5 Things-1.11.21

 I started a 5 Things on Monday tradition back in 2020 and my plan is to keep that going strong.  It’s really a brain dump from my weekend.  Sometimes the “things” might include pictures and sometimes they might not but it’s just a way for me to share what’s been on my mind over the weekend.  I’m working on a cute, fun graphic to go along with this new Monday tradition.  It’s coming soon, friends!

In no particular order, here are 5 Things from my weekend…

1.  GYMNASTICS-Can you spy my girly in the middle of the pic swinging on the bar?  Britty went to her friend, Opal’s, birthday party this weekend and it might have been her favorite party to ever attend.  Britt Slaughter loves getting to participate in all things gymnastics!  Not pictured to the right is Bowen and a few of his friends cannon balling into the foam pit over and over again.

2. MEMPHIS FRIENDS/ARKANSAS STATE FRIENDS-Do you recognize this?  If I saw this picture, it would instantly take me back to college and maybe even high school.  

Here’s a hint…

The Rendezvous is a famous BBQ restaurant in downtown Memphis known for their dry rub seasoned ribs along with the charming historic decor inside the restaurant.  The most popular appetizer plate is the sausage cheese plate served with pickles and pepperoncini peppers.  They add their famous dry rub seasoning to both the sausage and cheese and it’s DELICIOUS!  To be honest, I haven’t thought about this in YEARS!  Well, that is until Saturday night.  Our Saturday evening plans included nothing but being lazy and watching those NFL Playoff games so I invited Tab’s dad and Marla over to join us for grilled burgers as well as football.  Marla told me she’d bring a little appetizer and this is what she brought.  It took me RIGHT BACK TO MY COLLEGE DAYS!  YUM!  My kids were all big fans so now today I find myself ordering Rendezvous seasoning online in order to replicate this myself.  You can too!  It’d make the perfect Super Bowl snack plate for 2021!  

*Slice up some pre-cooked sausage and saute it in a skillet.  I prefer mine to get a little crispy on the edges. 
*Cut up your favorite cheese…colby jack, cheddar, just whatever you prefer.
*Sprinkle the Rendezvous seasoning on the cooked sausage and cheese…just as much as you’d prefer.
*Serve it with pickles {the spicy Wickle’s Pickle’s are my favorite}
*Also serve with pepperoncini peppers and your cracker of choice.

Now I’m off to listen to Walking in Memphis, think about the baseball games I watched at Auto Zone Park, and remember that most special night on top of the Peabody….those college days!

One more thing…as I was looking up that Rendezvous picture I noticed you can order BBQ ribs, nachos, and more directly from them and they’ll ship them to your house.  Maybe I got a little too sentimental for a bit and I said, “TAB!  We can order Rendezvous BBQ and it’ll get shipped right to us.  Should we do that for dinner this week?”.  I wish you could have seen his face.  Needless to say, THAT might be a bit much for a random Tuesday night dinner but the good news is we can recreate this at home!

3. BAKE EAT LOVE-Is the baking subscription box Ebby Lee got for Christmas and Saturday night she made these delicious Sugar Plum Cupcakes {they were from the December box-hence the theme}.  The box came with very detailed instructions, a cute whisk {each box has some type of item you can use and then keep in the kitchen}, and all dry ingredients needed to make the recipe.  I will say the little white chocolate piece on top the cupcake was supposed to be molded into a snowflake but Ebby Lee took one look and decided it was too complicated for her first box.  She’s never felt more like my daughter.  hahahaha!  In case you’re wondering a Sugar Plum cupcake is a chocolate cupcake with a plum icing.  We NEVER would have chosen that combination when making dessert but they were good!  

4. WINTER SPORTS-Right now the only organized sport anyone is playing in our house is volleyball.  This weekend we got to watch our volleyball player take the court for the first time in 2021!  I love love love watching my kids enjoy sports and activities they enjoy participating in but it’s also nice to have slower evenings and nights that aren’t spent at the baseball fields.  It’ll be here before we know it.

5. BLOG LINE UP-Just wanted to send a little reminder Let’s Look is coming up THIS WEDNESDAY!  It’s always on the second Wednesday of the month.

Tuesday Talk is happening again this year as well!  The third Tuesday of every month you should join us by linking up!

And of course, every Friday, I’ll be here sharing my FRIDAY FAVORITES!  

Okay, everyone!  Let’s get this week started on a high note!  We got this!  

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  1. 1.11.21
    Elspeth Mizner said:

    So fun!!! I love when different foods or tastes sot smelled bring us back to other times!! Happy Monday!

  2. 1.11.21
    Paige said:

    We make those alllllll the time, plus we live in Memphis haha! A super easy way to make them as well (and easy clean up) is to line a large sheet pan with foil, sprinkle tons of the dry seasoning on your sliced sausage and bake at 425 for about 10-15 minutes…more or less depending on how crispy you like your sausage 🙂

  3. 1.11.21
    Memphis Bridges said:

    As a Memphis girl, I recognized the picture of sausage and cheese, and it is one of our favorites here to re-create at home. I also use the Rendezvous seasoning, sold at our local grocery stores, to sprinkle on pork loin in my slow cooker when I make my own pulled pork, of course mixed with our favorite BBQ sauce. Looking forward to hearing of new creative recipes with the seasoning!

  4. 1.11.21
    Sheaffer {Pinterest Told Me To} said:

    Well, I need to order that seasoning now too!!!

  5. 1.11.21
    Mix and Match Mama said:

    How pretty are those cupcakes?!?

  6. 1.11.21
    Kelly Henderson said:

    Memphis girl here and YES to ALL the sausage and cheese plates. We often have these at our house and in various restaurants around town. You can also order the mustard they use, it's called Tiger Tail Mustard and it's made in Dyersburg TN. I buy it at the local grocery store but you should be able to order it as well.

  7. 1.11.21
    azbaby24 said:

    Love these posts. Our state, Arizona, just cancelled winter sports so I am kinda bummed and kinda happy not to be running around to the fields but missing it at the same time. Catch 22, I guess.

  8. 1.11.21
    Unknown said:

    Another Memphis girl here and also one with a Peabody Rooftop engagement story 🙂 Sounds weird but seasoning is good to sprinkle on microwave popcorn too. Enjoy!

  9. 1.11.21
    Joanne said:

    Those cupcakes look delicious!

  10. 1.12.21
    Christy said:

    Hi! LOve it all… I am definitely going to order some dry rub. One question, my 10 year old daughter has been asking for a baking box subscription. Do you think this would be good for her? I've also heard about Raddish kids. Which one do you think would be best for a 10 year old? THanks! Have a great day!