Happy Thanksgiving, 2 Winners,and Bowen Turns 1!!

First of all…HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!  I hope you’re spending time with the ones you’re most thankful for AND stuffing yourself with turkey!  🙂

Congratulations to Andrea M. and Esther R.!!!  I’ll be e-mailing you ASAP!!  Thanks to everyone who participated and to Stitches ‘N Such!!  I drew two names last night.  You can see it here.

We celebrated Bowen’s birthday a day early simply because it worked out better for everyone.  So…Tuesday morning I invited a couple friends to the mall for (the easiest birthday party known to man) a little party for Bowen.  I went back and forth deciding what I should do for him.  I ALMOST threw a big Christmas party and at the last second changed my mind.  I decided the third time around…his first birthday should be ALL about him and what he loves!  Let me just tell you…this kid can hang at the play area at the mall.  Maybe because he’s the third he loves the chaos??  Not sure but when I saw him in there I knew that was where he’d choose to spend his big day!  So…a little party was planned at the mall!
I don’t think Bowen was the only one excited about his new toy!  ha!

Sweet Presley was not gonna be cold!  Love it!

The kiddos had their own little table with pizza, juice boxes, fireman plates, and balloons.

Sweet Griffin wasn’t feeling the kiddo table just yet…next year for sure!

Birthday boy had a blast hanging with the big kids and eating pizza!

Sweet Kensington tried to teach him to say her name.  She worked on this for a good ten minutes.  Unfortunately, I don’t think he has it down just yet.  🙁

A couple days before I ordered his cake and decided…why not firetrucks??  A Slaughter hasn’t had a firetruck party yet!  It was perfect!

Homeboy wasn’t feeling the cookie cake as much as he was feeling the pizza crust!

“I don’t want the cake.  Just let me eat this pizza crust!”

He clearly doesn’t take after his brother when it comes to cookie cake.  🙂

So much fun with friends!!

Then we all took a ride on the carousel!

I wish I could have truly captured the craziness going on around me!  Moms were snapping pictures left and right!  ha!

Ebby Lee, Sarah, Molly, and Maggie

Love that Smith, Nixon, and Maggie are having a good time!

Birthday boy had a BLAST!

Then it was off to the play area.  See??  He loves it!

Bowen had SO much fun at his (easiest) first birthday party!!

We continued the tradition of celebrating the day before because again everyone couldn’t make it on Wednesday…so M, G, and M’s brother came over that night to have a little family party.
I think he liked his dinner??

Bowen got stuck at the girl table.

This is where the guys were hanging out.

CAKE time!!

Brother helped him blow out the candle.

I think he’s saying, “where’s the pizza crust”?  ha!!

Love my sweet sweet B!  (My eyes are open BIG because I do that in pictures when I’m hoping my kids open their eyes.  I know…it doesn’t make sense!!)

Time for presents!!

The kiddos each chose a toy for him and he LOVED the new toys!!

Playing his new instrument.

He adores her!  Can you tell?

We had a GREAT day celebrating our little guy turning one!  

Sidenote…Tab was in attendance.  Somehow…we don’t have any pictures to really prove it!!  We forgot to take a family picture!  🙁

Thanks so much to everyone for making B’s big day SO much fun!!

This is Bowen waking up on his REAL birthday.  We didn’t really do anything big yesterday.  We ran some errands, played at home, got food ready for today, and took the big kiddos to see Frozen.  (B stayed with T-Nonnie…I’m sure he didn’t mind all the alone time!  ha!)

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  1. 11.28.13
    Mix and Match Mama said:

    Oh my goodness! We had the best time celebrating Bowen's big birthday!! The Shull family just loves that boy!! Happy Birthday Bowen!

  2. 12.2.13
    Elaine Welte said:

    Such a fun party idea!!! Happy Birthday Bowen!