Today, Tab and I are celebrating our FIFTEEN YEAR WEDDING ANNIVERSARY!

WHOA!  I cannot believe it’s been fifteen years since our wedding day.  Tab and I got married in a church in Cape Girardeau, Missouri, in front of  two hundred of our closest friends and family.  We said our, “I Do’s”, and then all headed to the reception where we danced, ate {except not me because really does the bride EVER eat on her big day}, and set off as Mr. and Mrs. Slaughter!

One apartment, three houses, four kids, eight jobs, and what feels like a lifetime later we’re here!

I have a Q and A coming next week with all kinds of questions you asked Tab and I {and they are GOOD}.  The truth is it’s gonna take us a while to get through all those questions and we had a busy weekend.  😉  So I promise that Q and A post is coming.  Today though in honor of FIFTEEN YEARS, I’m sharing FIFTEEN things about us instead.

1.  Our parents are both divorced.  I don’t really want to say I’m thankful for that necessarily but I kind of am.  Both of us experiencing the heartbreak divorce can cause within a family has allowed us a different look than some people experience.

2.  I say it all the time, but Tab is the fun one in our relationship.  And by that I don’t mean I’m not fun, I just mean he’s MORE fun.  I’m definitely the rule-follower and he’s gonna live a little more on the edge.  But we’re a great balance.

3.  He prefers a serious drama, I prefer a reality and we like to meet in the middle which for our marriage is Dateline.  🙂  hahahaha!  

4.  He would tell you the only thing I’ve ever attempted to make that was absolutely un-edible was seafood lasagna.  Yes, yes, I attempted a seafood lasagna about three months into marriage.  I forgot who I was for a hot second and really thought I’d whip up some recipe I found in a magazine.  It was as delicious as it sounds.  We threw it out and had peanut butter and jelly instead.

5.  Speaking of those early days of marriage, they were HARD!  We moved nine hours away from my family and six hours away from Tab’s.  We were just talking about how they were maybe the best thing that could have happened to two newlyweds because we had to rely on each other.

6.   Tab is the Saturday morning breakfast chef at our house anytime he’s home.  {Which is ALL THE TIME lately.}  He can whip up bacon, eggs, biscuits and gravy like no other!

7. Years ago when we first started texting each other.  Do you remember when texting was a brand new thing?  I didn’t know how to put a space in between words so all of my texts looked like this…

Yes, yes, they did and we still laugh about it.  {Insert that face plant emoji right here, please.}

8.  Tab and I met at Arkansas State University my sophomore year and started dating about two and half years later.

9.  I didn’t know a single thing about football before meeting Tab.  I went to football games at college but really had NO CLUE what was happening the entire four quarters.

10.   Tab is a night owl and I’m a morning person.  #oppositesattract

11. While we’re on the subject of opposites attracting, I love to read and Tab hasn’t read a book since high school.  {How did he make it through college?}

12. The second year we were married Tab grew his hair out for about a month, wanted a haircut weekly {which we could not afford}, and he began shaving it again.  {He’s never looked back.}

13. Tab proposed on top of the Peabody Hotel in Memphis, Tennessee.  I had NO CLUE and was shocked to see him!  {I’ll tell the story in full next week on our Q and A.}

14.  This past spring/summer we had three adult-only trips on the books that were all cancelled.  There wasn’t a big 15 year vacation scheduled just for our anniversary purposes but it’s tough to get away with four kids at home so any time we can make it happen whether it be for work or in this case work and an out of town wedding we would have.  Maybe next year?

15. We don’t have any big exciting plans tonight.  If you’re looking for us, you’ll find us parked on the couch between four kids celebrating 15 YEARS!  Unless…we can sneak off for a quick dinner.  #wishusluck

Happy, Happy Anniversary Tab Slaughter!  I am behind thankful I get to do this life with you by my side.  I love you so much!

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