Friday Favorites

Hi Friday!

It’s good to see you. 

I’m joining my girls, Narci and Andrea, for some FAVORITES on a Friday.  🙂

Pretty much every Friday, I have a HOT RANDOM MESS of favorites and this week is no exception.

Last week, we had a fun double date night with the Shulls.  With Tab working every weekend, it’s hard to fit in a date night and even harder with friends.  Thankful for these friends who will get a sitter on a Thursday night and make it happen!


This picture popped up on my FB last week.  Look at those two sweet girls, baby Ebby Lee and baby Kensington.  (Not really babies, but I’ll think of them like that forever!)  Narci took this several years ago.


Nixon has been playing fall baseball this season and is loving it.  One mom has been taking pictures all season and I found this one of both Nix and Smith.  They don’t play the same positions each inning, so it’s fun she caught them both.


If you missed my Halloween recap, you can read it here.


On Monday, I shared a bit of a Clothes Round-Up and featured a few new items, some goodies that are on sale now, and a couple things that are back in stock.  You can read the post here.  Doesn’t that outfit scream THANKSGIVING?!


I LOVE LOVE LOVE getting recommendations from family, friends, and YOU guys about anything and everything from books to recipes to beauty products and even cleaning supplies.  My aunt posted on her Instagram about this counter cleaner from The Container Store.  I thought it must be good for her to post a picture so the next day we were out running errands I swung by The Container Store to grab some.  What I was using on my counters would leave them pretty streaky and smelled like any regular old cleaner, but this (my scent is “Fig”, but I couldn’t find that one online) cleaner smells AMAZING.  Bonus, it’s leaving my counters streak free.


Another product recommendation for you…my mom was out of town visiting family a couple weekends ago and when I was talking to her about her trip she mentioned how great all the towels and sheets smelled at my aunt’s house.  She was telling me about two new sweet babies in the family, a new home my cousin is building, and she mentions the scent of the towels?  It must be good, right?  She got the details and told me it’s this Glamorous Wash by Tyler (who also makes great smelling candles).  I ordered some and have been adding a bit to my laundry instead of the Unstoppables.  And let me tell you…the clothes are smelling delightful.  If I was crazy organized (and didn’t have so much laundry), I would probably just use this on towels and sheets, but we all know I just throw it all in together.  I thought it was a great item to mention before the holidays.  Maybe you have family coming to visit and want to have the guest bedroom smelling delightful?  Try this!


This cutie had his tonsillectomy yesterday morning so our agenda is pretty much lots of snuggling on the couch.


And don’t forget…my favorite jeans are 33% off right now!  You can shop other items in the fall sale here.  LOTS of goodies from handbags to jewelry to dresses to more!  The perfect time to start your Christmas shopping!


HELP PLEASE…in a couple weeks we’re going to take a little road trip to BRANSON, MISSOURI.  I went to Branson a ton growing up but haven’t been in years.  We have plans for Silver Dollar City, we’ve booked our hotel, and we have tickets to the Sights and Sounds Theater (I’ve heard it’s great).  But what else should we do?  Any must-see, must-dos, or must-eats in Branson?  You guys always have the best recommendations so if you have any thoughts, please send them my way!  Thank you!

Hope you have a GREAT weekend!

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  1. 11.3.17
    Good Better Best Food said:

    Your kids will love Dolly Parton's Dixie Stampede and don't forget to hit Lambert's for some "throwed rolls" !


    • 11.3.17
      Erika Slaughter said:

      I grew up just 45 minutes from the original Lambert's in Sikeston. So funny that mentioned that because we haven't taken our kids there! We need to do that!

  2. 11.3.17
    JJ said:
    • 11.3.17
      Erika Slaughter said:

      Thank you so much for the recommendations!! We were gonna do Branson this summer and had reservations at Big Cedar but we got to travel to China early! This trip we aren't doing Big Cedar because it's a pretty short trip and I think we could spend the whole weekend at that resort. We'll have to plan another trip soon!

