Big News

Please know I’ve toggled back and forth with this post for the last six months for many reasons and hope you can see my heart as I share this.  I’m posting this today because many of you have followed along with our family football season after football season.  Through the years, many of you have messaged me, commented, or e-mailed me to let me know you spotted Tab during a game.  Lots of you have sent pictures and shared over the years you felt like you had a “friend” on television during the game because you spotted Tab.  I’ve come to think of you as that too, “my friends”, so I’m strongly encouraged to know you feel the same way.  Just a few weeks ago a friend I’ve met via the internet messaged to ask me if Tab was working in her college town that particular week so I shared this news and to say I felt her excitement for our family would be the biggest understatement.  She was over the moon happy for us and encouraged me so much with her enthusiasm I decided it was time to let my blog family know as well.

If you’ve been reading here long, then you know Tab has been a football official for many years years, dating back to when it was just the two of us and he was working Jr. High games.  He has been in the Big 12 since the kids were born and we have always spent most weekends during the season solo.  It’s just become such a part of our family I don’t even think about it much.  The kids and I have special things we do to make it fun and he has always made it a point to include his family in as much of his seasons as he possibly can.  

In January, Tab was fortunate enough to work the Rose Bowl, which was a major dream come true for us all!  The kids and I all got to go, we made amazing memories, and it was such a bucket list thing for us I might have cried happy tears.  

So, here comes the BIG NEWS…

Back in April, Tab got hired by the National Football League as a football official!!!  Once again, I might have cried some happy tears.  Such a testament to hard work paying off!  

I kept waiting to share thinking I’d be in the crowd cheering him on for his first NFL game, but thanks to COVID, that wasn’t able to happen.  Womp!  Womp!  And realistically, I probably won’t be in the stands this entire season, but I wanted to share in hopes you might see him during a game and once again spot your friend.  Just instead of catching him on Saturday, you need to keep your eye out on Sundays.

So THANK YOU!  Thank you for being there with us during all those college football seasons!  And thanks for letting me share our big news…even if it’s not from the stands this season. 


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