ANOTHER photo shoot…

She finally figured out the smiling at the camera thing.
Ugh! Another picture.

She was laughing so hard. She looks like dracula, but those are only gums…not teeth.

We had major problems with her wanting to eat the tutu. She kept stuffing that thing in her mouth.

My friend, Carrie, from high school made this tutu and bow. I thought it was super cute. So, while my mom was here we dressed her up and took pictures in it. Thank you, Carrie!

Tarzan baby

This was a swimming suit I wore when I was a baby. My mom brought it b/c she thought it’d be funny to see Ebby Lee in it. I was ten months when I wore the swimming suit. Ebby Lee is only 5!!! I’m going to think that washing/drying it definitely shrunk it up…haha!

Wearing Mama’s suit

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