The Big Day…

Gary doing “his thing”. We were so proud of you!

I’m sorry these pictures are so out of order. Someone’s going to have to teach me how to upload them in order! Anyway….Giant’s win!
Tab, Gary, & Brent after the game. We went to this party afterwards. There were four huge tv screens so they replayed the whole game w/commercials. There was also this huge display of food!
Tab and I…so happy to be there!

Sarah Evans
Ryan Seacrest was hosting the event on t.v. He told us when we were supposed to scream & all that.
Willie Nelson is singing behind Marla. He’d look our way and Marla would scream and holler. I bet he waved to her about 15 times and he probably blew her 30 kisses. We were so excited about Willie & Marla that we missed the pregame show in the stadium! Oops!

This is us on the “Big Day” getting ready to board the buses.
Marla and I at the stadium.
Tailgating Party!! I’ve never been to an event like this before. Everything was free! There was all different kinds of fun food to try. My personal favorite was this salsa bar. Every NFL team had a different salsa recipe. Sarah Evans and Willie Nelson were the entertainment.

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  1. 3.7.08
    The Monkey House said:

    Hi! I love your blog! If you need to move the pictures around, just “grab” them and drag them to where you want them to be. Sometimes it isn’t very cooperative, and it is slow, but it should work. I usually type my whole post and then upload the photos. Then I can just drag each of them to their spots. Hope that helps!