Currently-a Wednesday Edition

What is CURRENTLY on my mind…

Making:  I’m working on my grocery list right this second.  Well, errrr….if I’m being completely honest thanks to grocery pick up I skip the grocery list step and just add things to my cart instantly.  I’m working on my grocery ORDER, I should say.  Tab’s been out of town for the past week and leaves again really soon so my grocery bill and my cooking have both gone really down.  When Tab isn’t here for dinner, the kids and I eat super simple things.  Do you guys do this?  What’s your favorite thing to make when hubbies are gone?

Cooking:  Tonight, I’m making white chicken chili.  I haven’t made a soup for dinner in a while, because Texas hasn’t been getting the winter memo.  URG…I’m a little envious of all that snow some of you are getting!  However, let me add-it’s cold today!

Drinking:  WAY too much coffee!  We were praying before bed a few nights ago and talking about prayer requests for each other.  Bowen said, “For mom, I think we should pray that she gets enough coffee”.  Should I be offended?

Eating:  A lot of simple things…when my mom was here last week we had kid favorites…spaghetti, burgers, and tacos.  Have you ever had salmon patties?  I’m not talking a salmon burger.  I’m meaning like salmon, mixed with crackers, and egg?  Then you saute it.  We had these growing up and they’re one of my very favorites!  Right now you’re either reading this and fist bumping the air because you know what these are OR you’re gagging because you’re so grossed out.  🙂  Am I right?  My mom made those for us last week and YUM!   I wish I could invite you all over for dinner.  They’re GOOD!  #mycountryrootsareshowing #isthisacountrything?

Reading:  I just started reading, The Flatshare.  I’m only on chapter two so no thoughts quite yet.

Wanting:  A few more hours in my day, to completely redo my entire house because now that Christmas is down it looks empty and blah, and the week to speed up so we can get to Britt’s post-op appointment.  #lethereatfood

Looking:  At all the responses about school Valentine’s Day party ideas…I will be sharing those in a big post tomorrow.  If you’re in charge of planning, please come back tomorrow to check out tons of ideas!

Playing:  How long can I wait to start getting ready but still have enough time?  Does anyone else ever play that game?  I have a couple appointments today and I’m dropping Britt off at my mother-in-law’s for a bit.  I need to go shower, but I’m still working…how long can I wait?

Wasting:  Lettuce…always lettuce.

Buying:  A few things lately.  This is what happens when I’m in the house with a recovering kiddo…
I popped into Athleta and left with a big bag of goodness….my top and leggings.

This was pretty much my outfit last week…top {I couldn’t find it online} and leggings.

Kristin {who I’ve mentioned before} has shared these shoes time and time again.  I finally took the plunge. 

Wishing:  We’d get a SNOW DAY!  I love a teeny, tiny bit of snow that happens to cancel everything or basically shut down the metroplex for two days.  That’s my wish!

Loving:  These SHOES!  I ordered these for Britty and she loves them!  Aren’t they CUTE for spring?  Basically, if I’m not gonna get my snow day, then hurry up spring!

Hoping:  I’m not crazy sore tomorrow.  I went back to the gym after being off for a week and a half.  I love the feeling of being sore but I hate feeling like I’m so sore I might be getting the flu OR I might have just taken too long of a gym break.

Marveling:  At Britt’s sweet preschool teacher who asked if I minded if she stopped by to visit Britt!  HOW SWEET IS THAT?!  I mean.  So STINKIN’ SWEET…right?  Britty can’t do any running-and-jumping type of play for a month so I’m keeping her at home for a while.  To know her teacher wants to stop by, just warmed my heart.

Needing:  To refresh the front porch.  When I took down the Christmas wreath, that place looks BARE!  I’m searching for cute wreaths and a new mat.

Smelling:  A new candle I just started burning.  New year, new candle.  It’s mint and eucalyptus which smells super fresh. 

Wearing:  Britty and I are going all in on our Valentine’s Day attire.  I’m wearing this heart sweater on repeat.  As well as…

Praying:  More in 2020 is one of my goals.  I have a note section in my phone so when someone mentions a prayer request in the middle of whatever, I can add it so I don’t forget.  If you’re like me and need that reminder, it’s working so far!

Noticing:  This post has gotten really wordy.  Sorry, friends!

Knowing:  I need to add a few finishing touches to the backyard so I can show you the new patio!  I can’t wait to share it all with you!

Thinking:  I’m still thinking about the last book I read, 102 Minutes:  The Unforgettable Story of the Fight to Survive Inside the Twin Towers.  I’ve been to the memorial in New York City twice, watched movies, watched documentaries, and more but I still learned so much after reading. 

Opening:  A message about that quote above and the woman said that she left to go get a toothbrush.  When she got home her husband asked, “How did you spend $175 if you went to grab a toothbrush?”.  We all get it.  Don’t we?

Giggling:  At Tab…he’s been out of town for a week and you know how it is when you’re out of town, it’s like BAAAMMM back to real, parent life when you return.  Well, he got home yesterday and he knew Nixon had baseball practice at a certain time, but I was leaving to meet some friends for dinner.  When he realized he’d have to take Bowen and Britt to baseball as well, he decided he’d prefer to have someone else take Nixon but he didn’t set that up.  Basically, I just let him deal with it and it was a quick entrance back into parent life, carpool duties, and his dad role.  He probably would have preferred to slowly make his way back to reality but he went cold turkey and I giggled about it for a solid hour.  #itwasnicetabbutitsover

Feeling:  Super THANKFUL for a sweet friendship I’ve made through Instagram.  I’ve told you guys before about Erin at Simple Purposeful Living.  She’s super sweet and a fellow adoptive mama.  The two of us have a fun giveaway going on now over on Instagram.  You need to head to Erin’s Instagram and my Instagram now to enter!

Now I’m off to sit at my desk and work, work, work!  Happy Wednesday!
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