Beach Trip Prep

Hey Everyone!

Hope your Thursday is looking great!  Like I said yesterday, I’m knee deep in packing ALL THE THINGS for our vacation.  We leave tomorrow to head to Rosemary Beach.  This is so my life right now…


Because I’m the lady on the left right now and all of my thoughts are revolving around things I should do, items I should pack, or how I’m going to fit it all in I decided I’d give you a peek into my planning mind.  🙂


When we travel to the Florida beaches, we always stay in a condo or house.  I’m a huge fan of that…it gives us more space, we can easily wash laundry, and the list goes on and on.  But do you want to know my least favorite thing?

The Grocery Store
{Imagine hearing that duh, duh, duh music right about now.}

Most beach rentals during the summer rent from Saturday to Saturday so everyone is checking in/out on the same day, which means the grocery stores on Saturday and even Sunday are Black-Friday-type-CRAZY.

This time I decided I needed a new system and I found Be My Shopper Concierge Grocery Shopping.  I’m like GIDDY excited about this!  I went online and ordered all the groceries we want for the week.  Their website doesn’t have everything you’d see in a grocery store, but it has a ton of items.  There is a place to add items you don’t see online, but I didn’t need to add anything extra.  The service costs $50 and a percentage of your total, but you guys {this is the best part} the items are all delivered before we even check in to our condo.  I’m gonna say that again just in case you missed it.  When we arrive at the condo, our grocery store items will already be there WAITING for us.  I asked Tab if he’d like to shop to save the extra money this service would cost and he told me it sounds like the best money we’ve ever spent.  #notafanofthegrocerystoreeither

I want to add this is not a sponsored post, but I’m seriously pumped about this service and thought someone else traveling to the beach might want to take advantage.  I’ll be sure to give you a review of the service when I’m back.  🙂


A beach and a good book just goes hand-in-hand.  Right?

A few of these were recommended by friends and a few I found in the back of my book cabinet {no clue who recommended them}.  Here are a few of the books I’m taking on the trip….


A few of the new things I bought for the trip…

*This pineapple Target cover-up.  I sized up to a medium because it’s junior sizing.
*Coral Beach Dress-this one was calling my name.  You know I have a thing for coral. 😉
*This fringe Target cover-up is junior sizing as well, so again-size up. 
*Druzy Stud Set for cute, affordable earrings that can be worn to the beach or out to dinner.
*Floral Romper-When we need a little break from the sun, I can see myself strolling around town in this outfit.
*Lemon Pajama Set-apparently I’m having a moment with fruit right now.  🙂  I tend to never buy myself new pajamas until I’m headed out on a trip.  Then I buy several new sets and trash the ones falling apart.  {Do you guys have those too or is it just me?}
*Bracelet Set-I’m not sure how I stumbled upon this, but I decided it was a cute little set for a great price that just happens to scream, “BEACH!”, to me.
*Beach Hat and new sunglasses made the cut as well.


My kiddos are pretty great about a road trip.  I let everyone buy a new DVD for the car.  We’ll pack some other oldies but goodies along with snacks, a few books, and blankets so everyone is cozy and be SET!


Okay, I’m off to double check all my lists, finish the laundry, and make one more run to the store before calling it a day.  Hope you have a good one!


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  1. 6.21.18
    Sheaffer {Pinterest Told Me To} said:

    Hoping you post some pics! I want to follow along on ig!

  2. 6.21.18
    The Stantons said:

    Amazon Prime Pantry works too!! Just order for delivery the day after you get there. I haven’t tried Walmart 2 day delivery….but it’s an option and may be cheaper on snacks, sunscreen…forgotten items.

  3. 6.21.18
    Beth Miller said:

    I just finished both The Wife Between Us and A Nantucket Wedding! You'll love both! We are leaving for the beach super early Saturday morning. Can't wait to feel the sand in my toes!

  4. 6.21.18
    Anonymous said:

    That grocery service is so smart!!! And, I love all your beach finds!! You are going to be looking adorable next week!!

  5. 6.21.18
    Toni :0) said:

    Just curious-How are the groceries delivered inside your condo? Do you work with the building management company to let them in? Are you able to arrange a time ahead of time?

  6. 6.21.18
    Sara said:

    Can't wait to hear your review on the grocery service.

  7. 6.21.18
    Laci said:

    We are headed to Florida next month and I just loaded my amazon cart down with some items but that grocery service sounds AMAZING!

  8. 6.21.18
    Lauren Morris said:

    I will finish reading The a Wife Between Us today. It’s really good. Looking forward to your grocery review. I love clicklist, but had no idea that a company offers this service.

