European Vacation 2019-Part One

Where do I EVEN begin with recapping a vacation like the one we just had?  Venice, seven night Greek Isles cruise, followed by a night in Rome with the besties and no kiddos for twelve days?  This trip will be a tough one to top!  We had a FABULOUS time!  I’m gonna attempt to tell you all about it, but if I leave something out-feel free to leave questions and I’ll answer those as well.  🙂

Be sure to head over to Shay’s blog to read her recap as well before I dive into mine. 

A couple things I’d like to start with before I jump into all the fun…
1.  My oh my!  How I WISH I got free trips as a blogger or a travel agent.  The truth is-I do not.  Please keep in mind when you’re reading these recaps that we paid for anything and everything we did during this trip.  Nothing was comped, but if you own a resort in Mykonos and would like me to come stay free of charge, please e-mail me  

2.  While part of this trip was for researching purposes {Hello! Mix and Match Travel Agency} the other part was absolutely and purely a VACATION!  You guys know this about me but I’m gonna tell you again…when I get away on a vacation, I want to relax, enjoy myself, and BE PRESENT.  Remember #1 above, this trip was absolutely paid for by us so we wanted it to be just that-a vacation.  Tab feels the same way so while I did try my best to take pictures to share with you {the entire trip was GORGEOUS} please remember this was also a vacation for a married couple who got away for a solo vacation.

3.  Tab and I were Europe rookies!  And let me tell you-a cruise was the BEST way to get to see a large number of places in a short amount of days.  We’ve been talking about this over and over since we got home.  If you’re like us and haven’t been to Europe or much of Europe, we HIGHLY recommend seeing the sights on a cruise ship.

4.  MAJOR SHOUTOUT to MY PARENTS!  They were absolutely AMAZING and watched our kiddos the entire time we were gone.  They made it to practices, games, took a trip to Missouri, met up with cousins, hit up the water park, and ON and ON!  My kiddos had so much fun and this trip would not have been possible without them holding down the fort at home.  THANK YOU!!  XOXO

5.  This trip is one we booked over a year ago in anticipation that one day it would finally arrive!  I’d heard over and over how popular this itinerary was with our Mix and Match Travel clients and wanted to give it a try.  {And now I see WHY!}  I’ll share a wide variety of the things we did but some are reserved as tips/tricks we share with clients only.  If you’re interested in becoming a client, we’d love to help you!  Shoot us an e-mail at to learn more!

Okay, sit back, grab a cup of coffee and get ready for the trip of a lifetime with us.  This was our-CAN YOU BELIEVE IT’S FINALLY HERE look.  And please notice my way too big earrings.  Toward the end of these trip posts, my ears were BLEEDING!  #youliveandlearn  #andonlywearbigearringsforashorttime

It’s hard to see, but I wore this super comfy jumpsuit on the flight and it was basically like having pajamas on.  Paired it with these earrings which are perfect for a night out but not so much for a ten hour flight.  

My favorite way to pass a flight…reading on my Kindle.

Do we look giddy?  Because we were!

I finally watched A Star is Born and loved it!  

We landed in Rome and had a “Home Alone” moment of running through the airport to catch our flight to Venice.  Our flight from Dallas was delayed a bit.  And I think it’s safe to say I experienced my first hot flash.  We had to run from one terminal to another with luggage and you guys when we finally arrived I was a sweaty mess.  

Just a bit later…WE MADE IT TO VENICE!

The sights were something out of a movie.  Every alley and street was cuter than the previous one and I wanted to take pictures of them all.

That yellow building behind us was my very favorite.  Flower boxes on every single window?  Yes, please!

My shirt is sold out but this boutique is where I got mine.  These are the shorts {on MAJOR sale}, and I packed this pair of shoes for lots of walking.

On this first day, we jet lagged our way through the city taking it all in.

We stopped for an afternoon pick me up outside Saint Mark’s for some great people watching.  

This entire city was picturesque!  
Every.  Single.  View.

And just for fun and REAL LIFE…I’m not sure what was happening here but thought you’d enjoy!

We had a yummy dinner of….PASTA {Forgot to take a pic} before we made our way to our hotel to get some MAJOR sleep!

