Thank you for reading yesterday and for being excited I’m back!  I appreciate YOU and all your kinds words!

Periodically, I do a little post where I share a big old list of all things I’m CURRENTLY doing.  Yesterday, I worked on this post throughout the day and this is what wass CURRENTLY on my mind…

Making:  A grocery list.  I’ve been doing a HUGE drinks, snacks, and other staple items order about once every five to six weeks and then weekly {but usually ends up being more} a much smaller trip for meals throughout the week with fresh items.  With us all being at home most of the time, it seems like we’re going through food at an unusually quick rate.  

Wanting:  To find the RIGHT natural deodorant.  HELP!  The best kind I’ve tried is the Primally Pure {I actually just reordered this but it hasn’t arrived yet}.  Does anyone else get bumps under your arms from natural deodorant? 

Cooking:  Speaking of food and lists, I’m cooking nothing right this minute.  I dumped chicken, green salsa, and a few other things in my slow cooker and am letting it do all the work.  #winning  We’ll eat it over brown rice or maybe even cauliflower rice.
Drinking:  La Croix, La Croix, La Croix…it’s my summer go to.  Have you tried the Limoncello?  SO SO GOOD!

Eating:  These little brownies.  I got the recommendation from Amanda and they basically taste just like the Little Debbie brownies.

Reading:  I’m reading The Boy From the Woods and am intrigued.  I’m not too far in, but will let you know what I think.  I’ve heard other people say they preferred Harlan Corben’s other books.  Have you read any of his books?  If so, let me know your favorite!

Looking:  At chaise lounges…I still haven’t purchased some for our backyard.  You guys sent so many great recommendations!  I can’t decide!

Playing:  Mall Madness on repeat around here!  My parents came into town last weekend {I forgot to take a single picture!} and brought my old Mall Madness game for Ebby Lee to enjoy.

Wasting:  Lettuce.  #always

Buying:  These buckets…they’re collapsible so they fit perfectly in the swim bag but we can pop them out at the pool while they’re playing.  Beach trip, anyone?  If you have littles, these are a great idea!

Loving:  Our new pillows!  I ordered two of the Coop pillows from Amazon and after trying them out decided to order two more.  You dry them to unfluff, can add extra fluff if you’d prefer, and you end up having the perfect pillow for your preference.

Hoping:  We’ve cancelled most of the things we had planned this spring and summer but we still have one thing on the calendar.  I’ve been seeing lots of friends on Instagram/Facebook posting beach pictures and other vacation images.  I’m hoping we get to enjoy ours as well.

Marveling:  At the rate my house can go from spotless to, “what kind of monsters live here”.  It happens FAST!

Needing:  A bedtime fairy to make us all go to bed on time.  We’ve gotten out of a good night time rhythm and up way too late.
Smelling:  This candle.  Shay dropped this candle off at my house and I burn it while I work.  🙂

Wearing:  This top and these shorts.

Praying:  For our country.

Noticing:  We have WAY too many television remotes in our living room.  How many remotes do you have?  We have four, but I only know what two of them do and I’d venture to guess Tab doesn’t know what the other two do either.

Knowing:  I’ve got to finish that book I’m reading.  Ebby Lee and I are planning on reading Anne of Green Gables at the same time.  For some reason, I never read this when I was younger.  Have you read it? 

Thinking:  About how I shared that video of Nixon back-flipping off the diving board at the pool.  Did you see it on my Insta Stories?  Well, two days later he attempted it at our pool which doesn’t have a diving board and he hit the side of the pool.  WITH HIS FACE.  It could have been SO AWFUL.  SO SO AWFUL.  The damage was super minimal compared to what could have happened.  In between his eyes was swollen, he scraped a big patch under one eye, and had a few more scratches on his face. 

Opening:  Up these goggles that just arrived.  We’ve already misplaced Britt’s Easter basket googles.  Welcome to summer, Erika.

Giggling:  At Tab…he has such an obsession with the grass in our yard I’m surprised he allows anyone to walk on it.  

Feeling:  Thankful for a weekend full of baseball.  Nixon’s baseball team is such a great group of boys with parents we love. 

Happy, Happy Tuesday!

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  1. 6.9.20
    Unknown said:

    The bumps under your armpit from a natural deodorant may be due to a slight insensitivity to the baking soda. Have you tried Lume deodorant? No baking soda so no bumps. It's a really good natural doedorant.

  2. 6.9.20
    Kelly Whinery said:

    Anne of Green Gables is my favorite! I love Anne Shirley and you’ll fall in love with all the characters!!!

  3. 6.9.20
    Dustie Day said:

    Glad you love the COOP too! My husband, also obsessed with the yard….and we’re headed to the beach this summer. Hoping for some normalcy! Glad you’re back this week : )

  4. 6.9.20
    ReachingBeyondMediocrity said:

    Oh goodness! I always cringe thinking about backflips in pools. So glad Nixon is okay!

