How Erika Does-Night Time Routine

It’s been a while since I’ve shared a “How Erika Does” post.  I’m sure you guys are just dying to know how my night time routine goes.  Right?  ha!  It’s not like I think mine is something super fabuous, but I’m nosy and enjoy taking a peek into others’ lives.  Thought you might be nosy too.  ๐Ÿ˜‰

I was a Rodan + Fields’ consultant for several years.  I loved the products, the business side is amazing and allows people to be super successful, but time just wasn’t allowing me to do all the things.  I had to let something go and that was the part of me I felt needed to take a back seat.  So, I’m not selling R + F anymore.  I think they have great products.  I’ve seen AMAZING results due to those products.  If you’re looking for a consultant to help, e-mail Kathryn ( and you can see her blog here).  She’s amazing and will set you up with the perfect products for your skin.  I used the Redefine regimen most of the year and switched to Soothe in the winter when my face got crazy dry.  Highly recommend!

But I happen to be one of those people who likes trying all the products.  Birchbox and those types of monthly shipment programs are my jam because then I can try it all!  I’m definitely a skin care junkie.  I’ve been using only R + F for the last several years so when I hung up my coat (and ran out of products) I stepped out of my comfort zone a bit.  I’m all over the place on products at the moment.  

This is what I’ve been using lately…

Revision Brightening Facial Wash or on here-After using this cleanser my face feels firmer, win-win!  When I use products that are more of a scrub, it makes my overly dry skin-even more dry.  I’m loving this face wash because that isn’t a problem.

Bobbi Brown Instant Detox Mask-Not every night, but I use this at least once if not twice a week.  I’m a bath girl so this mask with a bubble bath makes me happy.

Clinique Moisture Surge Hydrating Supercharged Concentrate-My face gets crazy dry.  Shay recommended this after trying it herself and I’m a fan.

Tula Hydrating Mist-I don’t even remember where I got this recommendation but again with super dry skin, I can use all the help!

Pevonia Moisturizer-This moisturizer is a spray as well (as the one above).  I have no doubts I’m an over sprayer when it comes to this product, but it moisturizes well and leaves my face feeling refreshed.

*At night, I usually use one or two of the above moisturizers.  I change the combination up all the time so I listed them all here.

Neocutis Eye Cream-I just started using this eye cream and really like it so far.

Those products are kind of all over the place.  They’re either something I spotted in a store, found on a blog, or a friend gave me a recommendation.

Again, the R + F products are GREAT, but after exclusively using them for years I wanted to step out and try some new things.  I have no doubts there are products I’ll be ordering again soon.

Has anyone ever done the Play by Sephora membership?  (It’s a monthly subscription that comes with five beauty samples plus a fragrance in a cute little bag.)  I just signed up and can’t wait for my box to arrive.  I used to get Birchbox and loved it.  My only complaint was the products they included weren’t always products I’d see in stores when shopping.  Sometimes they had to be ordered through Birchbox exclusively.  I think since that was my major complaint-this Sephora box will be great!  I’ll keep you posted when it arrives!

What about YOU?  What are your night time routine must haves when it comes to products?  Do you have a favorite product you’d recommend?  Or do you have a new product you just began using?  We’d love to hear all about it!

I know there are some skin care junkies reading this post and we’d all love for you to share!  Have a great day!  XO

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  1. 10.26.17
    Mix and Match Mama said:

    I want a Sephora box!!! I'm going to sign up for one too!! Why do I love posts like this so much????

  2. 10.26.17
    Julie C. said:

    I have been using Young Living products for a couple years & LOVE them all!!! Their products are very concentrated, so you only need to use a little at a time which means the products last a long time…total plus in my book ๐Ÿ™‚ I just may have to check out that Sephora box. I didn't know they did anything like that. Thanks for the info!!!!

  3. 10.26.17
    Jordan said:

    I love R+F products!! Reverse, Antiblemish, & Lash Boost are my current faves!!

  4. 10.26.17
    Unknown said:

    I recently started using Arbonne products, but I'm always searching for something to help with dry skin!

  5. 10.26.17
    Anonymous said:

    Okay, I'm heading to Sephora right now! So many great products to try!! โค๏ธ

  6. 10.26.17
    Megan @ Letting In The Light Blog said:

    Sephora has a subscription box?!?! Sorry I don't have any recommendations for you. My skin is crazy oily which sounds like a problem you don't have. But I love trying new products.

  7. 10.26.17
    Unknown said:

    Hi Erika! I have been doing the PLAY box for about 3 months now and it is definitely my favorite mail day of the month. It is so fun to try all the things they give you and the sample portion sizes are just perfect. You will love it!

  8. 10.26.17
    Emily said:

    I'm a new found believer in face oil. I've been using Beuti Sleep Elixir (a Kate Middleton approved product) and it is a great moisturizer and doesn't make my skin too oily. In fact I think it has helped control oily days! I was applying it first and then a cream at night but I'm now pregnant and it was too hard figuring out what ingredients were ok so now I just use the only the oil morning and night as it's all natural. One bottle lasts a while as I only need one pump per application.

    The only RF product I found success with was lash boost. I never saw results wth anything else and they were too expensive for me to keep trying. I love getting a facial at a place that carries multiple product lines so they will recommend what's best and it just within one brand. If you have a store called blue mercury in your area give them a try. Less crazy than sephora and they carry great brands as well as a house line and their facials are great and not too expensive for treating yourself every now and then.

