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Hey Hey Friends!

Happy Friday!  It has been a WEEK at our house.  Tab was out of town until last night so I was tackling the flu bug solo.  I’m extremely thankful Bowen caught just a mild case because it was never too bad.  Some of my girlfriends’ kiddos had it this week too and they had it so much worse than Bowen.  Lots to be thankful for including Tab being home!  🙂

Every Friday, Andrea, Narci, and I host FRIDAY FAVORITES.  A link-up where we invite you to join us and share your faves {or pretty much anything}. 

Here’s my HOT RANDOM MESS OF FAVORITES from the week…

Book Review:
Now That You Mention It by Kristin Higgins

This chick-lit book was my FAVORITE by Kristin Higgins to date.  I’d read a couple of her others and they were all super predictable {and rather long-when you KNEW what was gonna happen} BUT not this one!

Redemption by Karen Kingsbury with Gary Smalley

I clearly was on a post-baby hormonal high and totally misinterpreted someone’s comment about this book series!  For real!  I THOUGHT someone told me to read this because there’s a Britt Bradford in the series.  I’m telling you-post baby Erika heard that all wrong!  I don’t know what series I was supposed to be reading.  If you know, please share!  😉

But I read Redemption, the first book in the series and have already fallen in love with the Baxter family.  I ordered the next book and can’t wait to begin.


Favorite Guy:

Have I mentioned we’re all excited about having our FAVORITE guy back in town?


Favorite Product of the Week:

I get asked a lot about what I use to whiten my teeth.  This week my FAVORITE product that’s worth mentioning is CREST WHITE STRIPS!

I’ve tried other things and they’re too messy, too expensive, too much to remember, and I always go back to these.  The first time I used them I did the entire treatment-just like the box said.  Now I use a couple randomly when I want to whiten my teeth and that’s enough.  If I used an entire box now, my teeth would be too sensitive!


Favorite Things:

Oh my goodness, girls!  Let me tell you one of my FAVORITE things this week has been joining Shay’s new adoption Facebook group.  If you’ve adopted or are in the process, I highly recommend you join her group.  You can see the post where she gives all the specifics here.  My FB feed is full of adoptive mamas and I couldn’t love it more.


Tell Me More:
I asked about Costco delivery last week and several of you mentioned Instacart instead.  PLEASE tell me more about this service.  I downloaded the app, but then panicked!  

*How INSTANT does your stuff come?
*Do you choose a time window to be home?
*Is there a fee associated with this?  How much?
*What stores participate?
*You guys mentioned you don’t have to have a Costco membership to use this at Costco?  Is this true?
*What else do we need to know about Instacart?

PLEASE share what you know about this service!  I feel like we ALL need to hear the details.  🙂


It’s kind of short and sweet this week.  I hope you have the BEST weekend!

Eat some dip for me on Sunday!


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  1. 2.2.18
    Amy Cotton said:

    Thanks for the awesome book recommendations!! Can’t wait to check those out!! Happy Friday!!

  2. 2.2.18
    Amanda @ Cupcake N Dreams said:

    I haven't read a Kristin Higgins book yet but she keeps getting recommended. Adding this one to my reading list! Happy Friday!
    Amanda @ Cupcake N Dreams

  3. 2.2.18
    Sheaffer {Pinterest Told Me To} said:

    If you could call me tomorrow and give me the bullet points I need to know about instacart, that would be PERFECT! Teach me everything. 🙂

  4. 2.2.18
    Mix and Match Mama said:

    We need to order our Costco groceries STAT!!

  5. 2.2.18
    Anonymous said:

    I have heard about Instacart! Please do a post on it or just 3-way call me when you fill in Sheaffer! 😂 Everyone loves it, from what I can tell!

  6. 2.2.18
    Simple Purposeful Living said:

    That adoption group is blessing my socks off and I had a total God moment yesterday when I sat by an older lady at an event and told her we were adopting and she told me she had been adopted at 18 months old. We had the best conversation and it encouraged my heart!

