Ebby Lee’s First Swim…

Who knew that in order to take a ten pound baby to the pool, you’d have to pack your whole house and lather her up with sunscreen…only to find that she can only hang at the pool for about 30 minutes before she’s ready to go?? That was our first experience with Ebby Lee at the pool. Mom, Tab, and I all got on our suits and ready for a little time at the pool. Who knew it’d last a mere thirty minutes including our quick walk to the pool and back? It was well worth it though. It was great to see Ebby Lee’s face in the water. This is Ebby Lee all ready for the pool!
She’s trying to decide if she’s a fan or not.

She’s still not sure what she thinks about it…just yet.

There we go! She’s a big fan!

Family pic in the pool.

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