  9. 10.26.17
    Mel said:

    The Play box is awesome! I have been doing it for a year now. The sample sizes are great and I find myself using the products more than other subscription boxes I have tried in the past.

  10. 10.26.17
    Emily Harrison said:

    The Sephora box sounds great. I use R+F at night. I also use the Living Proof Night Cap Overnight Perfector on my hair too.

  11. 10.26.17
    Stacey said:

    What is your haircare routine? i started selling MONAT (its lke rodan+fields, but haircare/shampoo) would you be interested in trying some?

  12. 10.26.17
    Sheaffer {Pinterest Told Me To} said:

    Fun post! I love hearing what others do!

  13. 10.26.17
    Unknown said:

    I've been receiving the birchbox for years now and finally cancelled it because of the same reasons but I'm going to try the Sephora box because I love me some Sephora!

  14. 10.26.17
    Britt Hensley said:

    I love trying new products too. Thanks for sharing some new things to add to my cart! {My hubby loves these posts too๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚}

  15. 10.26.17
    Megan Throckmorton said:

    LimeLight products are amazing! The skin care line is chemical free, cruelty free, all natural! The professional makeup products are great as well. If you are interested, here is my link! ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. 10.26.17
    Design by Sydnee said:

    I love Sunday Riley oils, they're great for dry skin!

    Design by Sydnee | A Lifestyle Blog ๏ฟฝ๏ฟฝ

  17. 10.26.17
    Charity said:

    I get Sephora Play and like it, but I REALLY LOVE Boxycharm!! It's 21 a month and you get FULL SIZED products!! 4-5 full size products a month and the box is always worth 100-200! I've found some new favorite makeup and skin care through Boxycharm. You should check them out!

  18. 10.26.17
    Amanda @ That Inspired Chick said:

    Oooohhh I want to try the Sephora thing! I love new products!! That Inspired Chick

  19. 10.26.17
    Aileen said:

    I love Revision products and did not know Wal Mart sold them! I use their hydrating serum at night and intellishade matte during the day. It's a light tinted moisturizer that provides enough coverage for me most days with some concealer and bare minerals powder over it. It's SPF and oil free which I love. You might also really like a brand called Osea's ocean cleanser. It's organic and smells SO good and feels super moisturizing. I love the neocutis eye cream too!

  20. 10.26.17
    Heather Lockhart said:

    I'm a big fan of the Play by Sephora box. I've gotten so many products that I love.

  21. 10.26.17
    Alexis deZayas said:

    That Clinique Moisture Surge is the best! I also love their Pore Refining Solutions Charcoal Mask – it makes my skin feel so soft! I've been using GlamGlow masks lately and have been loving those too. Love reading beauty posts!

  22. 10.26.17
    Unknown said:

    I was getting Birchbox too and recently cancelled my subscription! I now get Ipsy and Sephora Play!! I LOVE LOVE the Sephora one! Ive gotten some larger sized products and some really great face products that I love! My fave part is getting a perfume sample every month… except that I always love them all and want to buy a new perfume every month ๐Ÿ™‚

  23. 10.26.17
    Unknown said:

    I just ordered my Sephora box!! Yay!!!

  24. 10.26.17
    Yolanda McLean said:

    Thanks for the Sephora Play info – I followed the link and signed up then went straight to Birchbox and cancelled. Excited for the new subscription – out with the old and in with the new.

  25. 10.26.17
    pokes96 said:

    I get the Sephora box and it has been great. The only drawback is that in order to get the extra 50 Beauty Insider points offered in the box… have to make an in-store purchase, I usually shop Sephora online once I find a product that I know works.

  26. 10.26.17
    mandabee said:

    You should try the ipsy box! $10 a month and it's awesome! I've purchased lots of the products I've tried

  27. 10.26.17
    Unknown said:

    Just ordered the Sephora box! Like you, I love trying new products and the sample sizes are perfect for that!

  28. 10.26.17
    Allyson said:

    Thanks for the face wash recommendation. I ordered and canโ€™t wait to try it!

  29. 10.27.17
    Bethany said:

    I used to love Sephora but now I am all about Beautycounter. My skin is better than is has been in years! When I went home last year my family kept saying I looked younger now than the last time they saw me. Younger after a baby? I'll take it! =)

  30. 10.27.17
    Elaine Welte said:

    I use a DIY face wash of coconut oil, and essential oils. Super easy to make and lasts forever. I follow it up with an eye cream and moiyfrom Young Living. I need simple and easy! Plus, after researching so many ingredients, it's pretty scary what is considered "safe" and given the okay for us to use! Anything with "fragrance listed is an automatic out for me.

  31. 10.27.17
    Jenna said:

    The Sephora Play box is amazing!! There's a theme for each box and the products come in these cute cloth drawstring bags that are good to reuse for travel or just storing little items. They also include a brochure-type thing that explains each product and how to use them. Hope you enjoy it!!

  32. 10.28.17
    JenBelzer said:

    Not sure if you would be interested but Target had a box as well. It isn't high end but sometimes it has some interesting products in it. You have to go and order it at the beginning of each month and sometimes it sells out.

  33. 11.2.17
    small-town-girl said:

    BoxyCharm is my favorite subscription box. All the fun of the others but they send all full size products. It's a lot more makeup than skincare but I have discovered some amazing skin and hair care products.