The Big 2!!

This is how Ebby Lee started her big day… She watched a little Wonder Pets…with her Tangled balloon, Easter basket, eggs, and bracelets. Daddy had a football game during the day, so we picked up M and headed to the mall.

We did lots of shopping!! We also rode the merry-go-round. You know how this birthday girl feels about that thing. LOVES it!


M came over with her presents.

She loved this new turtle nap mat.

Her hair looks so long here.

We had her favorite…pizza…for dinner.

She opened some more presents.

This little guy LOVES cupcakes. When Ebby Lee wasn’t looking, he snatched hers and gulfed down cupcake #2!

Such a big girl!!

After dinner and cupcakes, we headed outside with Ebby Lee’s new sidewalk chalk to make some masterpieces.

M drew her beloved Rapunzel!!

Ebby Lee had a great day!! I tried to have us do things that she-as a 2 year old-would think were fun? Merry-go-round, Sonic lunch, Wonder Pets, presents, pizza, cupcakes, and sidewalk chalk designs on the patio? It was a really nice, low-key birthday. We are celebrating Ebby Lee and Nixon’s birthdays with some friends on Friday and we’re having a family party in Missouri over Easter. was nice to have a relaxing day. I CANNOT believe she’s 2 already! Makes me want to tear up just thinking about it. We love you, Ebby Lee!! Happy 2nd Birthday!

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  1. 4.12.11
    Haley Bishop said:

    Happy Birthday, sweet Ebby Lee! Are those jammies in the first few pics? Some sassy, cute pajamas! Sad to miss out on Friday, we'll get your gifts to you Wednesday 🙂

  2. 4.12.11
    icenhower-family said:

    Happy birthday!! 2 years goes by so fast…glad to see you & your family are all enjoying it!!

  3. 4.14.11
    Whitney said:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY NIXON AND EBBY LEE! Erika – I'm just learning how to leave comments…by the way…can you give me some ideas for a present for them? I'm just learning what a 3 week old needs…no idea for 1 and 2! HA! We can't wait to see you guys in about a week!