  9. 6.21.18
    kristine said:

    Love the fringe cover-up and lemon PJs! Target is killing it lately with their clothes!

  10. 6.21.18
    Kelly Henderson said:

    You are not kidding about the grocery store on Sat/Sun at the 30A beaches, they are insane. Now that our kids are older, we leave them at the condo and tag team Publix. It definitely helps to have one person in the deli line and the other roaming the aisles. Enjoy your trip, Destin is my happy placer and we aren't going this year.

  11. 6.21.18
    Rachel said:

    Have a great trip! I need that grocery service for every day life! LOL

  12. 6.21.18
    Unknown said:

    We do the same with groceries, but we just go to the actual grocery store website. You add what you want to the cart, and can choose either pickup or delivery. It may be cheaper than going through a business site for it?

  13. 6.21.18
    Andrew and Mallory said:

    I think packing while the kids are "helping" is the hardest part about vacation. I can't pack their stuff while they are napping, because they are in their rooms. A few days ago, my oldest couldn't nap in his room because we were overhauling the mattress/bedding situation. He napped in my bed, I worked in his room while he was asleep and it was genius! I plan on letting him nap in my bed when I have to pack his stuff for vacation. He thinks it's such a fun "treat!"

  14. 6.21.18
    Sara F said:

    Can't wait to read your review of the grocery service. We are leaving for the beach in 2 weeks, and we have an 8 month old, so our success shopping with him is hit and miss!

  15. 6.21.18
    Jenny said:

    Genius!! The Publix on 30a is no joke in the summer 🙁 they have a sitter service down there also which I'm all about for a night out! Have a great trip. Hope it's not too busy 😉

  16. 6.21.18
    Elizabeth said:

    We are headed to Destin the week right after you’ll be in the area. Saturdays traffic and grocery stores are CRAZY! Last year we had a two week rental, so Saturday on the beach, on the other hand, was AMAZING. No one was around!

  17. 6.21.18
    Ginger said:

    We did the Walmart pick up. I scheduled the items I wanted for when we pulled in town. We pulled in and we’re out of Walmart in less than 5 min! It’s free too. We also did it mid week for stuff we ran out of or wanted. Have a blast! We were down there last week!!

  18. 6.21.18
    Jenny said:

    We went to Destin last September and instead of grocery shopping I went to Walmart online before we left and ordered my groceries to be ready at the Walmart in Destin. We got to our condo I ran to Walmart to pick them up and I was literally gone from the condo for a total of 15 minutes getting groceries….the best thing I have ever done!! Vacation is supposed to be relaxing and enjoyable. I am a fan of anything that makes it easier!!

  19. 6.21.18
    Unknown said:

    ROsemary is just aTHE best! We are right down the road and visit quite a bit. I have four boys so gaacwey shopping can be intense not to mention a full cart! Look up Instacart while you are down here. It’s amazing and most times they can bring stuff within the hour or two. They will even deliver 🥂. They work with a Publix which there is a really nice one about 15 min from Rosemary on 98. Just thought I would share in case you need reinforcements or if you forgot a few things you won’t have to leave your beach chair👍🏻

  20. 6.21.18
    Stacy said:

    I'm kind of surprised that service was so expensive–at home I usually use Shipt to have groceries delivered from Meijer anyway (it's such a lifesaver since I work full-time). There's an annual fee (I think it's $79.99), but after that delivery is free every time as long as you order at least $35. Last time we went on vacation I just used that and had them deliver the groceries to the house we were renting. They do have pretty much everything available that you can get at the store. I think other services do that too, like Instacart.

  21. 6.21.18
    Susan Shelton said:

    We live in Panama City and frequently go over to 30A. Can't wait to see your pics this week! It is super HOT right now. If you find you didn't get everything you need from the grocery service, there is a Publix about 2 miles down Highway 98 to the East. Have the best time!

  22. 6.22.18
    KB said:

    Can't wait to see your trip! I have never been to 30A. It is on my to go list!!

  23. 6.22.18
    Shelly @ The Queen in Between said:

    Have so much fun! The beach is my happy place. Can't wait to hear how the grocery service works out.

  24. 6.23.18
    Kathleen said:

    Most Walmart’s have free pickup as well! Not sure if there is a Walmart near Rosemary but that’s another option to think about! You order everything online and pick a time and go pick it up! I hope y’all have fun! Nothing more gorgeous than the gulf coast!

  25. 6.25.18
    Unknown said:

    I did Wal-mart pick up last year in Destin and I'm going to do it again next week! Life saver!