Friday Favorites-Crayola Edition

Happy Friday, Friends!

Hope you’ve all had good weeks…if you’re like me, it feels like it’s been Friday for several days.  Those short weeks are always a big tease!

Just like every Friday, Andrea, Narci and I are sharing our Friday Favorites.  I have a random mix of faves to share with you.  😉

Do you recognize these four girls?

Last Friday, Shay and I took the littles to the Crayola Experience in Plano.  It was our first time to go check it out and the verdict was…great for preschool, even toddler age but I wouldn’t recommend it for kids older than kindergarten.

  This first station allowed us to take a picture and then it printed our picture onto color paper so the kiddos could color it.  They got to name their own crayons, melt crayons, and watch them drip.  Their favorite part was the indoor play area.

These two had the BEST morning!

Britty dressed down for Bowen’s basketball game on Saturday morning…can you tell?

This year is my first year to be room mom….to be honest, the Spring Carnival is usually the reason I refrain.  Tab is often times at a spring football scrimmage and taking all the kiddos plus being in charge of a booth just sounds like too much.  This year though-Nixon’s class was short a room mom so I stepped up.  I used to be a third grade teacher, but the decorate the classroom door for Valentine’s Day assignment had me stressed!  I asked another mom for help and we met up this week to tackle the door.  I thought it turned out SO cute!  And it was SO easy!  If you’re needing an inspiration, hope this helps…you can add more hearts at the bottom too?

Let’s chat Celebrity Big Brother!!!

*I’m a fan of the cast this season.  It’s a fun and interesting group of celebs.

*WHY did Lolo flip off Ryan and Jonathan’s pictures?  That moment stunned me…and then she appeared shocked he was thinking about putting her up?

*I have no idea if this is true but I read somewhere the celebrities get $200,000 for signing on to the show and then they get paid more the further they go with the final guest receiving an additional $500,000.  Again, not sure if that’s true or not but I mean-it was on the internet so it has to be true.  Right?  ha!

*The silly competitions are my favorites and there’s just something about seeing a celebrity attempt to swing, grab water from a fountain, and pass it on to someone else that makes it even better than watching a non-celebrity.

*It appears as though some celebrities have never watched the show…WHY would Joey Lawrence say that he hates the word, “alliance”?  That’s kind of a key word if you’re playing Big Brother.

*Do you have a favorite at the moment?  I’m really all over the place.  I was excited for that big alliance that instantly formed but I mean-didn’t it crumble by day two?

Did you guys hear Gymboree is closing?

I’m super bummed….it was my favorite place to stock up on holiday pajamas for my crew.  Right now, all new styles are 30% off {and other items are 50% off} but I’m sure the discounts will just keep coming.  Maybe keep an eye on it?  Also note-all sales are final.  I’m heading over to stock up on some spring items for Miss B.

And just for fun…my life lately 🙂

Oh, friends!

Any other potty training mamas out there??  It’s like having another child…but a newborn who likes to eat every thirty minutes or so.

Hope your weekend is amazing!

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  1. 1.25.19
    Mix and Match Mama said:

    Gymboree is closing??? I did not know that??? That makes me so sad!!!

  2. 1.25.19
    Jen said:

    I have been potty training for a year She would break out in diapers so it was our last resort. Soooo frustrating

  3. 1.25.19
    Anonymous said:

    How sweet is that picture of the four of y’all? 🙂 And, I’m loving Big Brother also! It’s going to be a good season!

  4. 1.25.19
    Sheaffer {Pinterest Told Me To} said:

    Chris and I were DYING at the competition where they were "riding" those horses. HYSTERICAL!

  5. 1.25.19
    "The Mrs." said:

    The door is super cute!!! What are the details of the door decorating? Maybe it’s something I should
    mention at the kids school. (I think the teacher in me is coming out. LOL)

  6. 1.25.19
    Lynn | Motherhood in Motion said:

    I have yet to venture out to Plano for Crayola, but I think my toddler would love it.

  7. 1.25.19
    Kate Cam said:

    We potty trained over the summer! I read the Book Oh Crap: Potty Training And I swear by it!!!! It was a HUGE help and a funny read! You should check it out. You don’t have to read all the chapters so it’s a quick read.

