Birthday Parties from the Past

Since BIRTHDAY MONTH is officially over, I thought it’d be fun to share birthday parties from the past.  Here we go…

Lots of sweet girls painting and looking super cute while they did it.  🙂

Easiest. Party. Ever.  
Pizza, carousel rides, and time in the play area at the mall!!

He wanted the party at an actual dog park.  We settled on a dog theme at a kid park. 🙂

Definitely her favorite party to date.  She loved EVERYTHING about it!

We had an egg hunt AND the Easter bunny came!
You can see the decor here.

We all sported our plaid and homemade bbq sauce was the party favor!

Think LOTS and LOTS of candy!!!

Do you have a favorite??  

I think it is SO much fun planning kiddos’ parties!!  (Especially now that they get equally as excited!)  But…I’m also SO glad when it’s over!!  haha!

How is it the beginning of May and my kiddos are ALREADY talking about their parties next year?  haha!!

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  1. 5.8.14
    Mix and Match Mama said:

    I loved all of your kids' parties!! I'm not sure I could even pick a favorite because I love them all so much! I laughed out loud about Nixon's dog park party…that was a fabulous compromise :).

  2. 5.8.14
    Sheaffer {Pinterest Told Me To} said:

    Totally started giggling when remembering the Easter Bunny party. Carter was ABSOLUTELY TERRIFIED of that bunny! He was seriously paralyzed with fear. I was like "It's a bunny! Man up!". The fact that you have to throw three parties a year for like the next 10 years (at last) makes me want to cry for you. 🙂

  3. 5.8.14
    V @ X-tremely V said:

    I love planning parties! Especially for Xavier! We did a Winter "One"derland theme for his 1st birthday. This last year we were going to do a transportation theme, but we had to cancel last minute since he was sick 🙁 I still have everything so he might get that for turning 3! ha ha!
    Love the Lumber jack and jill idea! So cute!

  4. 5.8.14
    Andrea - Momfessionals said:

    I loved your Easter party. Loved it! I think that's my favorite. But the cupcakes from the painting party looked pretty AMAZING as well 🙂

  5. 5.8.14
    missy said:

    I found your blog from mix and match mama….she is my fav…but you are a close second….your family is so cute!!