  3. 11.3.17
    Unknown said:

    I have been using Glamorous Wash for years! High Maintenance and Diva are my favorite scents. It does make sheets and towels smell so good, and workout clothes, too! It also makes a fun teacher gift or add-on to a gift. Can't wait to try the counter cleaner from The Container Store!

    • 11.3.17
      Unknown said:

      I’ve given the laundry wash as a teacher gift too!! I made a tag that said something like “This year will be "loads” of fun and learning with you for a teacher”.

    • 11.3.17
      Erika Slaughter said:

      I went to sleep last night with a big smile on my face because my sheets smelled so good. 🙂

  4. 11.3.17
    Mix and Match Mama said:

    Erika! That all-purpose spray is amazing!! Not only does it clean well, but it smells so good! And can I just say that I so love date nights with you and Tab 🙂 . I hope Mr. B is doing okay today!!!

    • 11.3.17
      Erika Slaughter said:

      I can walk by the kitchen and smell it hours later. I love that! And I love those date nights too! Bowen is still fast asleep right now. 🙂

  5. 11.3.17
    Unknown said:

    Tyler candles smell amazing too, and they have a long burn time. Some of my favorite scents are Diva, Limelight, Homecoming, and Mulled Cider.

    • 11.3.17
      Erika Slaughter said:

      They sell them at lots of the stores in downtown McKinney. I haven't bought one in years but after this wash I need to!

  6. 11.3.17
    Anonymous said:

    Check out the Branson Landing! Super cool outdoor shopping right on the lake. It should be decorated for Christmas by then too!

    • 11.3.17
      Erika Slaughter said:

      Thank you!! This is completely new. Right? I do t think I've seen this spot.

  7. 11.3.17
    Anonymous said:

    Ooh, I love those product recommendations!! Picking them both up right now! Happy Friday, friend!

    • 11.3.17
      Erika Slaughter said:

      They smell good!!

  8. 11.3.17
    Simple Purposeful Living said:

    We have been to Branson a couple times with family and enjoyed Silver Dollar City. They have a little fish hatchery we went to that was quite interesting and we also went Dolly Parton's Dixie Stampede. There is also a new ninja warrior/ropes course place that my best friend just went to and her kids said they LOVED it. Don't forget the fire and lights show at the Branson Landing. You can eat at Cantina Loredo or other restaurants and see it. I believe its hourly!

    • 11.3.17
      Erika Slaughter said:

      That sounds great! Thank you!!

  9. 11.3.17
    Mandy Placke said:

    If there still tickets left can’t go see the polar express train! You have to get tickets online ahead of time. Santa comes on the train and they read the book, everyone wears their jammies, and you get hot chocolate and cookies and go on a train ride to look at lights!

    • 11.3.17
      Erika Slaughter said:

      I just checked and it's sold out for our dates!! #isnoozeilose. Thanks for the idea tho! And anyone reading this-book early!

  10. 11.3.17
    Mandy Placke said:

    Get tickets for the polar express train! You get to wear your pajamas and go on a train ride and then read the book and Santa comes on the train. They give you hot chocolate and cookies and read the story polar express. We loved it!

  11. 11.3.17
    Megan @ Letting In The Light Blog said:

    I know absolutely nothing about Branson but I know I'm going to check out that counter spray asap.

  12. 11.3.17
    Erica said:

    P-spaghetti's to eat, top of the rock, Dixie stampede, we like the ferries wheel and go carts, lamberts is about 35 minutes from Branson, in Ozark MO. Be prepared to wait. Dogwood Canyon is beautiful this time of year. My family loves the Natural History Museum at Big Cedar too. Have fun!

  13. 11.3.17
    Kathy Olson said:

    I think Silver Dollar City still does a live performance of The Christmas Carol? It was so good!
    Now I have that laundry detergent in my cart! I'm a sucker for fresh smelling laundry:)

  14. 11.3.17
    Elaine Welte said:

    We go to Branson every Thanksgiving weekend and make it a find girl trip! Message me and I'll give you some recommendations!! We love it as a quick little getaway! But I will say we shop more than we "do" Silver dollar City is a must at christmas but expect it to be crowded!

