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We’ve been out of town on a last minute family getaway before school starts.  We’re soaking in EVERY SINGLE MOMENT we have left.  I’m currently saying goodbye to the lazy river.  This might be tough.  🙂  ha!

Andrea, Narci, and I are sharing our Friday Favorites.  Every Friday we invite you to join us!

Today, I’m sharing about a little getaway we took last weekend.  {Brace yourself-picture OVERLOAD!}  Tab had some work to do for his “real job” and a little football work to do as well.  Prior to football starting and me single-momming it all fall long, we decided a little trip was perfect timing. {My mom guilt almost kept me from going…four kiddos is a lot to ask anyone to babysit, but my parents were more than excited to get to spend time with our kiddos.  Also, we decided Britt getting to sleep in her own bed, being in her own house, and staying with siblings was just as good for her as us flying her to the west coast to stay in two hotels, sit in traffic, etc.}

Because it was work related, I really didn’t know when our free time would be so I didn’t make a lot of reservations.  I simply didn’t know when we’d be free.

Friday morning, Tab had a breakfast meeting so I stayed in the room and got lots of work done.  Afterwards our plan was to tour the Warner Brothers Studio.  We arrived to this line of cars all doing the same thing.

We were stoked!!  I’d read online this tour was amazing.  When we got up to the line, we were told all the tours were sold out for the day!  WAAAHH!  We snagged some tickets for Saturday and quickly changed our plans.

Santa Monica for lunch was the next stop.

This was our view from the table.

Holy yum…lobster roll and french fries were delicious.

We ate at The Lobster House and would highly recommend it.  Great views and yummy food!

Then we headed back to the hotel for a little downtime that afternoon.  Tab worked out while I went to the spa for a facial.  We stayed at the JW Marriott Live in L.A. right beside the Staples Center.  The JW and The Ritz connect so the spa was all the Ritz.

It was stunning…this was the women’s lounge.

This area was called The Sanctuary…both men and women could relax in here while waiting for their services.

I arrived early and had some time to read while I waited.  I had the hydrafacial and it was AMAZING.  It was so good that I started panicking about my time being up. 

Then Tab and I found two chairs on the rooftop pool to catch a little sun.

Tab has a client {who’s also a friend} in the L.A. area and we had plans to meet he and his girlfriend for dinner.

I’m not sure what I’m doing with this stance.  haha!  But we were ready for a night out on the town.

We met them at the Intercontinental.  The lobby for that hotel is on the 70th floor.  Crazy huh?  We could see a little view of our hotel.

We hung out for a bit on the rooftop bar with these amazing views of the city.

And then walked over to our dinner reservation.  This was the view from the table.  Those big blobs of lights in the middle are fireworks going off at Dodger Stadium.  So cool!  We had dinner at 71 Above.  My favorite part of the meal-hands down my scallops!  They were delicious!  It was fabulous getting to hang out with them and experience the L.A. life just a bit. 

Saturday we slept in and then headed straight to Warner Brothers to try that whole tour thing again.  This Starbucks was inside…which was super nice because some people had to wait a bit for their time.

Our number got called and we went into a little theater to watch a quick video before getting on to our cart for the tour.

They drove us around the back lots and pointed out different buildings used on different movies or shows.

Like this was used as the front shot for Miss Hannigan’s on Annie.

This street was used when Annie and the girls began singing, “Hard Knock Life”, AND do you recognize that ladder?  Remember Spiderman kissing Kirsten Dunst upside down while hanging from that ladder?  That’s the one!  Our guide told us they were making it rain, Toby Maguire was upside down, and they realized he was practically drowning.  So they stuffed his nose with cotton so the water wouldn’t go up while he was hanging upside down.

Remember this?

This was pretty much the look on my face the entire two hours we were there.  haha!  I’m not even kidding.

Our guide parked us right in front of this house…do you recognize it?

It was used as the house on Gremlins AND it was the Growing Pains house.

I think Growing Pains used it from this angle.  🙂

We began walking around and I for real fan-girled out, geeked out, you name it…I felt like I was walking around Stars Hollow!

I mean.  I had a moment.  The gazebo was in the middle of this little fake town and all around it were different houses Warner Brothers had used for different shows and movies.

I had a couple people ask me about my outfit.  This top is super similar (same brand) but I bought mine in the spring so it’s sold out.  Shorts are here.  And my favorite tassel earrings are here.

I’m telling you…I had a moment!

I shared a picture on Instagram and you guys told me it was also used in Hart of Dixie and Dukes of Hazard.

Hello church!  Again, used in Gilmore Girls, Pretty Little Liars (and probably Hart of Dixie), and much more.

