Friday Favorites-9.15.23

Happy FRIDAY!!

Thanks so much to those of you who followed along with my day yesterday! Homecoming week is SO FUN! But it’s also so exhausting! hahaha! Now as a parent, I’m constantly thinking, “WOW, my mom made that holiday/event/…..fill in the blank….really fun and I didn’t even realize how much work she put into that.”. Does that ever cross your mind?

I’m back again with my girl, Andrea, sharing some of our FRIDAY FAVORITES!

First FAVORITE of the week is this Amazon sweater. {Don’t mind the wrinkles it had been all folded up in the package.}. I love this light weight sweater that’s perfect for the barely fall-like temps we had this week. I ordered the “apricot” in medium. It’s a Free People dupe and a great price point for a seasonal top.


I know I’ve been a broken record talking about Homecoming here on the blog lately but I try my best to share my real life with you. :). A FAVORITE of the week was mum making with other freshman moms. Shay, another mom and I hosted a mum making night with some tasty food, drinks, and Homecoming mums! The girls used these at their game last night.

It’s only September and I’ve already loved getting to know these moms better! Finding a group of moms where we all get along great is always a FAVORITE!


My FAVORITE cheerleader got the sash last week! And I missed it! I was taking the boys to their practices BUT Tab was there and took pictures.


One of Britt’s FAVORITE people made it to lunch for Grandparent’s Day last Friday. THANK YOU, M!

And she made it back for Bowen’s lunch as well!


Marla also came through for me last week! For Homecoming all the organizations decorate the walls in a certain part of the school. The cheerleaders, being the spirit leaders they are had a pretty big area to decorate and I signed up to make coral reef. I ordered all the supplies we could possibly think we’d need, had pinned as much as you can imagine and set to work last Friday.

We began with pool noodles, pipe cleaners, an electric kitchen knife, boxes, and wooden sticks.

We basically made a HUGE mess before we got moving in right direction.

Do you guys see it?! Totally looks like coral, right? 😉

Sunday all the freshman moms and cheerleaders reported to school to decorate and look how cute!! The theme was Under the Sea….

I didn’t get a final product of the entire thing but those are the walls I helped with. If you have Homecoming and decorating in your future, I hope this is just the inspiration you need. 🙂


Meanwhile on Sunday, I got this pic with a text asking if I recognized that backside. HAHAHAHA! Not my FAVORITE view of Tab but glad everyone was okay!


This past Tuesday was Nixon’s middle school football game in the big MISD Stadium. The weather was amazing!! And my mama heart was just a tad less nervous than I was the week before. I was sitting by a few friends and I didn’t realize I until the end of the third quarter that I’m a nervous clapper. Something good happens? I’m clapping. Something bad happens? I’m clapping. We don’t even know what’s happening? I’m clapping. #toxictrait?

A big part of the crew after the game. 🙂


On Wednesday evening, Ebby Lee’s high school had BroncoFest, which is a little Homecoming festival where most groups had some little game to play or spirit wear to sell. This girly was living her best life-even though I took a random pic in the parking lot-trust me she did! She left with a bronco on her cheek!

The pic doesn’t do it justice BUT after the little festival there was a black light pep rally where the drill team, band, drum line, and CHEERLEADERS all performed! Super cool!


This FAVORITE first grader of mine has gone to bed way too late each night but she always has the best attitude about going to school. I’m glad she loves it!


That was a big look at a lot of our FAVORITES from life lately! Hope you guys have the very best weekend!


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  1. 9.15.23
    Elspeth said:

    What a busy and fun week! Homecoming week looks awesome! Have a great weekend!

  2. 9.15.23
    Sheaffer said:

    WAIT! I think I might be an overclapper too??? Looks like it was such a fun (and exhausting) week!!!!!

    • 9.15.23
      Erika Slaughter said:

      I’d say the odds are good, you are too! HAHAHAHAHA! The friends around me this past week noticed and mid-stress there I’d be clapping!

  3. 9.15.23

    Was there no linkup this week?

    • 9.15.23
      Erika Slaughter said:

      I’m so sorry, Pam! I just completely forgot to add to the bottom! It’s there now!

  4. 9.15.23

    Erika, it has been a HUGE week! Are you also exhausted?!

    • 9.18.23
      Erika Slaughter said:


  5. 9.15.23
    Jodi said:

    Love the coral!

    • 9.18.23
      Erika Slaughter said:

      Thank you, Jodi!

  6. 9.15.23
    Stacie Crabtree said:

    Not to be a weirdo, but Marla is beautiful! Enjoy reading the blog and I never comment but decided to dish out a compliment this morning!

    • 9.18.23
      Erika Slaughter said:

      Thank you so much for saying that, Stacie! Her mama was a south Texas beauty queen and the apple doesn’t far from the tree. She’s beautiful both inside and out. Thank you again!

  7. 9.16.23
    Brenda said:

    Erika! That coral reef was amazing! Nicely done!!

    • 9.18.23
      Erika Slaughter said:

      What did we EVER do before Pinterest?

  8. 9.16.23

    What a busy week! The Under the Sea decorations are fantastic!

    Emma xxx

    • 9.18.23
      Erika Slaughter said:

      Thank you, Emma!

  9. 9.18.23
    Lauren Harrelson said:

    how’s the fit on that amazon sweater? It looks a little cropped??

    • 9.18.23
      Erika Slaughter said:

      It is! I can often wear a small/medium and I went with the medium. I’ll wear it with high waisted jeans this fall! But a low rise wouldn’t work on me!