How We…FALL!

 It’s time for HOW WE…WEDNESDAY!

That day of the month where Shay and I host a link-up and invite you to join.  Each month we chat about a new topic and today it’s a good one.  We’re talking How We…FALL!

If you missed my post yesterday, you can take a little peek inside my house to see my “fall” touches.

Here are a few of the things we do to soak up all the best of the season…
*Scarf Exchange*
I highly recommend this night for you as well!  Grab some girlfriends, co-workers, family members and plan one ASAP!  Every one brings a scarf {or fall accessory}, have a super “fall” meal, and swap gifts.

*Sweater Weather*
I’m a BIG FAN of sweaters!  I take full advantage of cool days and the perfect temps for a sweater!  By the way, I think this sweater is 2018’s version of the one above.

*Football Games*
We’re going to tag along to a couple of Tab’s football games…maybe all together or maybe a few at a time.  We’ll see!

Last year the kiddos and I went to a rodeo and had THE BEST TIME!  I’ve been looking at our schedule and the rodeo schedules and am having a hard time lining them up.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed we can make it work this year.

*State Fair*
If you polled my kiddos, this would get the top votes.  I have no doubts!  The State Fair is located in Dallas, just about 35 miles from us.  The shows, the rides, the food, and more…we can’t get enough!  It’s one of our FAVORITE days of the season!

*Flea Market Shopping*
This was another new outing we attended last year with the Shull crew.  While the big kiddos were in school, we took FULL advantage of a “cooler” day and hit up a local flea market.  

*Pumpkin Patch*
I used to take all my kiddos to the Pumpkin Patch and we’d declare it a FAMILY DAY, but with three sports schedules and a husband gone-it got complicated.  This year Britt and I will have a fun little morning at “the patch”.
*Friday Night Football Games*
Friday night football games in Texas are FUN!  We are gonna do our best to attend as many local Friday night games as possible this year!

*Haunted House*
Look how much fun we had…need I say more?
*Harvest Festivals*
Our Sunday School Class and local country club both have fun harvest parties and we look forward to them all season as well.  I mean where else can you dunk your head in water and get all kinds of germs off apples from other kiddos.  Right?  Am I the only one thinking that when I see “bobbing for apples”?  haha!

We’re working on our costumes for this year!  We’ll get dressed up and trick-or-treat with friends around the neighborhood. 

EEEK!!!  That’s HOW WE FALL and seeing all of that is getting me SO EXCITED for the upcoming season!  

Next month you should join us…see all the topics below.  🙂

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