Friday Favorites-7.3.20


I have all the mixed feelings about it being Friday, July 3rd.  On one hand, it seems like I can’t believe we’re already to the mid-summer mark and on the flip side it’s ONLY July 3rd, 2020?  This year seems to be dragging on.  No matter which side of the fence you’re on, I’m so glad you’re here!

Andrea and I are here to bring you FRIDAY FAVORITES!  If you blog, I hope you link up and join us!

 First favorite, my brother and his family were in town visiting last week.  We had a week full of baseball but Friday the team was off so we enjoyed a day of fun at the local water park.  These girls were living their best lives!

It was great getting to spend a week with these boys!
The last time we were all together in the summer was two years ago and look how teeny, tiny they were!

They got to see one of Bowen’s baseball games on Friday night.  These two are just a few months apart.


Our Saturday mornings typically start with this baseball FAVORITE.

These boys and this team are super special.

Saturday and Sunday were spent hanging with friends at the ballpark.

Another BIG WIN for the Texas Broncos!

On Sunday evening, they snagged first place in the Suns Out Guns Out Tournament.

Bowen is a super personable kid who enjoys chit-chatting with each and every one of the baseball boys as well as their parents.  He managed to invite six boys and their parents to his baseball game on Monday night.  I’m just shocked he didn’t get to the entire team!  haha!  Those families were SO SWEET to come out and support him.  This was my view on Monday evening when Bowen was up at bat.  His fan club all screamed for him as he approached the plate with THE BIGGEST smile on his face!

What a huge lesson for me about just showing up for your people…on good days, on bad days, or on baseball days.  Just show up.  It made the biggest impact on my boy and me as well.  I’ve got ALL THE HEART EYES for this crew!


Let me introduce you to Galaxy, our neighbors’ fish.  They’re out of town this week and asked us to “fish sit” while they’re gone.  I decided to put him in the kitchen so I could monitor the food situation and that picture frame behind him was courtesy of Bowen…so Galaxy could get to know us.  ๐Ÿ˜‰  Here’s where the story gets funny.  You know I’m not a pet person but you guys…I CAN TELL WHEN THIS FISH IS HUNGRY.  Do I sound crazy?  I told Tab this two days ago and he looked at me like I’d grown a third eye.  Maybe, just maybe, a fish is THE pet for me because I’m picking up all of Galaxy’s little fin flipping signals and can totally tell when he’s hungry, just fine, or wants to rest.  I texted my neighbor who responded with, “He’s the most dramatic fish ever”, because she can tell too!  The moral to this part of the story is Galaxy might be my FAVORITE pet EVER!


I’ve shared it once, but it’s worth sharing again.  A FAVORITE Bible study right now for kids is Behind the Mask, with Kelly Stamps and her girls.  Every Wednesday morning they’re posting a session on their YouTube channel.  It’s a FAVORITE!


Happy Fourth, Friends!
This sweet girl was looking all kinds of patriotic yesterday in preparation for the weekend.  I know our holiday is gonna look a little different this year, but I hope you make some amazing memories with your people.

Typically in the summer I take a few big blog breaks just to refresh, renew, and to get ready to kickoff new content for Back-to-School.  This month I’m gonna try something new where I just blog a little less each week instead of taking a week or two off.  Each week will be different based on link-ups and my calendar so please come to check if there’s a new post.  As always, THANK YOU for reading here and living life with us each and everyday!  I’m so very THANKFUL for YOU!

I’m starting that break with Monday off so I’ll see you back here on Tuesday!

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  1. 7.3.20
    Karen said:

    Hey Erika! What kind of car do you drive? I assume its a GMC or Buick? I have the same interior radio/control screen on my Acadia. My lease ends the end of the month and I'm trying to decide what to get next. We were a super content family of 4 until about a year ago and now we are a family of 5 who is cramped in the Acadia. Thinking about the Tahoe. Just curious what works for other families with more than 2 kids plus friends!

  2. 7.3.20
    Erika Slaughter said:

    I have a Suburban and love all the extra space. I drove a Tahoe before but if youโ€™re using that third row then the trunk space is so tiny. But I loved my Tahoe! We just outgrew it with four.

  3. 7.3.20
    Rightupmyaliway said:

    Happy 4th to you all! I think that Bowen got all those boys and parents to come support him is so sweet! And thatโ€™s awesome that they came to support him! ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. 7.3.20
    Sheaffer {Pinterest Told Me To} said:

    That pic of Bowen and the older boys straight up warms my heart! And how adorable is Miss Britt in that last picture!

  5. 7.3.20
    Sheaffer {Pinterest Told Me To} said:

    Oh! And I really enjoy that you seem to be one with the fish. I know what I'm getting you for your birthday.

  6. 7.3.20
    Alexis deZayas said:

    You can tell what a sweet relationship Nixon and Britt have by those cousin pictures!! Sheโ€™s got herself a protector for life!

  7. 7.3.20
    Amanda @ That Inspired Chick said:

    Ok, Bowen and those boys?! PRECIOUS!! They need to recreate that picture of them holding up Bowen someday when they are all grown! And YES to the fish!! I mean, you already have the perfect name for him, right?? ๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ˜‚ I accidentally killed our fish within 2 days of having him. I went to clean out his bowl and when I put him back in he started swimming around all crazy and then within 5 minutes he was floating. What?! I read that the water has to be room temperature before you put them back in or it can be a shock to their system or something like that? Maybe my water was a little too warm? (It certainly wasn't hot.) I don't know. That was the end of our fish days. ๐Ÿ˜‚
    That Inspired Chick

  8. 7.3.20
    Joanne said:

    That waterpark looks so so fun! Last I heard all the ones near us are still closed. I hope you have a great weekend and thanks for hosting.

  9. 7.3.20
    Maryellen said:

    I love the photo of Madeley and Britt. So special they get to grow up as besties !

  10. 7.4.20
    csuhpat1 said:

    Thanks for hosting and I hope that you and your family have a wonderful and safe Fourth or July.