Before School/Cabella’s/Cupcakes/Valentine’s Day…

Before school on Thursday, this little guy was ALL smiles!
Ebby Lee cheesed it up too.
My parents came to town on Thursday night and stayed until this morning. While they were here, we made a trip to Cabella’s to see all the animals. My kids were in heaven!

Poor Ebby Lee got her first fever blister this weekend. Ugh! It was big, (probably painful), and a little nasty looking! Bless her heart! She was a trooper and never complained about it. Thankfully, she’s only 2. If she gets one on Valentine’s Day weekend and she’s 16, it’ll be another story!

Nixon had WAY too much to see.

Best I got of both kiddos…:(

After Cabella’s we came home and made some Valentine’s Day cupcakes.

I had two great helpers!

Valentine’s Day… Nixon & Ebby Lee all ready for Valentine’s Day at school. We started off the morning with some treats and balloons!

Boo & T-Nonnie went to Ebby Lee’s party at school. She is SO quiet at school. She hardly talks?? Anyway, they said that the moment she got in the car she was Chatty Cathy!! She’d been bottling it up all morning. She had a yummy Chic-Fil-A lunch and then a cupcake!

Had to document this attitude she was giving me! Nice, huh? She was done with pictures and I wanted one more! ha!

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