  15. 11.3.17
    Sara said:

    We took our three year old to Branson in May. She for sure can't sit through shows yet (#busybody) so we were a little limited on things to do. She loved Silver Dollar City and had fun at the Butterfly Palace, too. Hope you guys have a great time!

  16. 11.3.17
    Unknown said:

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  17. 11.3.17
    Amanda @ Cupcake N Dreams said:

    Aww thinking of Bowen today! Mom snuggles are the best when you are recovering. Loved your Halloween post and the baby Ebby Lee & Kensington pic! Happy Friday!
    Amanda @ Cupcake N Dreams

  18. 11.3.17
    Unknown said:

    Have dinner at Top of the Rock. It's owned by Bass Pro and the scenery is amazing! Plus they have this tradition that at sunset, they have a bagpiper play and then they blast a cannon. My son LOVES it! They have an option to rent a golf cart and explore, play golf, and walk around. Really cool place!

  19. 11.3.17
    Katy Tarbutton said:

    I LOVE Murchison Hume!!! I've used their cleaner for a few years. The floor cleaner is AMAZING!!!! Glad you got the trip booked!!!!!! Hopefully see you soon:)

  20. 11.3.17
    Sheaffer {Pinterest Told Me To} said:

    First of all, Nixon's legs look soooooooooo long in the baseball pic! Second of all, I've been hearing about that laundry detergent all over the place. I'll buy it today!

  21. 11.3.17
    sonicgal said:

    Top of the Rock and The landing !

  22. 11.3.17
    Katie B. said:

    You are going to LOVE Sight and Sound! The other location is near where I live in Pennsylvania and the shows never disappoint!

  23. 11.3.17
    Heather said:

    You HAVE to go to Dixie Stampede!!!! The kids will love it! And on the way definitely stop and eat at Lamberts!!!! Also, if the kids love crop duster airplanes I work with them daily at my job and can give them a little tour!!! Big ole Hayti, Missouri!!!! 🙂

  24. 11.3.17
    Holly said:

    Those Halloween costumes are amazing!

  25. 11.3.17
    Shirley Short said:

    At the Top of the Rock they have this wonderful cave exploration. You go in golf carts and get to go in a cave and see beautiful scenery and waterfalls. Also I second the sunset bagpipe experience at Top of the Rock. Plus if you all are Golfers and do not want to play ( because it is expensive for a whole family) you can just buy a big bucket of balls and do the driving range. It is unique and so fun.

  26. 11.3.17
    Britt Hensley said:

    Oh em gee..Little Ebby & Little Kensington😍😍 we have friends that own businesses in Branson. They opened Arcade City & the 7D Adventure this spring/summer. They love it in a Branson, & they always talk about the family fun that’s there. Y’all will have so much fun, and I can’t wait for the recap😉

  27. 11.3.17
    Whitney Pegram said:

    Prayers that sweet Bowen recovers quickly! Happy Friday, girl!

  28. 11.3.17
    Melissa said:

    Oh my goodness, that laundry detergent sounds perfect! I've been needing something new for weeks (literally JUST ran out). Obviously I need this now! Hope your little guy is feeling much better post-tonsillectomy now! <3

  29. 11.3.17
    Unknown said:

    Just bought the detergent! Can't wait to try it- thanks for the rec!

  30. 11.3.17
    Unknown said:

    I live/work just a few minutes from Branson! I agree with all of the recommendations.
    Top of the Rock/Big Cedar. They have a new bowling/indoor go kart/arcade place that looks fun.
    Silver Dollar City at Christmas is a must.
    Kids love Dixie Stampede.
    My son is 12 and loves Fritz's but there is lots to do for all ages.
    The Landing and Tanger are a must for shopping. Lots of yummy restaurants at the Landing too and a smaller Bass Pro.
    Some yummy local restaurants: Billy Gail's (breakfast), Sugar Leaf (bakery/deli), Danna's BBQ, Billy Bob's (burgers/shakes/fried pies).
    And I saved the best for last–You need to eat at the Keeter Center at College of the Ozarks. If you need help getting a reservation, let me know.
    If I think of anything else, I'll let you know! I'm so excited you'll be in our neck of the woods!

