Back to School

What about YOU?!

Every year I like to do a little Back-to-School post for two reasons…

1.  To be helpful and remind you of anything you might need to order or get ready before the first day.

2.  To remind MYSELF of all the things before the first day.  πŸ™‚

It’s about this time every year in the summer when I am full of mixed emotions…partly sad about bedtimes, more structure, early wake-ups, lunches, and just being away so many hours every day, but the other part of me is like…
 You guys know what I mean.  Right?

I’m gonna highlight my Back-to-School shopping just to make sure we haven’t missed anything…

I think I’ve shared before that Ebby Lee’s kindergarten year I waited too late to order her backpack and ended up paying a ridiculous amount for expedited shipping.  Now, we order our backpacks mid-summer to ensure they’ll be here for the beginning of school.  Ebby Lee and Britt {who’s going to preschool this year-EEK!} ordered their backpacks from Pottery Barn Kids.  The boys asked for Under Armour backpacks.  {Britt’s backpack is pictured above…isn’t it cute?!}

Here in Texas the weather stays nice and warm until mid-October.  I don’t do much back-to-school shopping to prepare them for school in August, because mostly they’re wearing summer clothes for several more months.  We typically buy one new outfit for the first day and then when the temperatures cool off I buy them new clothes.

Our favorite places to shop for back-to-school clothes are Matilda Jane {for Ebby Lee and Britt}, Nordstrom {for everyone}, Under Armour {for Nixon and Bowen}, Gap, and Old Navy {for everyone as well}.

We always start school with a new pair of tennis shoes for everyone.  At our elementary school, you must wear tennis shoes on p.e. days so all three of my big kiddos got a new pair for the new year.

I always start the new school year off highly organized, every meal planned, each kiddos’ practices written in their own color, etc.  It’s a good thing I start out that way because by the time May arrives I’ve lost all my organizational abilities.  πŸ™‚  #startstrong

Kelsey from Peacock Paper and Gifts reached out to me and sent me two of her planners to review and when they arrived I was EEEEKKKK-SO EXCITED!

You can hop over to her website to see all three cover options…blush gingham, navy dot, and black and white stripe.  The planners come in either a daily or weekly layout.

 A look at the “daily” option.

And this is how the “weekly” option looks.

Both planner options have sections for meal planning, healthy checks, goals, notes, weekly budgeting and more.  Kelsey and her team really have thought of everything.  

My pick-The daily planner was much larger and wouldn’t fit into my purse as easily {when I carry one-ha!} as the weekly planner.  Also, most of my to-dos don’t require me to get super detailed every hour, but if your schedule does then the daily planner would be perfect for you.  I prefer the weekly planner and am looking forward to filling it all in with our life.

Kelsey is so sweet and has offered you guys 10% off with the code, “ERIKA10”, at checkout.  These planners are already priced REALLY WELL, so this is a GREAT DEAL!  If you’re in the market for a planner, give Peacock Paper Planners a try!

Also, today I’ll be posting a little video of my planner on Instagram.  And we have a GIVEAWAY…Kelsey is giving away THREE PLANNERS!  Head over to my account {slaughteren}, follow Kelsey, and comment by tagging two friends you’d share your new planners with.  We’ll announce the winners next Monday!  Thank you, Kelsey!

You guys remember earlier this summer when I tried to give Nixon a “sippy cup” to take to sports camp?  haha!  That will not be the case now!  The boys asked for Under Armour water bottles while Ebby Lee opted for her Swell bottle.

And after all that, this is me.  πŸ™‚


Then invite some girlfriends and enjoy a nice long brunch on the first day of school.  You’ll be so glad you did.  Trust me.  πŸ˜‰

 Don’t forget…Shay and I will be sharing our lunch ideas on Wednesday!  Hope you join us!


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  1. 8.6.18
    Mix and Match Mama said:

    Hahahaha! We were on the exact same page today! How can summer almost be over?!?!

  2. 8.6.18
    Sheaffer {Pinterest Told Me To} said:

    I'm terribly sad about summer being over. But I am already thinking about what I'll order at breakfast. πŸ˜‰

  3. 8.6.18
    Julie Bradford said:

    school starts this Wednesday for us here in Alabama.. open house tonight (insert crying emoji)
    Kids are ready to see their friends but I am not ready for the packing lunches.. car line and actually picking out clothes that match!!! hahaha

  4. 8.6.18
    Jen said:

    We start school today in Georgia! Counting down the time until the bus returns! My little 1st grader was a little teary eyed getting on the bus πŸ™ I just did a few new under armour items, new tennis shoes and backpack (normally I wouldn't do a new one each year, but I got the small size at potterybarn and we just couldn't fit it all in last year).

  5. 8.6.18
    Misty S. said:

    I wish that I could have brunch with all of my girlfriends on the first day back to school…but they all work for the school system. Ha! I am the only one who doesn't!!

  6. 8.6.18
    Alicia Marie said:

    I am curious to see how Britt does at Preschool. How is her language progressing? Our daughter is 2 (home 1 yr) and in speech. I wasn't sure when would be good time to do preschool, especially as she is not up to par in her vocabulary!

  7. 8.6.18
    Whitney Pegram said:

    Cooper asked for another Under Amour bookbag this year & we got him a matching lunchbox & water bottle. You think boys aren’t as expensive as girls … UNTIL they’re old enough to be UA obsessed!! 🀣

  8. 8.7.18
    Paula said:

    I think you & Shay must be two peas in a pod. Your children are similar. So sweet.

  9. 8.7.18
    Kelsey Peacock said:

    Thanks so much for featuring our planner line!! Can't believe it's already back to school time!