Friday Favorites

Happy ONE WEEK from CHRISTMAS!!!  Today is the big kids last day and then we get to party it up (or sleep in which is basically the same thing around here) until 2016!!

My girls, Narci and Andrea, and I are sharing our Friday Favorites!

I have lots of fun randomness for you today…
These two…they are two of my very FAVORITES!  The weather here has been incredibly warm, so we enjoyed a nice little trip to the park before picking the big kids up from school.

Yesterday, I asked for some suggestions for things to do, places to go, best restaurants in Nashville, Tennessee, and you girls delivered!!!  THANK YOU!!!  I can’t wait to go check out all those places online.  You guys got me ready to pack up my cowboy boots and head that way.  

I joke a lot about my memory.  Or lack thereof.  Seriously…it’s horrible.  If I don’t write something down, I’ll never remember.  I think my brain is full of mom information-like where Ebby Lee’s ear muffs are in case it snows or where I put Nixon’s baseball pants until next season-and there’s no space left for regular life.  haha!

I was just in Nashville last year!!!  I was reading your comments and saw downtown Franklin as a great place to go.  It was at that moment that I remembered Shay and I were just there last year and we loved Franklin!!  We were in town for the Dot Mom conference so it was a super quick trip and we weren’t really doing touristy things.  That’s my excuse for not remembering. So if you read that yesterday and thought I was crazy-well, I have no excuses.  🙂

 Surviving the Ice at the Gaylord with all SIX kids is a new FAVORITE!  🙂  Last weekend we hit up the Ice exhibit at the Gaylord Texan with the Shulls.

We’d just walked into the exhibit where it was SO FREEZING cold.  At this point, we could still feel our fingers.

 Tab’s expression sums up my thoughts….”HOW DO THEY DO THIS?”!!!

 All five lanes taken up by our crazies.  The kids slid approximately 1,228 times.

Meanwhile, our digits were going numb!!  haha!  It was hard to dress appropriately for this when it was 70 degrees outside!

 It seriously is amazing…the colors are bright and cheerful.  It’s beautiful!

Nixon was a FAN!

A GREAT time was had by all!!

The Gaylord is one of the pretties places around during Christmastime.  It was gorgeous!

Ice with some of our FAVORITES!

The last time we went to the Ice…it was 2009.  A very pregnant Erika, a baby Ebby Lee, and Tab.  🙂

Sunday evening Tab was out of town, so the kiddos and I met the grandparents for dinner.  Then we walked over to this beautiful tree at Village of Fairview area. The music and lights were our FAVORITE!

Mornings around here are my FAVORITE!  🙂  Bowen didn’t want to take a picture but he didn’t want to be left out either-so we have that face with eyes closed.

Santa visit 2015-a FAVORITE!!!

This has me all kinds of excited!!!  Have you watched the Fuller House teaser?  February 26th, I am ready!!

Upcoming Dates:
Next Friday is Christmas and then the Friday after that is New Year’s Day, so we’ll be taking a little two-week break from Friday Favorites.  But we have a fun link-up planned for New Year’s Eve…
We’ll be sharing our FIFTEEN FAVORITE moments of 2015 and we’d love for you all to join us!  That’s December 31, 2015!

Andrea and I have our very last Favorite Things Party scheduled for Monday, December 28th.  We’re asking everyone to share their favorite organizational tool.  We all want to do our best to start 2016 out ORGANIZED!  We have some new plans for a fun new link-up in 2016!  Details to come.  🙂

Hope you and your family are enjoying each and every moment this Christmas season!

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  1. 12.18.15
    Cat said:

    Ice! looks amazing. Thanks for sharing about that and for hosting the link-up!

  2. 12.18.15
    Anonymous said:

    Yay for Christmas Break!! We are almost there!! 🙂

  3. 12.18.15
    Katie {The Mishaps and Mayhem of a Solitary Life} said:

    The Gaylord looks so cool!!! What a great time you all had!! Wonderful family pic!! Have a great Christmas break and a very Merry Christmas!!

  4. 12.18.15
    Julie C. said:

    I am SO,SO, SO, SO, SO EXCITED about Fuller House!!!! EEEEEEEE!!!! On another note, I TOTALLY understand your whole lack of memory…I am the exact same way 🙂

  5. 12.18.15
    Mix and Match Mama said:

    Oh my goodness! So much to say! The Fuller House promos are making me GIDDY! I feel like I'm going to sit in front of Netflix for like 24 hours straight and watch them all. If you're looking for me in late February, that's where I'll be. Okay, that pic of Bowen and Ashby…it's pretty much the best picture ever. I just love those two! And…I apparently need to step up my game when it comes to traveling with friends. I must have been so boring if you totally don't even remember a three day trip with me! Next time, we're going to get wild, this way, you can't forget! (And by wild, I mean, we'll stay up until 11:00 PM.) #watchoutnow 😉

  6. 12.18.15
    Kimm said:

    I'm so excited about fuller house!!!! Have a great weekend !

  7. 12.18.15
    Unknown said:

    Fuller House makes me so happy!! February can't come soon enough!!

  8. 12.18.15
    Unknown said:

    Check out bullet journaling!! May be your answer to remembering things in 2016!!

  9. 12.18.15
    Lindsay's Sweet World said:

    What an amazing place to go!! I sure wish that we had one near us!!


  10. 12.18.15
    Sara @ The Crazy Cozads said:

    The Gaylord Texan ICE! is one of our favorite wintertime events! When my husband and I lived in Allen, we went every year. Now we make the trek from Houston to kick off the holiday! We had to miss this year but I am looking forward to it next year. Looks like y'all had a blast!! I recommend taking those little hand warmer packets for your pockets next time – keeps your fingers toasty! 😀

  11. 12.19.15
    Sheaffer {Pinterest Told Me To} said:

    That pic of Ashby and Bowen!!!!!!!!! LOVE!

  12. 12.19.15
    Unknown said:

    Oh my goodness is Ebby Lee wearing a little faux fur hat and jacket in the baby picture? My daughter had the same one! It had little rhinestone buttons I think they were hearts!! So sweet! Love all your favorites!

  13. 12.21.15
    Angela Ellingson said:

    So glad you reminded me of the Full House teaser. I hadn't watched it yet! It truly was a teaser! Didn't even get to see them. 😉 I'm so excited!!!

  14. 12.30.15
    Kristy said:

    Can I ask when y'all went to ICE? It looks like y'all had the place to yourselves, and you said you went on a weekend? I took my boys on Thurs. before schools had let out for Christmas week hoping to miss the crowds and it was still pretty busy, including some school field trips. Looks like y'all found the best time to go!