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I thought it’d be way more fun than sharing a typical Day-In-My-Life if I share pics every hour today while we’re at Walt Disney World!  Over on my Insta-Stories I’ll be sharing a picture or video every hour so you can follow along with our trip and my day.  Hope you join us!  You can find me on IG right here!


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  1. 10.21.21
    Elspeth Mizner said:

    Yay!! Can’t wait to follow along! Have the best time!

  2. 10.23.21
    Lois said:

    Erika, I always follow your blog here but wish you'd not post certain days/activities only on your instagram since those I can't read/view. I can't see anything there. What is the value of only showing activities over there on certain days? Thank you very much, Erika, for considering my request. A daily reader except when you post on instagram ~ Lois