it’s time for my upgrade.  Hopefully, then these posts will look SO much better. 🙂

I LOVE this picture!!  She wasn’t feeling good AT all, but she wanted to do the pictures so badly.  I think she did awesome for not feeling great.  LOVE that girl and the cardigan too!

My boy, Nixon, has a blinking problem.  If a camera/phone comes out…he starts blinking!!  Can you tell our hayride was a little warm?

Ebby Lee got my phone and took TONS of pictures.  This was one of B army crawling isn’t too bad.  Please excuse that pile in the floor…those are all the clothes that were waiting to be hung up.

Batman’s costume had just come in the mail!  He was so excited!  He modeled for us.  (And…it looks like I was still putting away laundry.)

I had these handsome boys on Thursday afternoon and I took them through the carwash.  They screamed like little girls!!

I don’t think my friend, Krist, reads my blog, but I saw her post on facebook.  These may be the VERY best costumes I’ve ever seen??  They look GREAT, don’t they??

Handsome Bowen was ready for church.

I was waiting at the doctor’s office on Monday morning.  I took this picture for Tab.  I thought he’d be so proud that I was drinking coffee.  

And…again this is what happens when your daughter gets a hold of your phone!

I’m hoping next week my I-Phone pics will be fabulous!!  

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  1. 10.24.13
    Mix and Match Mama said:

    Ebby Lee was SUCH a trooper! Oh my goodness! She didn't feel well and yet she did such a great job! And that Batman…world's cutest!

  2. 10.26.13
    Shelby said:

    Love these! And the pile of laundry to put away? SO relatable! And that orange gingham button down on Nixon…my son has the same one from Gap, right!? Love it for this time of year!