We had tickets on Saturday morning for Saint Mark’s and happened to walk through the seafood market on our way.  I’m so intrigued by a fresh seafood market.

Then it was on to the fresh produce market.

Day Two of Venice with my love.  🙂
My shorts are from Loft {major sale}, top is here, and shoes are here.

We toured Saint Mark’s-GORGEOUS!!  And then made our way over to this lunch spot by the water.

Traveling with Andrew and Shay is so much fun!  We had SUCH a great time!

The architecture everywhere was absolutely stunning!

Other bloggers take pictures in front of doors.  We thought we should too.

My earrings are from Amazon!  We spent all afternoon taking in the sights of the city.

Then we ended our evening with a gondola ride.

The gondolier told us where to sit to balance out the weight. 😉

This meal was one of my absolute FAVORITES!  Right on the water…the best views and a CAPRESE SALAD out of this world!

Just four jet lagged Americans making our way back to our hotel.

Sunday morning…this was the view from our hotel.
Gorgeous, right?!

Our transportation arrived to take us directly to the ship.

I was pool ready…can you tell?

Cover-up can be found on Amazon. 

Right after this picture was taken…our sweet driver took off and Tab realized HE LEFT HIS PHONE ON THE BOAT.  I’m so very thankful for the Find Your Phone app.  He hopped in a water taxi and they followed the driver and his phone around until finally meeting up with them to grab the phone.  #clarkgriswoldmoment

We checked right in at the cruise terminal and were ready to SET SAIL!

My beach hat is here.

The perfect way to spend an afternoon.

We enjoyed snacks in the sports bar/grill.

Ready for our first night on the ship!

Dinner with a VIEW!

And that’s a wrap for Part One!  Be sure to come back tomorrow for Part 2 and Friday Favorites.  Also, don’t forget to check out Shay’s blog to see the same part of the trip from another set of eyes.  Remember if you’re planning an upcoming vacation, reach out to us we’d LOVE to help you!  Send us an e-mail at

Thanks for reading today!

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  1. 6.27.19
    Joanne said:

    That sounds like a pretty good start to a fabulous trip! I remember keeping myself awake the whole first day in Paris and not really absorbing much but wanting to acclimate to the time change. Such amazing views everywhere!

  2. 6.27.19
    Anonymous said:

    What a FUN first part of your trip!! Everything looks gorgeous!! I can’t wait to tune in for more!

  3. 6.27.19
    Elspeth Mizner said:

    I have been waiting for this post. This looks so much fun and I love the balance between doing things and relaxing! So wonderful your kiddos had fun too while you were away! Can’t wait for part 2!

  4. 6.27.19
    Mix and Match Mama said:

    Ah! Well, I'm ready to head back! Why do trips like this get over with so quickly?! It flew by!!

  5. 6.27.19
    Mary Madeline said:

    Beautiful pictures!!! Im heading to Greece soon!
    Can you tell me where your purse is from?

  6. 6.27.19
    Kim said:

    I've been looking forward to this recap, and it did not disappoint. Would love to occasionally have you post the links to things that Tab is wearing as well. My spending could be better justified if I occasionally bought my husband something awesome too! LOL

  7. 6.27.19
    Jaren said:

    Looks like an awesome first trip!! Can't wait to see more!

  8. 6.27.19
    Lauren said:

    Was the cruise you took all-inclusive? Or do you pay for food/drinks while on board?

  9. 6.27.19
    Stephanie said:

    We are heading to Europe in a couple of weeks.,,,our first trip also! 2 questions….Where did you stay in Venice? And tell me about the yellow shoes, comfy enough for 3 weeks in Europe?? I’m trying to find the perfect comfy shoes. Thanks!
    Find Thanks!

  10. 6.27.19
    TorontoSAM said:

    So fun to have great friends like that to travel with! Isn't Venice just the cutest?!

  11. 6.27.19
    Maddy said:

    How fun! Did you guys carry on or check bags? I wasn't sure since you mentioned you barely made your connecting flight!

  12. 6.27.19
    azbaby24 said:

    What do you do for money. Do you exchange?

