Football at the Fair

We had a CRAZY fun BUSY weekend!!  I thought I’d mentioned on the blog before but maybe I  haven’t that Tab is a college football official.  He works games all over.  Every weekend he’s usually in a different town.  Usually every year the kiddos and I try to hit up at least one game.  This weekend was so much fun because he had the Texas/OU football game that’s played in the Cotton Bowl Stadium at the State Fair of Texas.  This is a big rival and just a FUN atmosphere! 
Every Friday night when the crew gets to whatever town they’re going to they have a “team dinner”.  We decided it’d be fun to host that for the guys since they were in Dallas.  My parents came in and Bruce fried catfish and smoked meat.  Gary and Marla were so gracious to open up their home and Friday night about twenty-five of us enjoyed a yummy meal!

After dinner, I went out front to check on Nixon and this is what I saw.  About eight guys watching Nixon and Tab play catch.  That was like heaven to Nix.  ha!

He’s was loving the spotlight!  The guys were so sweet to him.  

We had so much fun hanging out with the guys Tab sees EVERY weekend during football season.  They kind of become his family on the road, so it was great spending time with them.  Those are the only two pictures I got!  Let me just tell you…it was hard to keep up with three kiddos, help to entertain guests, and make sure every one had everything they needed!  haha!

Saturday…the plan was Bruce, the kiddos, and I were going to the game.  Then my mom, Marla, and Bowen were going to ride the train to the fair to meet us afterward.  That plan worked out GREAT! 

Mr. Carl (from our church) is a Police Chief in Dallas and just happened to be working the game.  He let us go down on the field, so we could take a picture with Tab!  Mr. Carl also brought us drinks throughout the game.  He was so sweet!

 It was the PERFECT day for some football!!  It was chilly with a breeze!
Just the girls 🙂

Our seats were GREAT!!  At this game, the stadium is split (half TX fans, half OU fans).  We were completely neutral!!  But…the officials’s seats were on the OU side this year, so in our goody bag we had OU glasses.  We really had a great time!  However…at this game, I realized that I’m getting old!  I desperately wanted everyone in front of me to JUST SIT DOWN so I didn’t have to stand up to see the entire time!!  haha! 

Crazy boy!!!

We left the game a little early, because the last dog show of the day was happening in the afternoon.  Nixon talks about the dog show ALL year long!  hahahaha!  I had to make that happen!


At the dog show, we met up with my mom, Marla, and Bowen…they made it!

Next stop…the petting zoo!

Slaughter kids have a tendency to be a little nervous around the animals at a petting zoo.  Ebby Lee freaked out a little bit and dropped her paper cup. That goat gobbled it down in less than ten seconds!!!

Then the goat came after Bowen’s and he was MAD!  hahaha!

This picture sums up my life!!

In this exhibit at the fair, they go around planting seeds, picking wool, driving tractors…doing all kinds of things farmers do and in the end they trade in their produce for a snack!

Tab was finally finished with the game and showered up, so he met us before we hit up the rides.  Bowen was LOVING this car ride.  Can you tell??

This CRACKED me up!!!  We walked by this little stand that said, “World’s Smallest Horse”.  Marla said that she just had to go take a peek.  Nixon is NOT our rides-man, so he asked to see the horse too.  They weren’t impressed!

Ebby Lee got her face painted…

Her favorite part was the blue lips.

This picture is out of order…sorry!  Bowen has started doing the funniest thing.  If he gets embarrassed or doesn’t know what to say, he’ll put his hand up in front of his face like in the picture.  His car came around and we were all screaming for him, so he did this!

Bowen wasn’t a big fan of this ride!

The face paint kind of turned out a little Elsa-ish, don’t you think??

I have to tell you this story!!  Ebby Lee wanted to ride this little whale ride.  Super little!  Bowen could have ridden it himself, but for some strange reason she was sitting on the whale alone and started crying.  Remember Nixon is NOT a rides kind of guy, but I said, “Hurry, Nixon, she’s about to cry.  Go ride with Ebby Lee”.  I shoved some tickets in his hand, and he said, “Ok”.   He hopped on the ride with her to be tough for his sister and instantly…I lost it!  I was crying at the whale ride!!  hahahaha!!!  It was such a sweet little moment.  He didn’t want to ride that one bit, but he was being brave and it melted my heart!

He must have enjoyed it though, because it was his idea to get on that car ride.

Somebody else loved the whale ride! 🙂

We let the kiddos play a couple games.  They won a few little tiny stuffed animals.  I asked this random couple I saw how they won the Ninja Turtle.  Nixon had his eye on them all night.  They were SO sweet and they gave it to Nixon!  Then they realized I had THREE kids!  (HA!  They were probably thinking, “Oh no!  What have we done?”)  And they gave Ebby Lee a crown.  They were seriously the sweetest couple ever!

He was just a little excited??

We left our house at 8:00 a.m. to get to the game and we got back home at 8:00 p.m.  It was a CRAZY long day, but we had so much fun!!

Yesterday was “Tailgate Sunday” at our church.  Everyone is encouraged to wear a jersey and afterwards everyone eats lunch/plays.  The kiddos had so much fun.  Ebby Lee and Presley were the first at the face painting table.

Last night we had our BFG’s annual Harvest Party.  But…my phone died so I have ZERO pictures!  🙁  The kiddos all dress up in their Halloween costumes, there is yummy food, and lots of great friends.  

Let me tell you…the Slaughters had a GREAT weekend!  Hope you did too!
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