  7. 2.2.18
    MarilynsTreats said:

    Thank you for hosting. I linked my Sweetheart Bark, Red Wings Hot Popcorn, and Red Velvet Banana Bread for that Valentine reminder. I hope you enjoy them! Have a happy week! #OverTheMoon #WWBlogHop #ThursdayFavoriteThings

  8. 2.2.18
    Jennifer said:

    The Baxter series is the best! I can always count on it for a good clean story

  9. 2.2.18
    Shawnee said:

    I've read every single book in Baxter Series and LOVED them all. I've actually read all of Karen Kingsbury's books and they are all so good.

  10. 2.2.18
    Chan said:

    I love the Baxter family! I sarted reading these books in college and get so excited when another book is released. Karen Kingsbury’s books helped me find my relationship with Jesus. 🙂

  11. 2.2.18
    Awilliams said:

    Hi Erika, I just wanted to give a little info on the instacart. I’m not sure if it’ll be different down in Texas but I doubt it. Costco instacart is a big hit up here in Rochester NY that I’ve heard from different family and friends. To get the same day shipping you must have a membership but if you do the 2 day shipping then a membership isn’t required. It’s free delivery fee if you have an order total more than $75 and must make a $35 minimum purchase to even get the delivery service. The one thing I’d beware of is that with delivery services like this they do raise the prices slightly on all their products, so I’d definitely do some research! And you set the timeframe when you want the groceries delivered that could be an hour away or 2 days away, which I think is pretty awesome! I hope all this helped��

  12. 2.2.18
    Unknown said:

    I have used Instacart here in Austin when ordering from HEB and I have been pleased! When I signed up I received a free year's membership that included free delivery, so I'm not sure what the delivery charge is. They do apply a service charge, but I have been told by numerous employees that have delivered my groceries to adjust the service fee to $0 because it doesn't go to the employees. You can add the tip after the groceries are delivered and you can choose your delivery window (2-3,5-6). I have found that when I place my order I can usually have it delivered within 3 hours. The person completing your shopping will chat with you through the app if they need to make any substitutions for items on your list. You can either accept the substitution or request a refund of the item. The prices of the items are a little higher than they are in store though.

    I hope this has helped! It's really convenient when you have a sick child or just getting home from vacation! I still prefer to go into the store to pick out meat and produce, but for the everyday necessities it can be very helpful! I have only used it with HEB so I'm not sure if it works the same with other stores?!

    Also there is another service called Shipt that is similar, but I haven't tried it yet! Happy Friday!

  13. 2.2.18
    Lauren Morris said:

    Karen Kingsbury is one of my favorite authors! I have read all of the Baxter book is. Later this year a tv series is starting. I can’t wait!!! Would love to hear more about Instacart.

  14. 2.2.18
    Dallas Girl Friday said:

    Unless your grocery budget is super flexible, DON'T use instacart! It's so great in theory, the app is awesome, the service is quick, my order was always correct, but the markup is huge. They don't provide you with the grocery store receipt to compare, just their receipt, it's "their policy". Once, they left it in my bag by accident and I realized that I was being charged $37 more than I would have paid if I'd gone into Kroger or used ClickList. This is not including the service fee, delivery charge, and tip.

  15. 2.2.18
    Amanda @ That Inspired Chick said:

    My mom is always telling me to try Karen Kingsbury!! I just don't ever remember when it's time for me to look for another book! I need to make a point to do that. So glad Bowen is feeling better! That Inspired Chick

  16. 2.2.18
    Andrea said:

    The Baxter series is amazing!!!!

