I Might Need to Pay Them…

 Yesterday we had some friends coming over to play.  While I was getting a couple things around the house finished, I asked the big kids to play with Bowen in his room.  (They are GREAT babysitters!  They LOVE to entertain him.)  Anyway, so I’m sweeping the kitchen floor and putting a couple things away.  I noticed they’d turned the light off in Bowen’s room.  When I got closer, Ebby Lee said, “Bowen was really tired so we put him down for a nap.”  Yes!  My 3 and 4-year-olds put my 8 month old down for a nap!!  ha!  They got him a pacifier, rolled him on his tummy (because that’s how he sleeps), covered him up with a blanket, and turned the lights down.  That may be the cutest thing ever, right??  And…I might need to give them some chore money or something for that right??  
Ebby Lee was supervising while Nixon was joining him.  So sweet!!

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  1. 8.7.13
    Mix and Match Mama said:

    That IS the cutest thing EVER!!! How sweet are they?!?! The looks on their faces is precious. They knew they did a good thing :).

  2. 9.9.13
    Brianna said:

    How absolutely adorable! Your kiddos are just precious!

    Found you from Shay's blog :).