  13. 6.27.19
    nearawayfaraway said:

    What a wonderful trip. I ordered your yellow shoes, love them, and they (the shoes!) are headed with me to Tuscany and Stockholm next week! So glad you were able to get the special view table at Ristorante Sempione!

  14. 6.27.19
    nearawayfaraway said:

    For your next adult trip—definitely Machu Picchu and Chile!

  15. 6.27.19
    Anna Jones said:

    Such an amazing trip!! Excited to follow along!
    PS.. where did you get your leather crossbody bag?? I LOVE it!!!

  16. 6.27.19
    ebk248 said:

    So much FUN! Great pics! Erica, could you please share the brand of your cross body bag? Would love to know the details – it is exactly what I am looking for!! 🙂 Thanks!

  17. 6.27.19
    Sara said:

    This looks fantastic! Definitely something I would love to enjoy!

  18. 6.27.19
    ldybug4623 said:

    Welcome back! Looks like an awesome vacation! I am adding that to my bucket list!
    Can you link your beaded bracelets?

  19. 6.27.19
    Sheaffer {Pinterest Told Me To} said:

    Loved part 1! And y'all looked so cute the whole time…even after running through the airport!

  20. 6.27.19
    Kristin L said:

    Please tell us where your dress is from in the last picture!! Love it!

  21. 6.27.19
    Melanie Smith said:

    This trip looks absolutely gorgeous!

  22. 6.27.19
    Holley said:

    Love your blog and I love your friendship with Shay! It's so special how you guys met! Love it!

  23. 6.27.19
    Megan p said:

    Trip looks amazing! My fiancé and I are headed there for our honeymoon in August!! Can you name the place with the caprese salad right on the canal? Looks like a must!!!

  24. 6.27.19
    Amy said:

    Welcome back, what a wonderful trip! I loved the recap and am looking forward to the rest of them

  25. 6.27.19
    JL said:

    Looks like an amazing trip!! Can you share where your necklace with the small circle pendant is from? Thanks!

  26. 6.27.19
    Erika Slaughter said:

    Mary Madeline-Yes, I got it from Dillard's…it's the Jessica Simpson brand, but I couldn't find it online when I posted this. 🙁 Sorry! I think I got it early fall 2018 so maybe they're gone.

    Kim-Yes! I'll ask Tab and then go back and add some links to things. Typically, he's all Under Armour in his free time {not work} but for this trip he had a little shopping spree at Nordstrom so I know some of his stuff should be super current.

    Lauren-Yes and no…there are certain places on the ship where you can eat absolutely free…main dining room, buffet, etc. There are also specialty dining restaurants on the ship that have an extra fee. Also when it comes to drinks certain drinks are free of charge…coffee, water, juices…but sodas, wine, cocktails, etc. do have a cost.

    Stephanie-Let Mix and Match Travel help you book your Venice portion! We'd love to help! E-mail us! About the shoes-yes and no…since the streets are cobblestone I switched it up and wore both my IlSE Jacobsens and my New Balance.

    Maddy-We checked bags. I don't think I could have made a carry on work for that many days! ha!

    Azbaby24-Yes, we got euros there and then we used our credit cards the majority of the time.

    Nearawayfaraway-EEEKKK!! You're gonna love them!

    ldybug4623-My beaded bracelets are all Kinsley Armelle. I order through their IG account.

    Kristin L-Thank you! Dress is Lilly Pulitzer from a year or two ago so I couldn't even find anything similar but I tried to link.

    Megan P-CONGRATULATIONS!!! You guys will LOVE it! It's Ristorante Sempione. But-I ate my weight in caprese salads in Italy and not a single one disappointed me. 🙂

  27. 6.28.19
    LiliaCraftParty said:

    Hi dear! Happy to see you in my beautiful city! I live in Venice!!! and yes!!! its jut fabulous! Have a great vacation!

  28. 6.30.19
    Sara Claire said:

    Can you share a link to the pink earrings you're wearing with the Lily dress please? 🙂

  29. 7.30.19
    Jen said:

    Your trip looked amazing! Can you please post the link to your sunglasses? Thank you!