Friday Favorites-A SPECIAL ONE

Hey There, Friends!

Andrea and I are teaming up for another edition of FRIDAY FAVORITES.  We have a nice, rainy weekend on the horizon and to be honest with you-I’m totally okay with that.  I love a nice, sunshiney day but then I feel like we need to be outside, be active, and be more productive.  Basically, I guess I’m saying I wanna park it on the couch, watch tv, and read my book all weekend long while it rains?

Today is a SPECIAL day in our house!!

On this day, THREE YEARS AGO this was us…

 Walking around the streets of Kunming, China, waiting patiently to meet our daughter.  Can you say ALL THE EMOTIONS?!!  We were experiencing them all!  Nervous, excited, scared, full of faith, and I could go on and on. 

We met the other family we were traveling with as well as our guide early that morning to get out of the hotel and try to stay busy.  I remember thinking HOW are we going to stay busy?!  I mean.  REALLY!?  Knowing there’s a countdown of six hours ticking down SO SLOWLY as we wait to meet our baby girl!  I was a big ball of nerves who was SO ready to see her!  I approached this whole adoption with a very glass half-full mind set knowing that God had this planned way before we even started to think about adoption so of course, He would take care of all the little details.  {Now was I always seeping full of faith?  No, of course not, but overall this was my approach.}  I wasn’t nervous in a what-are-we-doing-way but more like a I-can’t-wait-to-get-my-hands-on-her-way.

 We walked around the park near our hotel checking out the sights, feeding the fish, and meeting the locals. 

The Slaughter boys really got into the fanfare.  Can you tell?

 We made our way through the meat market and Bowen’s face summed up my thoughts.

We all piled into the van and were taken to the office where the orphanage was bringing us Britt.  We paced awkwardly around the room, watched a new family meet their baby girl {and now we’re Facebook friends so we keep up with each other-how cool is that?}, and we waited.  We had our eyes glued to the window seeing a van pull up and in that moment Nixon shouted, “There’s Britt!”.  A worker from the orphanage was carrying her into the room.  I asked to hold her, snuggled her close, and she was petrified.

 You can’t tell from the picture but she was terrified and I can’t blame her.  Everything she knew was being taken away and now she had five people all in her face, speaking a language she’d never heard, and looking very different than the people who’d taken care of her for the last eighteen months.

There’s no denying the other four sets of eyes…WE WERE IN LOVE!

Britt was way more comfortable with Tab the first day.

 We went back to our hotel after signing some paperwork, grabbed dinner, and all showered to get ready for bed.  This sweet girl was so brave.  She started warming up just a bit, played with the kids, and even cracked a few smiles on her first night.

Our following days in China were spent getting to know all about Miss Britt.  My mama self was super nervous during this time because her palate was open, I wasn’t sure she was getting enough food or drink, I didn’t want anything we fed her to hurt her, and basically my list goes on and on.

 Over time this tiny thing who was so closed off-

 experienced the love of a FAMILY.

We began seeing faces like this where trust and love were growing.

We had NO idea how much our family would be blessed by listening to the call of adoption.

 But God knew.  He had big plans for this sweet, sassy, and silly girl.

I can get choked up just thinking about how we could have missed this.

Adoption is simply amazing.  I’m praying today that if God has placed this on your heart that you act on it.

And that sums it up, Britt Slaughter has all five of our hearts.  Today, you’ll find us snuggling a little more, watching Frozen 2 again, and watching as she wraps us all around her pinky just a tad more.  I can’t believe it’s only been three years, because I’m not even sure I remember the days before she became a part of our family.

We love this girl so very much!

Happy Friday, Friends!

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