  5. 6.9.20
    Amy Heinl said:

    So thankful Nixon is could have been so tragically different. Thank God for his protective arm around him that day

  6. 6.9.20
    Unknown said:

    Love my deodorant so I have to share: Lavanila (usually buy from Amazon or Target). Aluminum and paraben-free 🙂 I like the pure vanilla scent but the vanilla grapefruit isn’t bad.

  7. 6.9.20
    Sheaffer {Pinterest Told Me To} said:

    You need to tell me all about the Coop pillows. But you need to wait until my heart rate returns to it's normal rhythm after hearing the Nixon story.

  8. 6.9.20
    Unknown said:

    Anne with an E is a great series on Netflix based on Anne of Green Gables-totally appropriate to watch with children! 🙂

  9. 6.9.20
    Sara said:

    Will be checking back here for natural deo recs. There is not a single one I have tried that doesn't give me weird underarm bumps.

  10. 6.9.20
    Melissa S said:

    I tried a ton of different natural deodorant and had the same reaction. The one that works best and doesn't cause a bad reaction is the Native Sensitive version. I love it.

  11. 6.9.20
    Julie C. said:

    I have also broke out trying natural deodorants. I have tried several different ones & even tried my hand at making my own. About a year ago, I saw an ad for Lume Deodorant & decided to give it a try. I LOVE IT!!!!! I have never broke out or had any problems w/ Lume. You should really give it a try!!!!!!

  12. 6.9.20
    mcp said:

    I’ve been a natural deodorant wearer for years and Native is turning out to be my favorite! It has the SMOOTHEST formula, not at all grainy or textured, and I think that definitely helps. Try either the Charcoal or Cedar and Sea Salt scents. Previously, I used a fabulous rollerball version by Kiss My Face but I can’t seem to find it anymore. (Random but it also helps to shave in both directions.)

  13. 6.9.20
    kristinwithani said:

    Ah, natural deodorant. I have tried them all. I'm a sweat-er. A stinky sweat-er. So, I know I'll be wet but I don't want to stink. For the last 18 months I've used the roll on from Rocky Mountain Soap in Canada. Yes, Canada. It's amazing and I've loved it so much. Shipping is free with a good order and it's a good exchange rate. I love that company in general from spf to lotions to soap to deodorant.

    BUT recently by recommendation of influencer/blogger Caralyn Mirand, I ordered Each & Every. I like it. It's different because it's coconut oil based and has no baking soda. I'm for sure sweating and was in Texas last week for FOR SURE sweat there. It may end up being a winter deodorant for me. I'm giving it a few more weeks for my body to adjust.

    I tried all the options at stores – from crunchy to mainstream stores. None worked. At all. One time I smelled raw meat as I was walking down the street. Nope, it was just me all stinky when using Tom's. It was awful.

  14. 6.9.20
    Rightupmyaliway said:

    I always get bumps too! I’ve tried so many kinds. After a long period of time, my Primally pure scent is annoying me. I feel like I’m still smelly. Ugh! I’ll be glad to read some other recommendations… so thankful Nixon is ok. I cringed as I read that. Have a wonderful day!

  15. 6.9.20
    Sara said:

    I love Native natural deodorant! Detoxing my armpits before using natural deodorant help a lot! I mixed equal parts Apple cider vinegar and Indian Healing Clay (from Amazon). That creates a paste ands then let set on your arm pits for 20 minutes, wipe off & good to go! Hope that helps!

  16. 6.9.20
    Kait said:

    You need to do an armpit detox when you start wearing natural deodorant. It can help get rid of the bumps as well. Look up Wellness Mama’s armpit detox recipe. I had a friend recently switch over and thought she was going to go crazy from sweating more and smelling worse. After completing the armpit detox for a week, she has less sweat and no smell! Her mom then jumped on board and was shocked too! It’s amazing and should help!

  17. 6.9.20
    Eileen P said:

    I figured out I can’t do natural deodorants with baking soda or I get the itchy bumps. I’ve been using Schmidt’s sensitive ones, and they seem to work fine. But I bet any without the baking soda component would be better for the bumps.

  18. 6.9.20
    Finn Lancaster said:

    Anne of Green Gables is my all-time favorite! Make sure to watch the PBS movies with Megan Fellows when you finish reading. My 10 year old daughter is reading them now and we are planning a trip to a Prince Edward Island when she finishes. Can’t wait to hear what you and Ebby Lee think of them!

  19. 6.9.20
    Kelly said:

    Just Ingredients makes natural deodorants. Karalynne Call is on Instagram as just.ingredients
    Her Sweet Citrus and Vanilla Coconut are my two favorite scents. She doesn’t use baking soda in her deodorants, so no bumps.

