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Wahoo!!  The weekend is HERE!!  (Unless you’re reading this in the morning, then it’ll be here soon.) 🙂  We have a super low-key weekend planned AND we even get an extra day off.  I’m sharing a few Friday Favorites with my girls, Andrea and Narci.  You can join us too!!  Simply blog your favorite anything, link back to us, and then add your blog to the link-up.  It’s super easy!  

My FAVORITES are super random.  Prepare yourself!

I saw this on Jennie Allen’s Instagram yesterday and loved it!!  I kept going back to it throughout the day thinking about some of our FAVORITE friends bringing home their new little girl.  

Clean kiddos in pajamas before bed is another one of my FAVORITES!  (Even if they’re NOT smiling!)

These pictures of Bowen’s room definitely are NOT my FAVORITE, but keep scrolling to the end.  I feel like during the holidays and after when we unpack we do a lot of shoving things in a closet or a cabinet.  I seriously felt/feel like if you open ANY closet or drawer or cabinet in my house you should be prepared for something to fall on you!!!  It was time to begin cleaning and organizing!!  I started in Bowen’s room.  I forgot to take a good “before” picture.  This is after I’d already pulled everything out to sort.

Proof there was pretty much something covering almost every single inch of the floor!

The big pile of clothes I’m passing on to my cousin.  She just had the cutest baby boy, Asa.  I’m telling you his face is perfection!  He’s adorable!  Anyway, I filled three bags of clothes for Baby Asa!

This was a Pinterest idea.  I searched for any helpful hints I could find.  This door organizer was a suggestion.  I filled it with random toys….cars, animals, figurines on the bottom where Bowen can reach.  The taller slots are empty, but when I organize all the craft supplies I’m going to stuff them with paint, ribbons, and anything else that fits. 

Organized ALL the clothes and added a little shelf under the rack to hold cars, puzzles, and legos.

Ebby Lee was super pumped with the finished product and I was too!!  One room down….only 9ish to go??  hahahaha!!  The end result of an organized room is a FAVORITE for sure!!

Hahahahaha!!!  I saw a friend post this “Aging App” on Instagram.  This is supposed to be all of us in 2049.  YIKES!!!  Ebby Lee told me these pictures gave her nightmares!  That girl!  Let’s just say I’m thankful for Rodan and Fields!  🙂

Some of our very FAVORITE people are back in Texas!!!  We made signs to welcome them home.

Ebby Lee and Presley waited patiently (kind of) at the airport.

Look at all the friends the Shulls had ready to greet them!!  (This was friends-only.  There were lots of family members too!)

The welcoming crew was READY!!

EEK!!!!  This picture is dark, but check out Nixon and Smith.  Waving at each other!  Nixon REALLY missed his bestie! 

And Ebby Lee missed her some Kensington!!  Ebby Lee followed Kensington around visiting family and friends while holding her hand the entire time!  hahaha!

That darn suitcase handle!!!  Bowen meeting his new friend!  

The Slaughters are super excited about the Shulls’ Party of Five!!  We are so thankful to have friends who are listening to God’s call on their lives and ACTING on it!!  We love you, Shulls!!

I have the best girlfriends EVER!!  We’re all ready to snuggle that sweet girl!!

Hope you’ve had a great week too!!  Enjoy this long weekend!  Happy Friday!  XOXO

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  1. 1.16.15
    Megan said:

    I love how is room turned out! It makes me happy when I get everything organized and put away! All the pictures from the airport are just precious! Brings tears to my eyes! Our God is so good! 😉 Happy Friday!

  2. 1.16.15
    Mix and Match Mama said:

    Yay!!! We're home!! We missed you guys so much!! We were overjoyed to see you last night. Love you friend!!

  3. 1.16.15
    the girl in the red shoes said:

    Love the photos of everyone at the airport! So so so sweet!

  4. 1.16.15
    Cory (playdates and prescriptions) said:

    WOW! The Ashby pics just bring tears to my eyes!!! God is SO SO GOOD! Have a great weekend!

  5. 1.16.15
    Shelly @ The Queen in Between said:

    That gaining app…oh my goodness!!! Have loved seeing everyones pix from Ashby's arrival.

  6. 1.16.15
    Kimm said:

    Love all the favorites. So glad to have the Shulls journey through this. Have a great weekend

  7. 1.16.15
    Erica Gammon said:

    That picture of Kensington and her Lovie running to each other arms stretched out……Absolutley beautiful!! Great pictures! So happy for the Shulls!

  8. 1.16.15
    Sheaffer {Pinterest Told Me To} said:

    Last night was one of our favorite nights EVER! Smith and Nix waving at each other was precious! And EL and K holding hands was too! GREAT NIGHT!!!

  9. 1.16.15
    Maggie C. said:

    Thank you for sharing these pictures of the Shull 5's homecoming! I can only imagine how emotional it must have been for everyone. You all are truly blessed to have such amazing friends for yourselves and your children!

  10. 1.16.15 said:

    I seriously get choked up every single time I see a.picture of Ashby.worth her new.forever family

  11. 1.16.15
    live compassionately said:

    I LOVE this! All the welcome home pics and posts are making me cry! Such a fun night for you all!

  12. 1.16.15
    V @ X-tremely V said:

    The bedroom looks great! And you have given me some ways to clean up Xavier's room now 🙂
    I absolutely love seeing the friendship and bond you all have together! What a wonderful way to welcome the Shull 5 home and Ashby into the family! So sweet!

  13. 1.16.15
    Unknown said:

    Without going into detail….that quote was more than needed today. Love it. Love her!! So thanks. And LOVED seeing pics of Shay and her crew coming home. So exciting and it seriously gave me goosebumps. Happy Friday friend!!

  14. 1.16.15
    Gracefully Mama said:

    I have to clean & organize like that too! Just dump everything out, sort through it, then organize. 😉 I love all of the welcome home pics for Ashby & the Shulls. You have the cutest group of friends!

  15. 1.16.15
    Anonymous said:

    Happy Friday! I love an organized room! Bowen's room looks awesome!!

  16. 1.16.15
    Anonymous said:

    Woohoo!! Bowen's room looks awesome, and I just loved how the girls held hands!! So sweet!! Have a great weekend, girl!! ❤️❤️❤️

  17. 1.16.15
    Leigh said:

    I absolutely need to clean and organize! My oldest son's room is the worst in the house. A close second is my closet. I loved seeing the instagram pics of Ashby coming home. So sweet! I also love the cardi you're wearing in that last photo!

  18. 1.17.15
    Unknown said:

    You are the sweetest friends!! I just love that picture of Kensington running toward her Lovie!

  19. 1.17.15
    Sarah said:

    Oh my gosh, that homecoming, so sweet. I think you guys have got to be the best, sweeties gals anyone could have. Congrats to the Shulls and to adding a new member to your friend family!

  20. 1.19.15
    The Yarbrough's said:

    I found your blog thru the Shull's. I follow them and feel like I know them. I have been really excited about Ashby. When I saw your pictures it brought tears to my eyes. You can tell ya'll are great supportive friends and the kids….that totally melted my heart. Ya'll are blessed to have wonderful friends. God is so good!!!!