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Hey There! Today is our last official day of school! EEEKKK!!! It’s always crazy to me how January has 62 days, February is over in a flash, due to Spring Break March is such a short month, April flies by and it’s as if May only has two weeks. How does that happen?! I’m not exactly sure but the time has come for SUMMER! Needless to say I have four really happy kids at my house!

Years ago, I started sharing what I was ordering on Amazon…partly because sometimes I find things I think you’ll like too and other times because I assume you’re just as nosey as me. 😉

Well, enter Etsy. I decided it’d be fun to share some of my Etsy orders through the years with you. I don’t order near as often from Etsy as I do from Amazon so I won’t be able to keep this up monthly but when I have enough for another post I’ll share. Here’s a peek at what I’ve ordered from Etsy {I couldn’t find pictures of everything but I did my best}…

These neon trucker hats-you can personalize the color of the hats, the color of the letters and can write anything. They’re great for fun beach trips, girls’ getaways, bachelorette parties, etc. I thought the price was great! If you missed my recap from my Turks Beach Trip, you can read it in this post.

I found the Happiest Place on Earth sweatshirts and knew we needed them for our November Disney vacation. They were a really soft sweatshirt and could be personalized many different ways. If you missed my recap about our November Disney trip, it’s all in this post. Speaking of November and Disney, this shop is where I snagged our Mickey ears. Many ears you’ll find online are crazy uncomfortable. These were the kind you could leave on all day and were super cute as well. We got stopped numerous times by people asking where we got our ears.

For Britt’s princess makeover birthday, I used these invitations. The owner sent a link and I just went in to customize the invitation. EASY!

I can get really excited about fall tees. I think it’s because in McKinney, Texas, I want September to start cooling down but it doesn’t. A good way to dress for the temps AND look a little more fall is with a cute tee like this one.

One easy way for us here in North Texas to feel like we’re living a true “fall life” is by adding fall colors to our wardrobe. It’s still warm through the end of October but this dress was one Britt could wear October and November plus it wasn’t too hot being a dress.

Another fall day, another perfect tee...we paired Britt’s with denim shorts, jeans, and cute flare pants all fall long.

This short sleeve dress was great for warm school days and I loved getting to personalize it just for her.

I ordered this dress the year before so she wore it all year to TK. And then this past August I sized up and bought it again!

Apparently my name is Erika and I love a school or fall themed tee. 😉

In middle school cheer, Ebby Lee had a “buddy” all year she swapped gifts with. This little personalized bag made the perfect gift for any occasion. We added some of her favorite candy with the cheerleader’s initials to make it special. We’ve also ordered these bags for birthday presents. Again, just added a few of their favorite things inside.

Anyone visiting Disney World this fall? I have the perfect spooky tee for you!

*I found when searching for links that many of those seasonal items are on major sale right now!

What’s your FAVORITE purchase you’ve ever made on Etsy? Please SHARE! Now I’m off to work my last kindergarten lunch duty and do my last hour of volunteering this year. Happy LAST DAY!


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  1. 5.25.23

    Etsy is my go to for unique gifts! I love their jewelry and graphic t shirts! So fun!

  2. 5.25.23
    Sheaffer said:

    Britt’s apple dress will always be a favorite of mine! She’s just so stinkin’ cute in it!

  3. 5.25.23

    Amy that creates my custom birthday signs (and holiday and anything else!) is on Etsy! I’ve been using her for 15 years. She’s amazing! Her shop is called Here’s Your Sign by Amy.