Friday Favorites-THE FIRST OF 2021


It’s our FIRST Friday Favorites of the year!  Andrea and I will be here each Friday sharing our FAVORITES and we invite you guys to join us!

I have a little list of FAVES and then I’m sharing my day in the life from stories yesterday.  When you guys speak, I try my best to listen.  😉  So, those stories will not be their own post anymore.  #ipromise  Just in case you’re not on Instagram, I’m sharing at the bottom.  I’m adding questions I got, recommendations, etc. from those stories too.

First up is this FAVORITE link-up!  Shay and I are hosting Let’s Look again this year on the second Wednesday of every month.  Simply blog about this topic…

and add your blog to our link-up!  Easy Peasy!  It starts next Wednesday when we share coffee bars!  Hope you join us!


And,  these boots {that made the Top Ten list} are a FAVORITE from 2020 and they’re holding out for a winter 2021 spot as well.  I don’t think I ever shared this sweater from Amazon but it’s super comfy, super soft, and the quality is great.


A FAVORITE Christmas gift is this air fryer!  I wanted an air fryer that was big enough to cook something for my family of six.  The air fryer I had before I loved but the basket wasn’t really big enough to make an entire “something” for my family.  I’d have to make two batches which took a long time or I’d make half in the air fryer and half in the oven.  Spoiler alert-we all fought over the air fryer version every time.  So my parents made my Christmas wishes come true with this gift!  I really like it because I can throw enough chicken breasts for the entire family or I can add sweet potato fries to one rack and broccoli to the other…two veggies at the same time.  The only thing I’ve noticed is I have to flip things more in this one or they get dark on the bottom.  I still much prefer this version with a big family but that’s the one difference.  


Another FAVORITE from the week are answered prayers!  The kids and I were driving back from Missouri {a 9 hour trip} when we stopped for gas about mid-way.  I tried to start the car after refueling and NOTHING.  After multiple attempts the only thing flashing was the battery light.  I majorly panicked, tried to call my step-dad {he didn’t answer}, and then prayed…it worked!  I did not turn the car off again until we pulled into our driveway.  Thanks to that moody battery, I was reminded how much prayer works. 

Tab was on the field at the time during his football game and after the game, he called.  As we were discussing he was very sweet but told me that I’d have had to ask someone to jump our car.  I started laughing and told him in my panicked state all I could think about was getting a hotel room for us until he could come and pick us up the next day.  Hahahaha!  I MIGHT have jumped to conclusions.  


My FAVORITE Christmas craft Britty made is this one!  Do you guys recognize this “L” lamp?  Preschool teachers, the whole family got a kick out of this one!


A FAVORITE view while we were in Missouri.  


A look at my day yesterday via Stories…

I started my day off WAY too early.  I prefer a 5:00 a.m. wake up but wanna know something I dislike more than an early wake up??  Laying there, not being able to sleep, and just thinking about how tired I’ll be.  Does anyone else do this?  SO, I got out of bed to get the day going and had coffee brewing at 4:19 a.m.  And thanks to my New Years’ Resolution….I choose gratitude and thought about how thankful I was to have a warm house with coffee to wake up to bright and early. 

The Bible Recap is what I’m studying this year.  Well, the Bible is actually what I’m studying but I’m working through the Bible Recap’s one-year guide.  It’s in the You Version Bible App…you can find this plan by Tara-Leigh Cobble.  After reading the scripture, I listen to the daily podcast which is 5-10 minutes where she reiterates what we just read, gives it context, and answers questions.  I think this is so good because it’s that whole…visually learning the scripture and then auditory learning through the podcast.  I purchased the book but the podcast is more in-depth and covers the same information.   And that devotion book I shared from on Wednesday is a quick few minute read beforehand.

Got myself ready and made it to the gym for an early morning workout.

Workout complete

And then I was tired.

Got home and grabbed a coffee flavored protein shake…I needed all the caffeine!

Working while I waited for Britt at speech.

Preschool drop-off with this cutie!

I stopped at Market Street on the way home for an egg breakfast bowl and a few other things we needed.

Lots of questions about this top…you can find it here.  {Also comes in white-on sale and pink-also on sale.}

And this ring sold out…boo!

Tab was working from home in the office so my “desk” was the dining room table.  My blue-light blocking glasses are these.  I’m not really sure if they work but I like to think they do.  😉

I took a lunch break and had leftovers…salmon, part of a twice-baked potato, and green beans, and then got back to work.

