Friday Favorites-1.19.23

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How was your week? Texas got approximately 1/12 of an inch of snow on Sunday night and well, I was giddy for that 1/12 of an inch. If it’s gonna be crazy cold then the least the weather can do is give me a little something to cover the ground. ;). That’s how I look at it. I’m holding out hope for at least one snow day in my winter 2024!

I’m here with Andrea where each and every Friday you’ll find us sharing some FAVORITES from our week! We’d love for you to join us!

First up, one of my FAVORITE families boarded the Disney Dream over a week ago and I think it’s safe to say they’re little Spider-man had a blast! I love helping clients plan a Disney Cruise! The attention to detail, customer service, and entertainment is all top notch! If you’re still thinking about where you’ll go in 2024, add this to your list! And then reach out to us, because we’d love to help!


Last Saturday we got to watch our FAVORITE NFL official officiate the Texans/Browns Wild Card game in Houston. I’m much more of a planner but the NFL official schedule doesn’t always allow me to be my planner self. This past weekend we threw caution to the wind and pretty last minute decided to drive to Houston for the game. Now that we have a puppy we had to set up a sitter for him so when I solidified who was helping out with him, Britt decided she’d rather stay back with the sitter and Champ over the football game. It made it a little easier on me too because when Britt attends I’m often holding her so she can see. And we stood during this game A LOT!

Kind of like Where’s Waldo…can you spot Tab right in the middle of the field?

SOOOOOO….who’s your team in the playoffs? Who are you cheering for?


One of my FAVORITE things in 2024 is BOOK CLUBS! I’ve mentioned before the ladies in my family are doing a book club this year where we group text/maybe FaceTime call to discuss the book. When I saw Shay share she was doing a book club I decided to read her book as well. Not gonna share my thoughts just yet, but I finished her book club book for the month, The Last Love Note.

Random story but a couple years ago our family’s big gift to our grandparents at Christmas was EVERYONE {daughters, son-in-laws, grandkids, great-grandkids} wrote memories on little slips of paper and we had 365 memories about my grandparents, funny stories, etc. in the basket we gifted. Each morning they would pull out a slip, read the memory, and then my grandma would send the memory to our girl’s group chat. It was a really sweet year where I felt really connected to them {even so many miles away} all year long. SIDENOTE…GIFT THIS FOR YOUR GRANDPARENTS AT CHRISTMAS THIS YEAR! START THINKING OF MEMORIES NOW! It was a FAVORITE and a gift we won’t be able to top!


This is my FAVORITE condiment for eggs! I add it to breakfast tacos, scrambled eggs, egg bowls, egg frittatas, etc. You get the idea. ANY type of egg situation we have at home, I’m adding a little of this sauce. It’s delish!


I don’t have a single picture but I made a FAVORITE dinner for the family this week. I cut up six chicken breasts and sauteed the bite sized pieces in a skillet with one packet of “Chicken Taco” seasoning. It was essentially my own version of Chipotle. I had tortillas {for a couple who had a taco},beans, rice, pico, salsa, etc. We made our preference of taco, bowl, quesadilla {one kid went all culinary and turned his into a quesadilla-ha!}, added our favorite toppings, and well, it was a HIT! {I’m someone who’s PICKY about chicken so I much preferred eating it this way versus the frozen grilled chicken.}. I’m adding it into our rotation! It was THAT good! And it was super simple!


Pretty short and sweet this week! I’m settling in for a very chill weekend. We don’t have much on the calendar and I know spring is coming so I’m enjoying every slow chill moment we have. Hope you guys have a slow chill weekend as well!

See you Monday!


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