Dance Recital Spring 2019

This past weekend was marked in our calendar as SPRING RECITAL WEEKEND.  It had been jotted down in my calendar months ago.  From January to May, these dancers work on their recital pieces learning and perfecting each dance.  This time the Slaughters were represented by not only Ebby Lee but Britt as well.

Friday evening these girlies rehearsed.

Look how big Britty looks up on the stage!
{She walked out to her spot and burst into tears.  Her teacher got her calmed down and then she did an awesome job.}

Saturday evening show-Ebby Lee and Kensington were jazz ready!

This is apparently Ebby Lee’s Spring Recital 2019 pose.  You’ll see what I mean…wait for it. 🙂

The tap dance was up next and someone snuck in this picture.
Then Ebby Lee, Ashby, and Kensington performed in the ballet.  Please see the progression of a “simple” picture.



Nixon played in a baseball tournament earlier in the day but we all made it back in time to see all the performances.

 So proud of this girl!

On Sunday, Miss Britt got to take the stage for her ballet performance.

Everything is better with sweet friends.

It’s safe to say-Britt agrees.  🙂

Her little class did GREAT!  I was nervous about her crying on stage, but she did SO GOOD!

After the performance, she got flowers!

So so proud of this girly too!

Everyone got to watch her do her thing on the stage.  Nixon was supposed to be at a baseball tournament during her performance, but it got rained out.  He’d asked me multiple times to make sure I recorded it so he could watch.  Now, I’m not saying he’d choose ballet over baseball but that tiny dancer has him wrapped around her little finger.  

The whole family was there!

And G and M too!

We ended the night with one more ballet performance by these ballerinas.

I’m so proud of these girls and their hard work all year long!


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