  8. 1.25.19
    Tractors and Glam Blog said:

    I loved Big Brother Celebrity, I like the line up they selected as well. The door is super cute!

  9. 1.25.19
    Simple Purposeful Living said:

    Potty training is my least favorite and I remember having to decorate a door and I was stressed too. Yours turned out great. I have always been curious about the crayola experience!!!

  10. 1.25.19
    Anneka said:

    I'm a potty training mom! My daughter had very little interest and I guess I'm lazy, because she was around 3 when she trained, but then it was basically overnight. We struggle a lot right now with public restrooms.

  11. 1.25.19
    Toni :0) said:

    I was very upset to hear Gymboree was closing. My kids lived in those clothes when they were little. They were well made and I passed them all down to my friends. Just so sad. I used to watch BB but it just got ridiculous and I had to spend my time elsewhere.

  12. 1.25.19
    Amanda @ That Inspired Chick said:

    HAHAHAHAHA! Those memes are hilarious but that last meme one is my favorite!
    That Inspired Chick

  13. 1.25.19
    Joanne said:

    I used to love Gymboree! You did a great job on that door. It looks fabulous.

  14. 1.25.19
    Alexa Jae said:

    I’m from Easton PA where the original Crayola Experience/Factory is. You said it’s good for only kindergarten and younger but the one here hosts events for adults with crafts, wine and yummy food! They sell out instantly! You should check to see if the one near you does that too….it reminds me of being a kid since everyone I knew growing up had a birthday party at the Crayola Factory!

  15. 1.25.19
    Unknown said:

    I am on day 9 of potty training my 2 year old son and also have a 2 month old – I know I am crazy! I read Oh Crap! Potty Training and it has definitely helped a lot! Fingers crossed all goes well and diapers are soon a thing of the past! Also, that door – sooo cute!

  16. 1.26.19
    Carrie said:

    My girls were both potty trained by 16 and 17 months… I guess I lucked out but I do swear by naked potty training. You start off naked (or dress on, nothing under, etc), then once you have a successful day move to undies, then pants on top of undies. My girls were easy and I put a small potty in the bathroom when they were less than a year. Since they insisted upon being in the bathroom with me I also had them sit there, clothed or not! Because they started so young I honestly did it hit or miss starting around 13 months and then when they really seemed to be getting it I did the whole potty boot camp where we devoted a few days to it. We used Elmo youtube videos and yogurt covered raisins as a potty treat. Both my girls had an allergy to disposable diapers and so we used cloth diapers and I also think that helped. I feel like pull ups still feel like diapers.

  17. 1.26.19
    Weight Watcher Momma said:

    We loved Crayola in Plano. My daughter is 10 and loved it. My husband and I even enjoyed all the activities. I think it is fun for the whole family. We played for awhile. Left and went to the food court for lunch and then came back for awhile. You can get your hand stamped and come back in. Online there are several discount codes for tickets also.

  18. 1.26.19
    Laurel said:

    I am so sad Gymboree is closing!! Seriously my favorite! And Crayola Experience looks fun, my daughter is 8.5 months, she’s not a tiny newborn anymore but not quite old enough to super enjoy outings and experiences. And I love your class door! Maybe I’ll do something like that on our pantry 🙂

  19. 1.27.19
    MarilynsTreats said:

    Thank you for hosting. I love sharing with your readers and always find inspiration here. Have a blessed week! #OverTheMoon #ThursdayFavoriteThings

  20. 1.27.19
    Rachel Rinderknecht said:

    I just potty trained my two year old and all of those memes made me laugh out loud! They are all so true ha! And good luck!!!

  21. 1.27.19
    Kimberly said:

    The teachers at my kids’ school were told that they are no longer allowed to cover their doors in any way — it’s a fire hazard 🙄 I mean it might be kinda true but still. I’m toying with the idea of starting to potty train but I’m really not looking forward to training this bull headed son of mine 🤪

  22. 1.27.19
    csuhpat1 said:

    Very nice family pic. Thanks for hosting and I hope that you have a wonderful week.