First Day…

This morning as we were walking out the door I wanted Ebby Lee to smile with her lunch box. This is what she did?? She refused to look at me and smile!! Hope she listened to her teacers better than she did her Mama today!
I tried again and this was her pose #2??

Doesn’t he look excited to be dropping his sister off for her first day of Mother’s Day Out? Ebby Lee goes Tuesdays and Thursdays to the preschool at our church. I’m really excited to have the little break and to have some extra cuddle time with Nixon.

We were outside her classroom and she kept pointing at the door so I’m guessing she was ready to go in.

One of her teachers, Ms. Norma. She went right to her this morning without even looking back at her Mama!! Ms. Norma has Nixon in the nursery on Sunday mornings. I wasn’t feeling well today, so Nixon and I came back to the house and took a long nap! Nixon knew just what he needed to do. We relaxed and snuggled and had a great day!

When we picked Sister up, they said that she did great! She even took a nap! I was so proud of her! A little sibling love picture…

She thought she was being too funny by getting in Nixon’s toy.

He was all about sharing his toys! The first day at MDO was a success!! We’re ready for Thursday!

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