Another Week in Review…

I just realized that I’ve only been posting once a week. I promise I’ll try to do better!! Friday night was my mom’s last night here. We went to Mi Cocina for dinner and then my mom and I went to get pedicures. Don’t they look so excited to be going out for dinner? ha!
On Saturday night, the Cox’s had us over for dinner. Mackey needs to move in with me! She was such a big help. She wanted to hold and even feed Nixon!

On Monday, we took on the zoo! We went with Shay, Whitney, and Sarah…along with a combined total of 8 of our young friends! This is Molly and Ebby Lee at the beginning of the day…not too sure what to think?

Mackey, Whitney, Kensington, and Shay checking out some animal.

At lunch time, the best picture I could get of these girls. They are two weeks apart and both working on walking.

Group photo…Paxton (4), Mackey (3), Kirby (14 months), Ebby Lee (12 months), Nixon (2 weeks), Smith (14 weeks), Kensington (19 months), Molly (12 months)…whew! What a crew! I have to brag on them! They all did SO good! We had NO meltdowns…that’s impressive!

Ebby Lee and the goat…it looks like she might take after her Mama. She’s not too sure about that little guy.

Kensington and another goat…she was loving her goat. Do you see that big smile on her face?

She was so impressed with the ducks!

Nixon is 2 weeks old!

On Tuesday, we ventured out to the grocery store. This is Nixon after a big morning of grocery shopping!

Later that afternoon, we went out for a walk.

On Wednesday, both kiddos had doctor’s appointments. Ebby Lee went for her 1 year check-up. She got three shots and a finger prick, but she did so good that we went to get some yogurt afterwards!

Nixon had his 2 week check-up. He got a little heel stick and fussed for about a second and then went back to sucking on his paci! He took it like a man!

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  1. 4.30.10
    Sheaffer {Pinterest Told Me To} said:

    Love the pic of Ebby Lee looking at the ducks!

  2. 4.30.10
    Jeni said:

    You look great girl! Love the pics 🙂

  3. 5.2.10
    Momma Jac said:

    Ebby Lee is getting so big!!! She is such a doll and sweet boy Nixon is just too precious!!!!
    Oh, I wanted to ask you what double stroller are you using? And, if it is a different brand than Nixon's car seat carrier what are they? I am searching for a "good " double stoller. We have already bought one and used it on a zoo trip with friends and it was awful. Thanks!!! You look great too!

  4. 5.3.10
    amber leann said:

    You look awesome! Your family is beautiful!

  5. 5.17.10
    rackersfamily said:

    um… no way did you just have a baby… you look great and that pic of all the kids at the zoo is priceless… love it.