Stopped around 2:50 p.m., grabbed one of these hunks {got them from Costco-they’re so good}, and then left to grab the kids.

It was chilly in McKinney yesterday so I threw on my jacket before pick-up. {Jacket is over 50% off.}  And got 3/4 of my people home!

Got Ebby Lee too!

All four of my kids have something on Thursday afternoons so they’re our crazy day.  I take Britt to gymnastics and Brooke’s daughter is in gymnastics at the same time.  I get to hang with Brooke and Willow while Britt and Libby are working.

I missed her attempting her cartwheel, but snapped a pic while she was sliding.

Britt and I beat everyone else home so I got dinner started…the plan was shrimp bowls-brown rice, shrimp, veggies, avocado, salsa, etc, but my two bags of Trader Joe’s shrimp didn’t look like enough once I started cooking them.  EEK!  I grabbed any other leftovers we had and it quickly became an eat-any-of-this kind of night.  I thought it was super random, but Nixon was a huge fan! Some shrimp bowl, meatballs, asparagus, pasta, etc.  After dinner we all get to work so it takes us 10-15 minutes to get the house reset for the day instead of just Tab and I working.  Britty is my best helper.  She puts the silverware away and is so happy to do it.  The other kids do different jobs-just whatever needs to be done.

I got in bed last night at 9:05 and then remembered I had to add these last few pictures to this post…almost finished and it’s 9:23 p.m.

For those of you who followed along yesterday, THANK YOU!!

Hope you guys have the BEST weekend! 

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  1. 1.8.21
    Abby @ That’s Life For Ya said:

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. 1.8.21
    Elspeth Mizner said:

    What a fun Friday favorite!!! I loved following along on IG yesterday! Thanks for sharing!

  3. 1.8.21
    Sheaffer {Pinterest Told Me To} said:

    Laughing so hard at your reaction to the car dying. I probably would have jumped to a hotel booking as well! So thankful for answered prayers!

  4. 1.8.21
    jthmas said:

    I did the Bible recap last year and you will love it! I learned a lot.

  5. 1.8.21
    Rightupmyaliway said:

    I loved following along with you yesterday!! I'm so excited about our new Let's Look link-up for the year. Happy Weekend! 🙂

  6. 1.8.21
    Debra said:

    Have you heard of The Bible Project? This organization creates animated biblical videos that are so engaging and informative! The stories are done in such a unique way, it’s not at all what most people would think of for “animated”. It appears that this is geared more towards middle school to adult, because they ask that you’re over the age of 14 to enter the site. They offer podcasts and other recourses as well, and it’s all completely free!
    From their website:
    Our Bible resources help people experience the Bible in a way that is approachable, engaging, and transformative. We do this by showcasing the literary art of the Scriptures and tracing the themes found in them from beginning to end. Rather than taking the stance of a specific tradition or denomination, we create materials to elevate the Bible for all people and draw our eyes to its unified message.

  7. 1.8.21
    Mix and Match Mama said:

    I want details about that air fryer from you tonight!!

  8. 1.8.21
    Sophia said:

    I missed your IG stories so didn't see until you added to this post but The Bible Recap – yay! I'm following that podcast/reading plan this year too!

  9. 1.8.21
    Carol D. said:

    I could feel your anxiety with your trip and your car not starting. We have several portable battery chargers that we have put in our cars and these have saved us numerous times. Even helped someone in the airport parking deck when their car wouldn't start.

  10. 1.8.21
    Shelly @ The Queen in Between said:

    I love that you are using the bible recap! I loved using it and learned so much. The first year I did it I journaled in a bible the entire year and then gifted it to my oldest daughter for Christmas. I tried doing it last year for my oldest son but didn't finish so heres to this year!

  11. 1.8.21
    Marielle said:

    Fun favorites! Thanks for sharing and for hosting each week. Happy New Year Erika!

  12. 1.8.21
    Joanne said:

    Love these day in the life posts! I too tend to panic when anything goes wrong with my car and immediately call my husband no matter how far away I am from him.

  13. 1.9.21
    Michele said:

    Hey Erica~
    I just got all the info on the Bible recap I've been really dry in my spiritual life, my depression is creeping in and then I saw this. It looks super doable, which is what I need. I tend to get overwhelmed easily with devotions and such. Thanks so much for this! 🙂

  14. 1.9.21
    Michelle said:

    I like your kitchen rug! Do you have a link for that by any chance?