We walked around this area for a while and our guide pointed out different buildings.

I just kept having a moment.

There it is again.  🙂

The sign wasn’t there, but do you recognize this?  


They paint, change signs, and do what they can to make the buildings appear differently in different things.  And it totally works.  Right?

Miss Patty’s Dance Studio was right across the street.  This one looks way bigger on t.v. to me.

This little plot of grass happened to be where they filmed the big Phoebe running in Central Park scene.

We hopped back on our cart and our guide pulled us up to Sound Stage 24.

We weren’t allowed to take pictures inside.  {Talk about SELF-CONTROL!}  But today as you read this they’re filming a new season for Fuller House and the entire set was set up.  I have no doubt I had my mouth open…in awe!  haha!

We set in the audience chairs and the guide answered some random questions for us.  He told us the Fuller House crew works Monday-Thursday reading lines and they film on Fridays.  He said you can snag tickets online at  I asked about the age of kids and he said usually the limit is usually around 14 or 16 because when you’re in the audience it is a long day.

Seeing the Fuller House set was SUPER cool.  They’d gotten rid of the Full House set so everything had to be rebuilt, but they did an amazing job replicating it.  If you’ve seen the show, then you know how similar it is.

Stage 24 was also home to Friends.  🙂

Crazy they have special parking for the cast right outside the building.

What do you know…we found the house too!

It looks like they had the lighting all set up for Candace’s picture but check it out!

I had another moment!  haha!

We made some circles around other buildings and other sound stages…we saw a lot of Pretty Little Liars’ spots, Big Bang Theory’s set was all set up (they were filming on Tuesday), La La Land, and more.

Mrs. Kim’s Antiques on Gilmore Girls…on one side and the other side was Suki’s house.

And then Lorelei and Rory’s house…so cool!

This was Rory’s reading tree…did it have another name?  I can’t remember.

We had a little stop at this Super Hero/Harry Pottery/Fantastic Beast museum.  This guy looked super creepy.

He looked legit.

When I taught third grade, I read all the Harry Potter books.  I had a few kids in my class reading them and I wanted to be able to talk “Harry Potter”.  So this little area took me back!

I took this to scare my own children.  haha!

The entire upstairs was Harry Potter/Fantastic Beasts memorabilia.

The sorting hat…I was put in Griffindor.  I thought everyone was put in Griffindor until Tab went and he got Hufflepuff.

We had another little drive around the property.  This drive took us right through the middle of a building where they work on sets.

Our next stop was this big building full of cars from different Batman movies.  All the cars are in working order, which makes it a little cooler in my book.

They pulled us up to the last stop on our trip which had a museum about how movies/shows are written AND a Friends’ set!  This is where things got crazy.  You guys know I’m NOT a public speaker.  I prefer NOT to have all eyes looking on me.  At this moment I was looking down at my phone and missed the, “We need some people to help us act out a scene”.  I looked up and Tab had done that super awkward thing where when they ask for volunteers someone else points at you.  He volunteered me to be RACHEL!  AND SHE PICKED ME!!  (If only I was in the eighth grade, I’m pretty sure back then I was praying to be Rachel…haha!)

 EEK!!  You guys! 
When I sat down, I was doing an awful lot of nervous laughing and I said to the guys beside me-I’m not gonna be good at this.  They both politely mentioned they were studying theater in college.  HAHAHA!  Of course they were.  Right?  So the lady explained what we were doing…Ross was to my right, me in the middle, and Joey was on my left.  We watched the clip of Friends we were acting out.  Then we practiced.  We had big posters with our lines and everything. 
Then they filmed it where it looked like the real Phoebe and the real Monica were talking to us.  Tab took a video.  I promise to post it on Instagram today.  (slaughteren)  Let me tell you…my acting skills are awful, but we had fun!

These guys were great sports and were super sweet to the mom of four who happened to have a red neck the entire time!  haha!

At this point, I’d cooled down, was no longer sweating, and was back in agreement anyone visiting L.A. should check this place out.

On our drive to our hotel Amanda texted us asking what we were doing.  We were in complete standstill traffic so I sent her this picture.  TRAFFIC!

Don’t mind my wrinkly finger and nail polish job…ha!  Sunday morning Tab had more meetings so I spent my morning getting a ton of work done myself.

Then I took a little pool side break to read.

And then it was GAME TIME!  {Tab got to help with the NFL preseason game at the StubHub Center…Los Angeles Chargers versus the Seattle Seahawks.}  

I’d heard several times that Los Angeles is building the Chargers a new stadium.  This one is just a make shift spot but I was really impressed for a makeshift stadium.

