Apple Orchard

I found the Henrietta Creek Apple Orchard in Roanoke, TX, on Pinterest (She REALLY does help me out a lot!!).  It’s a very small family run orchard that has apples, peaches, and vegetables from a garden.  I was SO excited about going!!  
My friend, Erin, lives in Ft. Worth (which was kind of close) so she met us over there on Saturday morning.  We got there a little after 9:00 because I checked their FB page the night before and it said they thought they’d be out of apples by 11:00!!  I’m going to be honest…I had a little bit of that Black Friday anxiety.  What if we drive that WHOLE way and there are NO apples left???  YIKES!!  
The orchard had lots of rows blocked off for field trips coming out the next week or two.  There really weren’t many apples left by the time we got there.  But…we made it work.
Country boy without shoes!!  ha!  He did have shoes on, but they fell off in the car.  The Black Friday anxiety I mentioned earlier…had me rushing in the parking lot.  No time to waste!  

Lots of Granny Smith apples

My kiddos thought this was really fun!  
Our apples and Erin’s wallet..ha!
This was their cute little vegetable garden.  They sold veggies in the store.
So much fun at the apple orchard!
They also had a cute Butterfly Garden.  It had lots of cute flowers and butterflies were actually flying around.

A little worm dig (they’d placed fake worms in the dirt so kiddos would think they were really finding something).

The Slaughter kids are really into dogs.  Especially the kind in a cage that can’t touch them.  Apparently, they told the dogs to “sit” and they did!  They ran over to tell us they had trained the dogs!  ha!
My 3 crazy kiddos…that building in the right was the store.  They had fresh baked bread, fried apple pies, and other goodies inside.  
Ebby Lee took a picture of the big girls…ha!
We realized the angle of a 4-year-old taking a picture isn’t really the best…so we squatted down??  ha ha!  Don’t know what we were thinking!!  
We had a great time walking around the farm/orchard.
Happy Fall!!
This was the perfect place to experience an apple orchard in TX.  (I’ve never heard of one in TX before).  By 10:15, they were not letting people in because they were out of apples!!  Everything had been picked.  It’s a GREAT place to have a fun experience.  It probably isn’t the best place to go if you’re planning on buying apples by the truckload.  🙂  We picked plenty for our family and as soon as we got home….
We tried our apples!!  Tasty!!
Nixon told me his favorite thing about Saturday was “picking apples and the dogs in the cage”.  ha!

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  1. 10.3.13
    Mix and Match Mama said:

    Oh gosh! I want to go visit but now I'm worried! Should I go the night before and sleep in the car??? I don't want to miss the apples! Black Friday anxiety was the PERFECT way to phrase it!

  2. 10.3.13
    Sheaffer {Pinterest Told Me To} said:

    This looks AWESOME!!!! What a fun little family outing. The pics with all 3 kids are so cute! Ebby Lee's boots are FAB!

  3. 10.3.13
    Liz/ said:

    Such cute pictures of your kiddos! Looks like a super fun day! I live in WI so we have apple orchards a plenty with all the fixins…hay rides, corn mazes, caramel apples, apples pies to die for, the crisp fall air, etc… LOVE Fall, best time of the year here in WI!!!

  4. 10.6.13
    Micah said:

    The apple orchard looks like fun, and it's fun to see Erin too! Tell her I said hello!