Friday Favorites

Happy Friday!!  If you read my blog yesterday, then you probably thought I’d lost my mind.  Yesterday I blogged all about how “Valentine’s Day is Tomorrow”.  My kiddos had parties yesterday and today, so I’m a little “off”.  So sorry, ladies!!  I haven’t lost my mind after all.  I just have my days mixed up.  But don’t ask Tab, he might agree with you!  🙂

Andrea, Narci, and I are teaming up again for our Friday Favorites!  You should join in the fun.  Blog a favorite thing, link to us, and then add your blog to the link-up.  Super simple!

Today I’m catching up on a lot of favorites!

A couple weeks ago, I had dinner with my girls.  That is always a FAVORITE!

A FAVORITE when Tab is out of town is M and G’s house, getting comfy cozy, and watching a movie.  Everyone’s a fan of that plan!

My friend, Lori, and I sent this picture to our FAVORITE hair stylist!

My FAVORITE girl is almost too big for the mall play area.  WAAAAHHHH!!!!

Some of my FAVORITE guys were all in the same town and had dinner.

Playing outside is one of their FAVORITE things to do.

This guy after almost ten years is still my FAVORITE.  I posted this on Instagram and one of our friends commented, “Stone Cold Steve Austin”.  Back in the day, I would have totally agreed!!!  I’ve always thought Tab kind of resembled the wrestler.  In case you don’t know what he looks like…
It might be the bald head and facial hair???  Maybe I should ask Tab to wear a leather vest and gold chain so we could do a side-by-side?  hahahaha!

Hat day was one of her FAVORITES!

We got shuttled around by some of our FAVORITE friends!

Even though I captured him mid-push, Bowen is one of Nixon’s very FAVORITE people.

He’s also one of Ebby Lee’s FAVORITES.  🙂

A FAVORITE conversation I had with Bowen this week:
Bowen (walks in room with a box of raisins)-“I got raisins and gum.”
Me (a look of panic because Bowen swallows gum faster than any kid in the history of kids, I’m certain)-“You got gum?”
Bowen-“No, I’m just teasing.” (And he starts laughing.)
How is he only two and already has a sense of humor??  I’m in TROUBLE!

My very FAVORITE one-hundred-year old!

Bathroom selfies with my FAVORITE friends are so much fun!

Hide-in-seek is a FAVORITE around our house…especially when your grandma is hiding under that red blanket and you look for her FOREVER before giving up!  

Have a great weekend!  Happy Valentine’s Day TOMORROW!  🙂

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