  20. 6.9.20
    mary m said:

    i use primal pit paste deodorant for many years and i do not smell nor do i get the bumps like i do with other natural deodorants. please keep us posted on what you end up with.

  21. 6.9.20
    Kelsee said:

    I use Kopari's natural deodorant and never have had issues with bumps. I'm considering switching to Primally Pure just for a change.

  22. 6.9.20
    Rho Rho said:

    My all-time favorite, use daily, natural deo is Native. I absolutely LOVE it!! There was only one scent that did not work with my skin, but all others work like a charm. My favorite is the cucumber scent. And there's always a coupon you can try online.

  23. 6.9.20
    Brittany said:

    Your remote noticing made me laugh because this has been an ongoing issue in our house! We had nine in our living room… NINE?! Quarantine had me noticing and cleaning out all sorts of things and I about lost my mind when I realized we had that many remotes. 🙂

  24. 6.9.20
    Alisha said:

    Primally pure charcoal deodorant was life changing for me! No more bumps from baking soda!!

  25. 6.9.20
    Amanda @ That Inspired Chick said:

    Yes! The brownies do taste like Little Debbie! (I mean…nothing is AS GOOD as Little Debbie but its a great low carb alternative!) You should try the Atkins Pecan Caramel Clusters. Oh em geeeee….they taste just as good as the real "Turtles" candy. And the Coconut Bars are also so good if you like coconut. They taste just like a Mounds bar.

    Also, I've heard that the bumps are caused when your armpits start to detox. Mine always go away after a while but I'm still on the hunt for a natural deodorant that can handle me too. 😂😂
    That Inspired Chick

  26. 6.9.20
    Rachel said:

    La Croix LimonCello is the best. Now to make a great adult drink get a Yeti full of ice, plain vodka, La Croix LimonCello and Mio Lemonade drink enhancer. Its so so good and so easy to make.

    Glad Nixon is okay. So scary.

  27. 6.9.20
    Kim said:

    I went for a long time not wearing any deodorant. I think the mainstream stuff just stays on your skin for a long time, even after not using it. It had probably been 6+ months since I'd worn deodorant that I had noticed I smelled. It was a really hot day and I was playing tennis. A friend told me about a natural deodorant that she makes herself. It's just high proof alchohol (I use vodka.) and white vinegar. You could add some essential oils to give it a scent. I have never gotten any kind of reaction or noticed any odor (unless I forget to use it!). You could just google "diy alcohol deodorant." Obviously, it's a spray deodorant. I hope you find one that works for you!

  28. 6.9.20
    Shawnee said:

    Yes, all the natural deodorants seem to break me out. I used Native for a long time and even tried the sensitive but then it seemed like it didn't work anymore for me. I've done the detox thing too. I'm now using the Dove 0% and like it and no breakouts since I've been using it.

  29. 6.9.20
    Elspeth Mizner said:

    I love this little update. I love vitamin water in the summer or lemonade. Have a wonderful week.

  30. 6.9.20
    Melissa Watt said:

    As others have said, try a natural deodorant without baking soda. I, too, had bumps under my arms and it took me over a year to figure out why. I switched to Native – Sensitive formula, and it cleared up immediately! I purchase mine at Target.

  31. 6.10.20
    Janet said:

    Nixon's story made my heart stop. So glad he is ok.

  32. 6.10.20
    Unknown said:

    I’ve spent nearly a college tuition searching for natural deodorant. I’ve been using Native for 2 years and I love it. Buy from their website ( free shipping) and not Target as the ingredients are different -weird but true. Good luck!

  33. 6.10.20
    Susanne said:

    I get such an awful rash from the baking soda in deodorants. After trying so many, I finally tried Little Seed Farm and absolutely love it! You can try the sample pack first but my favorite is lemon grapefruit followed by lavender. I even have my husband using it and he loves it too! His favorite is the activated charcoal. With every order you can get 2 deodorant samples and one moisturizer sample. Just thought I'd share in case it helps anyone.

  34. 6.10.20
    Elaine Welte said:

    Rustic Mama deodorant and Young Livings are the only ones that don’t make me break out. Also, make sure it doesn’t have fragrance listed as an ingredient. Brands like Native and Schmidt aren’t truly clean because of fragrance. And, you’ll want to do an armpit detox with bentonite clay which will help the bumps. 🙂

  35. 6.10.20
    Tiffanie said:

    Native deodorant!

  36. 6.10.20
    Holley said:

    I Loved Mall Maddness!!!

  37. 6.13.20 said:

    Thank you so much for the reminder of that MLK quote. Such wise words. Will share on Pinterest and Facebook. I appreciate YOU!

    Loved the goggles you shared on Friday, and now this game you've been playing and the Taboo, too. Pinned them all.