It was a very pretty place to watch a football game.

 Are you ready for some football?

The palm trees at the top of the stadium were just too pretty.

We finished the game watching in the shade {WAHOO!}.  And then caught a flight the next morning back home to our people.  Definitely a FAVORITE weekend!

Please join us for the link up by adding your blog to the bottom of the post.  Happy Weekend, Friends!  XO

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  1. 8.18.17
    Amanda @ That Inspired Chick said:

    How did I not know you went on the FRIENDS set?!! And you were Rachel!?! I'm dying. No, I take that back. I'd be dying if I had gotten to play Rachel! hahaha. I cannot wait to see this video! I can't believe you didn't mention that when I texted!! And girl, you looked amazing in that pink top and white jeans! Looks like such a fun little getaway!

    That Inspired Chick

    • 8.18.17
      Erika Slaughter said:

      I was so embarrassed the entire time!!

    • 8.18.17
      Bfg78 said:

      Ha so funny! You could've said no!😂

  2. 8.18.17
    Confessions of a Northern Belle said:

    Seriously looks like the BEST trip! Where are your wedges from that you wore with the white pants on your night out at the beginning of your trip?!

    • 8.18.17
      Erika Slaughter said:

      They're Ugg wedges from last year. 🙁

  3. 8.18.17
    ReachingBeyondMediocrity said:

    What an awesome trip! I had no idea you could tour all of that!! I bet you guys were beat after doing all of the sightseeing!

    • 8.18.17
      Erika Slaughter said:

      It was really fun!! I needed a nap afterwards because my heart rate was up for so long. Haha!

  4. 8.18.17
    Elspeth Mizner said:

    Looks so much fun! The studio tour sounds so much fun! Glad you and Tab got in a little getaway this summer!

    • 8.18.17
      Erika Slaughter said:

      Highly recommend it!!

  5. 8.18.17
    Meagan @ The Clanahan Fam said:

    What a fun little getaway!!! I'm laughing thinking of you on the Friends set. I would have DIED! Hahahaha. Btw, looking good, girl!

    • 8.18.17
      Erika Slaughter said:

      I wanted to!!

  6. 8.18.17
    Valerie Cox said:

    So fun! I want to go to LA just for that your. Glad you enjoyed it!

    • 8.18.17
      Erika Slaughter said:

      It was such a great two-three hours!

  7. 8.18.17
    Megan @ Letting In The Light Blog said:

    I'm fan girling just reading this!!! What a fantastic weekend getaway. Adding that studio tour to our list now.

    • 8.18.17
      Erika Slaughter said:

      Keep in mind-the signs said kids had to be 8. 🙁

  8. 8.18.17
    The Mommy said:

    Thank you for taking so many pictures of the gazebo. I watched Hart of Dixie and then Gilmore Girls and watched Dukes of Hazzard as a kid. You made my heart happy!!

    • 8.18.17
      Erika Slaughter said:

      So you understood my crazy face the entire time! Haha! 🙂

  9. 8.18.17
    Simple Purposeful Living said:

    My son loves the Seahawks so he would have been pumped about that game :). We are going to Seattle at Thanksgiving and surprising him with tickets to a game! Looks like you had a blast! My mom once volunteered my dad on a tour at Nickelodeon to get on top of a wedding cake. She thought they would pick us kids to throw hula hoops at them but alas they didn't. xoxo ERIN

    • 8.18.17
      Erika Slaughter said:

      That's gonna be a great surprise!

  10. 8.18.17
    Amanda @ Cupcake N Dreams said:

    The Warner brothers tour was always my go to activity for my visitors when I lived in LA! It's the best one and one of my favorite places! So glad you enjoyed 🙂
    Amanda @ Cupcake N Dreams

    • 8.18.17
      Erika Slaughter said:

      I can see why! 🙂

  11. 8.18.17
    Mel said:

    My sister and I went to LA a few years ago and did the Warner Brothers tour! I joke that it was the best 2 hours of my life. We went to the Friends set but did not do that scene thing. That is so cool!

    • 8.18.17
      Erika Slaughter said:

      I wonder how it compares to the Universal Tour?? Anybody done both?

  12. 8.18.17
    Shelly @ The Queen in Between said:

    So much fun! I would have been totally geeked out on that tour! We did a similar one in NYC and I loved it! Glad you had a chance to getaway.

    • 8.18.17
      Erika Slaughter said:

      I need to do that in NYC next time!

  13. 8.18.17
    Laura @ Laura Likes Design said:

    That Warner Bros tour looks amazing!! I definitely want to add that to my bucket list!

