Friday Favorites-Last One of the Year


That day of the week where Andrea, Narci, and I invite you to join us by blogging your FAVORITES!

A FAVORITE of Ebby Lee’s this week was a fun little afternoon Christmas date with Presley {Mrs. Narci} and Kensington.

 Just randomly Andrea was driving through the Starbucks drive-thru as these three were singing Christmas carols to the cars.

 Yesterday her fourth grade class had a field trip to Enterprise City, a local economic program set up as a “mini city”, where the students each had a role taking part in helping the community run smoothly.  Ebby Lee was the accountant at the Snack Shop and she could NOT STOP TALKING about how much fun she had.  BEST FIELD TRIP EVER according to her!


 On Wednesday after school we loaded up the kiddos to head to the Galleria.  We’ve never taken our kiddos ice skating but after our little stint at Home for the Holidays skating on the “fake ice”, Nixon was begging to go.  Wednesday was the DAY! 

A few things I learned on Wednesday:

*ALWAYS check the hours for any Christmas activity.  We walked up to the ice skating rink at 4:36 and was told the rink closes to the public from 5-8 for private lessons.  YES!  WHY did I not check the times?!  So, we decided to have dinner and shop until 8!  AND THEN SKATE!  Do bedtimes really matter the last week before Christmas break?

*I’m getting older and simple things like ice skating can make random parts of my body hurt.  This is so sad but true.

*And sneaking Christmas presents into the stroller with kids present is WAY harder when they’re eight and nine-years-old.

 The students in lessons practiced their Christmas performance several times and we got to watch.

 Never ever has Britt REALLY been into anything in a store…a toy, clothes, etc.  She just hasn’t.  She picked up this purse, put it on, and LOVED it.  Ebby Lee and I thought it was the cutest thing ever.

 You guys!  She was so cute and could not get enough of this purse.  Even though Christmas is days away we bought it and I must tell you on our way out of the store she handed the purse back to me.  I told her she could keep it and her response was, “No”.  Sigh.  She’s gonna be surprised when she opens that purse on Christmas morning.  

 My favorite girls 🙂

 It was finally SKATING TIME!

 Tab and I discussed taking turns watching with Britt but at the last minute just thought we’d let her try.  She had so much fun!  We held her hand the entire time.  She’d start falling, we’d grab her, and she’d laugh and laugh.

 Tab started out making rounds with Britt and I quickly switched him.  Britt and I took our time going around and around the rink.  I was envisioning being a little chilly out on the ice but going around with a three-year-old in tow had me SWEATING!!

 Can you spot my people?

 Britt was a FAN!

 The tiniest skates I’d ever seen.  I was in the bathroom when Tab was grabbing skates so I had no clue what size he got Britt.  When I was taking them off, I saw they were an “8”.  She wears a “4”.  When I told him that, his response was, “No wonder she looked like Bambi out on the ice”.  🙂

 This kid started the night nervous but ended doing so well!

 I finally got this girl off the ice and told her we were done.  This was her face back at me.  

 Let me add…at this moment it was probably already thirty minutes past their bedtime.

 She didn’t seem to mind.  🙂

We left the Galleria around 9:30 p.m.!!!  EEK!!!  But a new Slaughter Christmas tradition was born and NEXT TIME I’LL CHECK THE ICE SKATING HOURS.  


I got asked about which link-ups I’ll be participating in in 2019.  These are the four link-ups already on my 2019 calendar…


 *LET’S LOOK-where I’ll be linking up with Shay on the second Wednesday of each month.

Get these dates on your calendar.  🙂

*TUESDAY TALKFancy Ashley and I chit chat about anything and everything the third Tuesday of each month.

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If you missed our fall family photo session, you can see them here.  {Big thanks to Narci for taking these pictures!}  

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I’m taking the next two weeks off to celebrate Christmas with family.  We also have some fun travel plans as well so be sure to follow along on my Instgram {slaughteren}…think Christmas road trip.  Lots of us in one car with LOTS of miles to go.  Oh my!  I’m already getting a little nervous.  #andourdvdplayerinthecarjuststoppedworking

Please come back January 7th to see what’s happening in the New Year over on this little space.  I’m looking forward to the fresh start of a New Year.  And hope you’ll join me!

Andrea is holding down the fort with Friday Favorites the next two weeks, so if you blog it, be sure to link-up with Andrea.

I truly want to wish each and every one of you a very Merry Christmas.  I’m praying you experience a Christmas season full of His peace and love.  I’m so thankful for each and every one of you.  Thank you for being a part of this community.  

Merry Christmas!

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