  17. 2.2.18
    Stampin' Mom said:

    Becky Wade has a new series the Bradford Sisters. First book True to You came out in May 2017. Here is a brief description from Novelist. "Wade begins her new Bradford Sisters series by introducing Nora Bradford , a self-described academic in her less-than-highbrow family. Nora and her sister Britt are participating in a staged emergency situation when she meets John Lawson. She is immediately attracted to John, drawing him into her storybook romantic fantasies, and becomes disappointed after discovering that John is already in a relationship. But the attraction is clearly more than one-sided after John recruits Nora to help him find his birth mother."

  18. 2.2.18
    daniellem02 said:

    You may know already, but Karen Kingsbury has a great book on adoption stories called "A Treasury of Adoption Miracles," which kind of reads like a Chicken Soup for the Soul book (all short stories), as she is an adoptive mother!

  19. 2.2.18
    Stacy said:

    I haven't done InstaCart because it only just now became available in my area, but I have done Shipt (a competitor) and I LOVE it. I just googled yesterday to try to see which is better and based on the online comparison I'm going to stick with Shipt. Either one will be more expensive than if you go pick it up yourself, so it might not be worth it for some people. I live out in the country, about 15 minutes from the closest grocery store, so the fact that they will shop and deliver my groceries to me, even in bad weather, or late at night, is AMAZING. And they'll deliver to you within 2 hours, for no additional cost!–I think that's extra with Instacart.

  20. 2.2.18
    Charity said:

    Hahahah, that was me that recommended the Britt Bradford book! It's a series by Becky Wade, True to you is the first book in the Bradford sisters trilogy. I think Britt's story will be in the second book? But the first book does include some scenes with her!

    • 2.2.18
      Erika Slaughter said:

      Oh my goodness!!! I’m so glad you commented! I clearly was a post baby mess and heard that all wrong-Bradford? Baxter? Hahaha! I’ll check these out soon. Thank you!!

  21. 2.2.18
    Victoria said:

    OMG you tip the delivery people? I can never get over having to pay three times for the same service for practically everything in the US.
    Flu has been taking out everyone in the UK too so glad you had it relatively mildly

  22. 2.3.18
    Angela said:

    I've been wanting to start reading Karen Kingsbury, but I couldn't decide which book to start with. I'll add this one to my to-read list!

  23. 2.4.18
    Julie said:

    What a great post with such pretty photos of your family! I haven't tried grocery delivery yet, but I do want to!

  24. 2.5.18
    Unknown said:

    Instacart is great, for the most part. I live in the Bay Area and we pay $14.99/month for services. That fee includes unlimited deliveries on orders over $35.00 throughout the month. Some stores offer in store pricing while others do have an uncharge of sorts. This information is usually listed under the store name. Whole Foods, Target, and a few local grocery stores offer in store pricing for Instacart deliveries. Costco deliveries are available but prices are higher than the usual warehouse prices. After adding items to your cart you are able to choose a delivery window, which has always been pretty accurate for me. The largest downfall, in my opinion, is that stores are often "out of" many things listed as available through Instacart. I've never really been able to pinpoint if stores are actually out of an item or the is the shoppers can't find the item and don't ask an associate. It also seems that when the shopper replaces the "out of stock" item the new similar item is always more expensive than the original choice (this really bugs me because I feel like I usually end up going with an option that's middle of the road for most things). The only other issue I've experienced is that the shoppers don't always choose the best produce. I've gotten pretty bad produce deliveries on more than one occasion. Instacart is great about refunding items when that happens, which is nice, but if you needed the produce or items for the same day you still end up having to go out to get them. Overall, Instacart saves us so much time on a regular basis. It's completely worth the $15.00/month to avoid the traffic and crowds. I definitely recommend trying it out. Hope this helps! Have a great week!

  25. 2.5.18
    Alayna said:

    I LOVE instacart:) I mostly use it for my local grocery store, and it does add a $5.95 fee and small other $2-3 fee, but sometimes it's so worth it… Especially for full groceries. However, Costco prices are a good deal higher than the store. I wanted to buy my regular protein shakes and they're about $23 in the store, but over $30 on instacart PLUS fees. It just seemed too high.