Day 3 at the Beach…

Ebby Lee and Kirby playing under the umbrella.
It’s still so bright!!

Making funny faces!

Tab was laying out…almost asleep. Whitney played the old throw crackers around him to make the birds come trick on him. Birds flew in from the surrounding states, I think. We had birds everywhere!

Still trying to fight off the birds.

Almost all gone.

Beach Baby

On Day 3, Pat had set up a very important golf game for the guys. But…it was a beautiful sunny day when we woke up. So, the girls decided to take all 4 kiddos to the beach. We should have known it was going to be crazy b/c we were outnumbered. At about 3 hours into it, the babies started melting down, Whitney had gone to get another umbrella at the house (that left only 2 of us), Paxton thought he was a surfing pro and kept getting farther and farther down the beach from us, and Mackey was building her a sand castle. Susan and I were so overwhelmed that we called the guys and begged them to leave the golf course and join us at the beach. After much persuading, they came to hang out at the beach and relieve us. It was a good thing they came, b/c it was such a gorgeous day. We stayed out at the beach almost the whole day!

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