  14. 8.18.17
    Four Points Mom said:

    I have never thought about doing the WB tour and now I'm sold! I would have been fan-girling too since I LOVE Gilmore Girls. I had no idea they used that set for so many other shows. And the Friends studio too – wow! I can't wait to head back to L.A. to do it!

  15. 8.18.17
    Kara said:

    What a great trip! Thanks for sharing all the details and pictures…made me feel like I was sightseeing along with you.

  16. 8.18.17
    live compassionately said:

    Ok I am having all kinds of moments looking at your tour pics! Gilmore Girls, Friends, YES PLEASE! I'm watching Gilmore Girls for the 2nd time in 2 years haha 🙂 I'm glad you had fun!

  17. 8.18.17
    Anonymous said:

    You know I loved that tour–it did not disappoint at all! What fun!!! Looks like it was a great trip!! Xoxo

  18. 8.18.17
    Jenn said:

    Omg, how fun is that!!!! Makes me want to rewatch Gilmore Girls and I've already seen it toooo many times! lol

  19. 8.18.17
    Unknown said:

    I totally saw your hubby for a brief second on tv during the game! I was like, "hey I think I know that ref!" Well "know" only through following your blog- but so cool! Love following along!

  20. 8.18.17
    Memphis Bridges said:

    So fun! I enjoyed this post and am going there next month for the first time. Just curious, was it hard to find a place to park at the Santa Monica pier? We are planning to go there and do the studio tour!

  21. 8.18.17
    Kathy Lang said:

    Wow, that looked like such a great trip for you and your husband! I even forgot it was work-related for him because you guys did so many fun things! That WB Tour looked amazing and I'm definitely putting it on my list of things to do when we go to LA. Quick question – are your Steve Madden sneakers that you wore to the football game really comfortable and did you size up as suggested?

    • 8.18.17
      Erika Slaughter said:

      I would size up. I don't think I did and after walking, standing, etc-I had blisters. 🙁

  22. 8.18.17
    mandabee said:

    I think I would lose my mind!! Gilmore girls! Friends?! My two favorite shows!! That has just made it to the top of my travel list!

  23. 8.18.17
    Cassie {Hi Sugarplum} said:

    Looks like an amazing weekend…and love the shots of your excited face at the studio!!!! ya'll are adorable!!

  24. 8.18.17
    V @ X-tremely V said:

    It looks like such a great trip! And I would be having a moment as well with all the Gilmore Girls and Pretty Little Liars sets! How fun!

  25. 8.18.17
    Beautifully Candid said:

    Happy Friday! Yes to random Cali trips! It's one of my favorite places to visit. I'm a firm believer in the kids making memories with their grandparents and spending time with them too. Have a great weekend! Beautifully Candid

  26. 8.18.17
    Amy Cotton said:

    This looks like an absolute blast!!! Loved seeing all your pictures! I'm definitely adding some things to my bucket list!! Have a great weekend!

  27. 8.18.17
    Bfg78 said:

    Is tab gonna be a nfl ref? What is his "real" job? My fav part of this entire post was pic of doby with caption "I took this to scare my kids!" Hilarious! I knew none of the sets except for friends. I don't watch much tv but friends alone would have geeked me out! I forgot I was looking at your blog instead of shays. Y'all could be twins y'all are so much alike! Trips, 4 kids, kids same age, adopted girls from China, skinny blonde, big tall husbands, same clothes/jewelry, etc ha. Without pics & names, I wouldn't be able to tell difference ha! Samesies besties!!

    • 8.18.17
      Erika Slaughter said:

      He's an benefits consultant. No, he just helped out with this preseason game. 🙂

  28. 8.18.17
    Unknown said:

    What a fun trip! Where is your date night outfit and jewelry from? Thanks! Christina

    • 8.18.17
      Erika Slaughter said:

      It's from Express last year. 🙂

  29. 8.19.17
    Unknown said:

    So fun!! Love your blog and had no idea Tab got to help with the game. My BIL is the qb for Chargers! My sil and I always get ideas and outfit ideas from your blog 😉 Hope y'all had a great trip. We will have to do the tour when we go for a game!

    • 8.20.17
      Erika Slaughter said:

      Thanks so much for reading!! Yes!! For sure, check it out when you're there. This is too funny because I was in the team store at the same time as your sil-judging by all the "Rivers" gear I figured out it was her! I should have said hi! Again, thanks so much for reading! 🙂

  30. 10.14.17
    Katie said:

    Is this the studio tour or the deluxe tour? thanks!