  31. 11.3.17
    JessicaC said:

    We love a little cafe called Billy Gail's, the best breakfast food. It is on a side road close to the Silver Dollar City entrance. We are going Nov 18 for a few days as well! Make sure to stay at SDC for the parade at the end of the night, so worth it! We also usually eat BBQ in Branson at Danna's, so so good!!

  32. 11.3.17
    MarilynsTreats said:

    I have never been to Branson but really want to go. Be sure to put up pictures!! Thank you for hosting this inspirational party. Enjoy your week.

  33. 11.3.17
    Amanda @ That Inspired Chick said:

    Oh poor Bowen!! I hope he's doing ok! And I used to LOVE Branson as a kid! Craig and I talk about taking the boys all the time! That Inspired Chick

  34. 11.3.17
    Amy Cotton said:

    You should definitely go to Top of the Rock! It's beautiful!

  35. 11.3.17
    Sheela Goh said:

    Hocus Pocus is my ULTIMATE Halloween movie!! I have all the songs too GRIN xoxo

  36. 11.3.17
    Audra L E Cross said:

    I have done Branson a ton ( I am from the Missouri Bootheel) I even got married their a few years ago. Every time we go we always do the Dixie Stampede. It is dinner and a show all at the same time, and children and adults both seem to enjoy it. Also, I noticed you said you have already booked your hotel, but I have to mention Big Cedar Lodge which is owned by Bass Pro and incredible! Hope you all have a wonderful and safe trip!

  37. 11.3.17
    Unknown said:

    I don't know how long you will be there, however, my family goes to Branson every single year at Christmas. Not only was China a blessing for Miss Brit, but I think it putting off your trip to Branson until Christmas is also a bonus. Is Moses still playing at the Sights and Sounds Theater? That's what we saw last year and it's AWESOME (and all kinds of live animals). As for other shows….you MUST see Six (they are six brothers, no instruments, but they sound like they have a full band…they are funny and the whole family is involved…they give me chills), Presley's Country Jubilee (perfect family humor, holiday spirit, and lots of patriotism) and the Dixie Stampede, in that order. I know four shows may be a lot if it's a short trip and you're doing Silver Dollar City, but I'm serious….if there is any way possible for you to fit all four of them in…you must. And if you can't hit the Stampede, you can at least walk the kids through the stables to see all the horses (although I'm not trying to be bossy, but don't skip any of those shows…your kids will love them). They also have a white reindeer there for you to get your picture taken with and Santa. He's usually just in one of the lots on the strip around the shows. And the Christmas Village shopping is a must see. They also have two really good Christmas light drive throughs. Either one is a hit. I feel like I am living vicariously through you on this trip and I pray to baby Jesus you do a blog about it. I feel like I've been really bossy about these recommendations, but Branson is my mother ship, and I just really don't want you missing out.

  38. 11.3.17
    amw914 said:

    Marvel Cave at SDC. Right inside the main gate. No extra cost.

  39. 11.3.17
    d5lewis said:

    I second Danna's but we love that place for their burgers — yummmmmm!!!

    Also, when we were there last Thanksgiving, there was this outdoor "coaster" ride. Our entire extended family rode from 75 year old PaPa to the littles with an adult. It was chilly (because it is actually cold there and you're moving) but it was fun!

    Presley's is a great, family-friendly, show. SIGHT n SOUND is amazing!

    Have so much fun!

  40. 11.3.17
    clatk said:

    So random, but I literally just started pinning Branson ideas because I thought it sounded fun for Spring Break. I've never been and have no connection to it, but it seems like a fun family vacay. Can't wait to see what y'all do there!

  41. 11.3.17
    9thand5th said:

    Dogwood Canyon. And a dinner at Top of the Rock- Arnie's Barn or Devil's Pool at Big Cedar. Both properties are phenomenal!

  42. 11.3.17
    Erin said:

    My daughter had her tonsils out yesterday too, she’s 16 and they say the older you are the more pain you have as you recover, hoping your little guy is feeling well and eating lots of ice cream and popsicles!

  43. 11.3.17
    Tracy said:

    Dixie Stampede is a must! We always do go-carts. The outdoor mountain roller coaster was super fun also.

