Friday Favorites

Hey!  Hey!  It’s Friday!  Teaming up with Andrea and Narci to share our Friday Favorites!

Here are a few of my favorites for the week…
*Bachelor in Paradise!  Why, oh why do I get sucked in to show’s like this, but it happens EVERY.  SINGLE.  TIME!!!  If you missed Sheaffer’s post about it, check it out here.  If you’re watching, what do you think about Ashley S. (pictured above)?  I couldn’t get over how stunning she looked!!  GORGEOUS!

*Tab and I like to celebrate a lot of things at the same time.  For instance, Nixon and Ebby Lee have birthdays three days apart in April.  Tab and I celebrate our anniversary and our birthdays within twelve days.  All that to say, this is the second round of birthdays for the Slaughter family this year.

Just for fun I’m sharing a few of my past birthdays…
Last year, when my family was in town they threw me a surprise Pirate Party.  I looked like a legit pirate with wet pool hair and no make-up!

In 2013, I turned 30!!  These girls and their hubbies (not pictured) helped Tab and I celebrate grown-up style with no-kids allowed.

2012, Ebby Lee and Nixon (with Marla’s MAJOR help) threw me a Rapunzel birthday party.

In 2011, I said a box cake is enough of a celebration, so Tab and these cuties made me a birthday cake while I sat on the couch and observed.  🙂

This year I celebrated with my crazy five, my parents, and my brother and his family.  The perfect way to start my thirty-second year!

*Have you guys seen the Youtube video with the man stuck in the seat belt?  Maybe I’m a little crazy, but I’ve watched it several times and I always ends up crying I’m laughing so hard.  I even saw a video by the man and his wife letting the world know that he got out of the seat belt and is doing great.  

*Our upcoming Show-And-Tell Tuesday is all about your high school self.  Ladies, when I was in Missouri this week I got ready for show and tell.  Be prepared to LAUGH!!!

*This made me LOL!!!  This morning the kiddos and I loaded up and are road tripping back to Texas.  No doubt, this is in my future sometime today!  Or…even worse.  I have to stop when one kid is ASLEEP!  That’s the WORST!!!

Happy Friday, Ladies!!  XOXO

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  1. 8.7.15
    Kimm said:

    We just made the long 15 hour car ride home from MI on Monday, so I totally appreciate the having to pee graphic;). Safe travels

  2. 8.7.15
    Chelsea said:

    Its so funny how areas where you grow up get so many things, that you wish they were there when you needed them 🙂 I love all the birthday birthdays 😉
    Chelsea @

  3. 8.7.15
    Anonymous said:

    All I got from this was that I'm SO GLAD y'all are coming back!! We missed you!! Glad you had such a great time!! ❤️❤️❤️

  4. 8.7.15
    Trish said:

    OMG i work outside sales and that gas station/pee pictures is the story of my life! buahaha! so funny! love the birthday celebrations recap!

    Trish – tales from trish

  5. 8.7.15
    Sheaffer {Pinterest Told Me To} said:

    It is my wish for you to have sleepy kids AND strong bladders!!!! 🙂 Glad you're headed home. Be safe and we'll see you soon!!!!!!

  6. 8.7.15
    Leigh (Balancing By Faith) said:

    Haha, the road trip photo is SPOT on! Or right before a rest stop when no one has to pee….and 45 seconds later I HAVE TO PEE RIGHT NOW!!!

  7. 8.7.15
    Unknown said:

    You will never guess what happened a while back when an elderly friend came to visit us…. he got stuck in his seat belt!!! I guess my Poppy (who has Alzheimer's) helped him into the car as his friend doesn't have much use of one arm – you can guess how well that went. When they arrived at my house, they couldn't get him out! It was quite a scene. Too funny!

  8. 8.7.15
    Anonymous said:

    I really want to do that show and tell link up! OMG! That will be so much fun!!!! I just have to set a reminder or something because I can't miss that one!

  9. 8.7.15
    Dollie said:

    Totally can relate to the potty thing on road trips. We drive home from rosemary beach Florida today. The greatest invention is the "travel potty" and I'll admit I've used it before as an adult :/ the potty has a sealed tight lid that has never leaked (fingers crossed) best money I ever spent I swear my kiddos have the worlds smallest bladders.

  10. 8.7.15
    Kelsey @ The Peacock Roost said:

    Hope you all had a great trip & have a safe trip back!

  11. 8.7.15
    Meghan Moellman said:

    I love that you're a huge fan of Bachelor in Paradise & Big Brother- me, too!! I'm obsessed!! I think I may even prefer BIP over the actual Bachelor or Bachelorette?? Hope you had fun celebrating your birthday this week! LOVE that your sweet kiddos threw you a Rapunzel party a few years back- SO cute!!

  12. 8.7.15
    Liz/ said:

    Holy cows, I just laughed so hard at that video I am crying…..hilarious!!!!!

  13. 8.8.15
    Sarah said:

    I always road trip with my kids potty training chair. They are 8 & 10 so it hasn't been used in ages by them but it has saved my life (and my car) numerous times when we were in the middle of no where. Plus, it doesn't matter if the kids are sleeping or not.

  14. 8.10.15
    The Rodriguez Crew said:

    I just laughed until I cried at that seatbelt video!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!