I-Phone Pics…

This is what we’ve been up to lately….

Best Baby Ever!!  We went to this new jump place with some friends.  Bowen was SO tired and needed to nap.  So…I laid a blanket down on the floor, laid him down, and he went right to sleep!!  He had this 2 month patch where his acid reflux was ROUGH, but he’s officially back to being the best baby ever!!

Nixon got this sand art for his birthday.  The kiddos had a blast working on it.  Thanks Aunt Rene’ & Uncle Dale!

This is what Bowen thinks tummy time should look like!  He should be starting to roll over by now, but he’s not interested…tummy time to him means nap time!

Bowen had his first ear infection.  🙁  If you know Slaughter kids, this will NOT be his last!

We shopped until we dropped…almost literally!!  Tired and hungry…we had to stop shopping to eat!

Other side of the table 🙂

She LOVES and adores her baby brother!!  He feels the same way. 

We had a CRAZY SUPER BUSY week this week.  (I’ll explain later.)  Marla had a “wiggin” out dinner for us and Bowen loved it!!

This sweet 5 month old is ALMOST big enough to hang in a high chair!!

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