Friday Favorites

Happy Friday!

Our first official week of summer has been GREAT!  We’ve spent our days by the pool, stayed up way too late, and slept in…it’s been perfect!

Today, I’m joining my girls, Andrea and Narci, and sharing my favorites!

Friday, the first official day of summer around here-I found myself in my happy place.  Watching my people at the pool…except the water was COLD!

Sometimes my photography skills amaze me.  hahaha!

I mean.  I’m THAT good.  Haven’t I told you before my reflexes are crazy slow.  #proof

Third times the charm!  There’s Nix jumping off the board.

Someone won the cannonball competition.  I think it might have had something to do with the fact that he was by far the youngest contestant, he was wearing a puddle jumper and goggles that covered almost his whole face, and he legitimately did a cannonball with all that gear on!  He was stoked!  I was stoked because he picked a treat he could share.  🙂

Friday evening, Ebby Lee had a rehearsal for her recital on Saturday.  We had dinner right after and then spotted this when we pulled in our driveway.  Two ducks on a leisurely stroll after dinner.  

I snapped a picture of these two cuties before their jazz performance.

 It wasn’t too long ago that I remember dropping off this girl backstage and she had tears.  Now she’s so grown up.  She rocks these recitals.

On Saturday, I did one of those wait until the VERY last second to get ready kinds of things and showed up with no earrings and only mascara.  How does that happen?  haha!

Those girls were SO cute up on stage!  

A quick costume change before it was tap time!

So proud of this girl!

G (Tab’s dad) came with us to watch this cute dancer.

Our crazy crew…who knows WHAT Bowen is doing.

Right after-in dance costume and all we met our neighbors at Tupp’s Brewery. 

The weather was fabulous Saturday night.  The kiddos stayed busy with these games.  And the band was great.

This sweet girl lives across the street and Ebby Lee couldn’t be happier to get to play with a girl!  🙂  She adores her.

 I saw this on Instagram and it made me LOL.  My friends will agree.  That is by far my FAVORITE emoji!

 Sunday evening we celebrated Ashby’s birthday at the pool.

 I had fun with these mama friends.  My kiddos had a ball swimming and playing at the pool.

Ebby Lee loves her some Ashby.

And this guy is her biggest fan.

On Monday, we enjoyed more cupcakes at the pool for Luke’s birthday!
Our summer is off to a great start.  Hope yours is too!  🙂

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  1. 6.10.16
    Shelbee on the Edge said:

    Great photos! Looks like you had a fabulous first week of summer (We still have one week of school to go!). And that is by far my favorite emoji, too!


  2. 6.10.16
    Emily: Three boys and a girl blog said:

    What a fun week you've had! We have spent many days at the pool too..although I can't just watch right now..I've got to make sure my 2.6 year old isn't drowning while holding my 7m old. I can't wait for the day when they can swim and I can watch! I totally over use the laughing so hard i'm crying emoji..because duh, who doesn't! Happy Friday!

  3. 6.10.16
    Anonymous said:

    So fun! Looks. like y'all are off to a great summer!

  4. 6.10.16
    Sheaffer {Pinterest Told Me To} said:

    Those girls in their costumes are so flipping cute! And yes, your photog skills are ASTOUNDING! I lol'd!!!! (I'm on my computer..but I wish I had our favorite emoji now!) 😉

  5. 6.10.16
    Sarah Shaneyfelt said:

    I'm glad your summer is off to a great start!
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  6. 6.10.16
    Sierra @ Beautifully Candid said:

    Your first week of summer looks like a blast! Have a great weekend 🙂 Beautifully Candid

  7. 6.10.16
    The Rodriguez Crew said:

    Your comments about the reflexes off the diving board had me laughing so hard!!!

  8. 6.10.16
    Anonymous said:

    Love that quote about emojis! Yes ma'am!! The girls looked precious in their costumes!! Love!!

  9. 6.10.16
    Sarah K said:

    Way to go, Mr. Cannonball! And congrats on the dance recital 🙂

  10. 6.11.16
    Unknown said:

    Okay even without earrings and no make up but mascara you look gorgeous!!!

  11. 6.11.16
    Nina said:

    Dance recitals are always fun. I'm sure you all are having all sorts of fun this summer!


  12. 6.11.16
    Betsy said:

    Where is your orange blouse from in the photo from Ebby Lee's recital?

  13. 6.13.16
    Happylife40 said:

    Bahahahaha those ducks!!!!!