Friday Favorites-April Edition

Happy Friday, Friends!

This week has been a busy one with ALL the spring sports, catching up on ALL the work, and a washing machine that’s leaking water.  Don’t even get me started!  No one has time for that!  Am I right?  Needless to say, I’m happy to see you, Friday!

Today, I’m joining my girls, Narci and Andrea, to bring you FRIDAY FAVORITES!  I’m sharing FIVE FAVORITES from my week.  Enjoy!

First up, I want to brag an another mama, Kate.  Kate’s kiddos go to elementary school with my kiddos so I’ve known her for several years.  Just recently she introduced me to the new clothing line she and her sister created.  Yes, CREATED!  Brookes Collective is a “woman’s clothing brand that seeks to elevate the movement of sustainable clothing and ethical awareness.  We have combined the fair-trade philosophy with a classic, effortless style that is a perfect addition to any capsule wardrobe.”  Those two sentences SUM up Brookes Collective entirely.  

Check out my blouse and necklace…all fair trade and Brookes Collective items that are so very well made.

I was able to attend the Brookes Collective fashion show and this company is going to do big things!  Kate lives here in McKinney, Texas, while her sister lives near Cape Town, Africa.  Together they created this awesome clothing line that not only looks cute but is doing amazing things for people all over the world.

This top is so cute and will be adorable from spring all the way to fall.  As well as the necklace!

You can check out the entire spring line here.

Brookes Collective…definitely a FAVORITE this week!  You should check them out!

By the way, I’m wearing old jeans, these wedges, these earrings, and my hair is so straight thanks to this hair dryer.


You guys know the Manda Strong Foundation is near and dear to my heart, but this week it hit home even more.  A woman I see on the regular {we’re on a first name basis but I really don’t know anything else about her} stopped me this week to tell me she recognized me from the Manda Strong website and SHE’S one of the moms the Manda Strong foundation is helping!  You GUYS!  I was upbeat and positive.  She’s in remission and doing great, but as I left I burst into tears.  The Manda Strong Foundation is touching lives and I’m just so thankful.

To everyone who’s donated before, THANK YOU!  Seeing how much this foundation has blessed this mom was a FAVORITE this week!


Lots of you asked about my new handbag.  You know me.  I am NOT a purse kind of girl, but I’m trying.  I enlisted some help {Thank you, Shay} and we left the mall with the perfect spring handbag for a purse rookie.  🙂  Mine is Shell Pink.

Here’s another look at the purse.  

YES!  A friend posted this on Facebook earlier this week and I kept thinking about it hours later.  It’s a FAVORITE, for sure!


Okay, anyone else grow up eating fried okra fresh from the garden?  I sure did and it’s oh, so good!  But my thirty-five year old metabolism just cant’t handle it.  OR maybe I should say my jeans can’t handle it?  Either way, I’ve been buying the frozen cut okra putting it on a baking sheet and roasting it.  Tab and I cannot get enough.  It’s a FAVORITE side this week.  I’m a little embarrassed to tell you how many bags we went through this week.  #illnevertell

That wraps up my Friday Favorites!

Hope you have an awesome Friday!
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