  44. 11.3.17
    Lesta said: is definitely fun for the kids! The Titanic Museum is good. Dixie Stampede is a blast! It's a dinner and show and they do a special Christmas themed one that is awesome.

  45. 11.3.17
    Cheriese said:

    Y'all are going to love Silver Dollar City so much! You've gotten lots of great recommendations – Dixie Stampede, Sight n Sound, dinner at Top of the Rock (be there at sunset) and any meal at Keeter Center (they have an exceptional Sunday brunch). Someone mentioned the Fish Hatchery and I think your kids would really enjoy it if you'd like something fun but low key. It's at the bottom of Table Rock Dam, which is huge and fun to see. The Grand Village has some fun shops and a great local place for lunch – Sugarleaf. If you're craving Mexican food (as all of us Texans do) the best is Little Hacienda in Hollister (super close to The Landing). Other great local restaurants are Thai Thai (by Dixie Stampede) and Vaskin's Deli. And, you have to take your kids to Dick's 5 & 10 in downtown. It's a classic "Five and Dime" store that has been there for over 50 years. You'll never go anywhere else like it. Have fun!!!!

  46. 11.4.17
    Bethany said:
  47. 11.4.17
    Lauren said:

    Every summer we head up to Big Cedar Lodge right outside of Branson…10 min drive tops. It is DEFINITELY worth your time to make a reservation and eat dinner at Top of the Rock at Big Cedar. The restaurant sits atop the Ozarks and overlooks Table Rock Lake…amazing views and the food is unreal! I highly recommend going over to Big Cedar…we've been doing this for 15 years now, it's a special place!!!

  48. 11.5.17
    Unknown said:

    Silver Dollar City is a must, The Landing has shops and dining and a small Bass Pro and then a water and fire show. Fritz Adventure would be great for big kids, seriously fun. Now to good…Billy Bobs is just a fun family diner, have to get succotash at SDC. Danna's BBQ. If you go to Top of Rock do the Buffalo Bar more laid back and make sure you stay for sunset ceremony.

  49. 11.5.17
    Jenny said:

    I love Diva wash for my towels and sheets! I order mine from Amazon.

  50. 11.5.17
    Candidly Clark said:

    My in-laws have a cabin they rent out in Branson, so we have gone there a few times to visit. I HIGHLY recommend going to see the show SIX. We have seen it three times and will try to see it every time we go! It's amazing! We also love going over to Big Cedar and hanging out. I love their little cafe for both breakfast and lunch. If the weather is nice, Dogwood Canyon is really neat too. It's a great hike for the family!

  51. 11.6.17
    Rparde said:

    Dixie Stampede is so entertaining for kids and adults! If you venture outside of Branson at all, Lambert's is definitely a place to eat. It is north of Branson (maybe 20 minutes?!). It is home of the "throwed rolls". They throw amazing rolls at you, fresh out of the oven. The portions are huge and a fun place for kids.

  52. 11.7.17
    Señora Kunitz said:

    We love the show Buckets N Boards in Branson! We originally saw them on the Disney Cruise and then in Branson. Fun for the whole family!

  53. 11.7.17
    K Peters said:

    We stayed at Big Cedar Lodge a few years ago and loved it! So much to do with the kids and good restaurants. Top of the Rock is a must – we did their Sunday brunch buffet at it was amazing! Have fun 🤗

  54. 11.8.17
    Unknown said:

    Streak free counters?! I will have to check that out asap! I blogged my first Friday Favourites last week and shared an amazing wash cloth … I know you're probably thinking they are all the same …. nope! #totalgamechanger

  55. 11.8.17
    Kathryn Katz said:

    Hope your tonsil recovery has gone well… 2 of my 3 kiddos had theirs out on Nov 1st (a 2 year old and 5 year old). We had an overnight hospital stay and are still doing around the clock meds :/ Hoping tomorrow we are on the upswing!

  56. 11.10.17
    kelly said:

    When I hit the button to go to order the thanksgiving type sweater you’re wearing, it takes me to mix and match mamas chicken soup recipe. Just thought I’d let you know ��